Dutch Passion spring deals 2024
Autoflower Trial Pack

Enjoy our limited spring deals for 2024!

1+1 FREE:

  • Auto Trichome & Cream
  • Auto Forbidden Cherry
  • Auto Oh My Gusher
  • Mokum’s Tulip
  • HiFi 4G


  • Amsterdam Amnesia
  • Sugar Bomb Punch
  • Auto SFV OG
  • Auto Orange Bud


  • Durban Dew
How to choose cannabis seeds for indoor growing

Have you ever been trapped into the pitfall of choosing the wrong cannabis seed genetics for an indoor grow? Here’s a complete guide on how to select the best cannabis seeds based on your own grow conditions and preferences.

  • Common pitfalls to avoid when buying indoor cannabis seeds
  • Key factors to select the most suitable genetics
  • Free helpful tools and resources

Learn how to pick the right genetics for your needs!

Top 5 Dutch Passion outdoor cannabis seeds for 2023
Top 5 outdoor seeds for 2023

As high electricity prices dominate the headlines, more people than ever are considering growing some cannabis outdoors this year. Many of these are first-time outdoor growers keen to see if outdoor weed really can reach the same quality levels as indoor grown buds.

The best outdoor cannabis seeds have been prepared after years of demanding outdoor evaluation and professional selective breeding. The resulting strains will be tough enough to withstand the rigours of outdoor weather but also retain stress-busting potency levels.

Here are 5 of our top cannabis seeds to grow outdoors this year!

Autoflowering cannabis seeds trial pack by Dutch Passion
Autoflower Trial Pack

Enjoy a 50% discount to try three of Dutch Passion’s finest ever autoflower cannabis seeds. Our autoflower trial pack contains 1 seed of each of the following cannabis strains:

  • Auto Orange Bud (Orange Bud X Auto Daiquiri Lime)
  • Auto Skywalker Haze (Skywalker Haze x Auto Amsterdam Amnesia)
  • Auto Forbidden Cherry (Purple #1 x (Auto Forbidden Fruit x Cherry Pie)

All three varieties are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.