Dutch Passion Night Queen cannabis seeds

Dutch Passion Night Queen

Dutch Passion Night Queen

Night Queen is a top quality Afghani indica seed variety, a Dutch Passion customer favourite mainly for the very strong potency levels, but the yields are also respectable. Night Queen won 1st prize in the Indoor Category of the 2015 Champions Cup thanks to brothers, and master growers Antonio and Ferdinand.

Antonio and Ferdinand focus on growing the best possible cannabis quality for their own recreational and medical use using organic soil/coco fibre blends together with the latest LED grow light technology. Their grow and smoke review of Night Queen is below.  Their previous diaries include CBD SkunkHaze, The Edge and CBD ComPassion.

 Night Queen Dutch Passion

Pure Afghani Indica

“Dutch Passion Night Queen is a pure Afghani Indica and it grows just the way you expect an unhybridised Indica to do. You can expect some broad dark green fan leaves and an overall bushy stature. It is quite a beautiful plant to see, especially under a LED module.”

“Normally, if I compare the plant(s) growing under my LED with the one(s) under the HPS, I always get the feeling that the plants look a bit healthier under the LED, probably has something to do with the spectrum they receive from the LED, which is more in the range where the plants actually benefit from.”

“I really recommend growers to try out the new generation of LED’s if you haven’t already. Plants seem to thrive under it. The Night Queen demonstrated herself to be a strong, healthy, easy, dark green girl during growth, a lady that can take a punch or two.”

“After ‘fimming’ her, the shoots had great uniformity, all buds averaged around 20-25cm above the SCROG-net.”

 Dutch Passion Night Queen with LED

Grow tip

“The only tip I can give about the growing phase is one that previous blog growers already mentioned before, in my case I started these plants a little bit too late due to bad preparation because of a holiday during the last 2 weeks of veg and the first week of bloom.”

“I have to thank Marienus for taking care of my girls when I was on holiday, who did an outstanding job, even more since it was his first grow ever.” 

Dutch Passion Night Queen

Give the Night queen more VEG time

“If you like working with just a few, but bigger plants like me, then make sure to give the Dutch Passion Night Queen more veg time than you normally do. She really doesn’t stretch a lot during flowering, nevertheless this can also be a quite useful characteristic for growers using a SOG (sea of green) technique for example.”

During bloom you come to question why the Dutch Passion team named this variety Night Queen, as she literally becomes covered in sparkling THC glands/drops and resin, maybe, they could have better called her the “Frost Queen”.”

Frosty feel and look

“Besides the looks, she starts to feel a bit frosty too, already in week 5-6 of bloom she gets really sticky, if you touch the buds it almost feels like there is a white powdery blanket covering the flowers. Each time I opened my tent during these middle weeks of flowering, a very pungent but delicate smell reached my nostrils.”

“I smelled a very strong and delightful citrus scent, like you have just cut an orange in half. After a few weeks this citrus hint still remained, but became more and more complex, I recognized some hints of lemon, raspberry, oranges with a floral undertone.”

Night Queen

Buds became compact and hard

The buds became very compact and hard, this is the first time I have seen such tight bud structure under LED. Some other novice growers had a hard time believing this NQ was grown under LED. Quite a compliment. “

“If I would grow again, I would definitely extend the growth (veg 18/6) period. I of course expected her to not grow as long as a Sativa or Sativa-Indica Hybrid, since she is a 100% pure Afghani, but I didn’t anticipate that she stopped growing as fast as she did now. After 2,5 weeks she completely came to a standstill. I think I easily could have had 2 plants instead of just 1 because my net turned out half empty with 4 weeks of vegging with this particular lady. She really has a short window of growth, so keep this in mind.”

Night Queen

LED lights used

The light used is the previous LED module of Dutch Passion (High-Lite 006), the one of around 180watt, with 6 LED modules each containing 15 LEDs. The plant was grown in a 41 Liter Smartpot, containing a mix of Lightmix and Cocos with a 4:1 Ratio. The nutrients used are from Bio-Sannie; Mycorrhiza, Perfect start, Buffertablets, Bacto and Yucca along with B.A.C Organic Grow, Bloom and PK Booster. All organic nutrients”

“The climate in the LED grow room was quite good, with Min-Max temperatures between 18,5-27,6 Celsius and with a humidity level of 45-62% during growth and 37-52% during flowering I couldn’t complain. I used some extra Buffertabs this time and start adding some Ca-Mg a little bit earlier than I did with the Compassion. Although it slightly improved the situation, I still experienced a small deficiency of Ca-Mg. Luckily it was only a minor issue”

Wet yield was 382 g

I’ve grown only 1 Night Queen this round. After around 9,5 weeks the plant was ready to harvest. The wet yield from that 1 plant was 382 gr. Having dried it for 14 days, 86 gr. of dry buds was left, together with some 24 gr. of high quality (frosty) waste, ideal material to make some oil or hash.”

Dutch Passion Night Queen

Nutrients were steadily increased

 “I just steadily increased the nutrients. Normally between week 5-8 the plants receive the biggest amount of bloom nutrients from me to assist them with developing proper sized buds. In week 7 I try to slow down a bit on the normal Bloom, the pK keeps increasing with 0,5ml/1L water per week until its maximum of 2ml/1L water is reached, usually in week 8.”

“I normally use this kind of feeding schedule when I’m having a strain that needs to flower for plus minus 9-10weeks. Last 10-14 days are always used to flush the plants and its medium. Once a week I use Yucca in combination with Bacto so no other nutrients, to make sure no nutrient block can occur in the soil.”

Night Queen

Antonios Night Queen smoke review 

The high hits you almost instantly, only 4-5 hits were enough for me to send me off flying… Most of the times I get completely blazed, my eyes get pretty heavy and I feel like I have just played a soccer match of 180 minutes instead of 90. It is quite a powerful body and head high, I can lay on the couch for hours without doing anything really.

During the first few minutes of the high, the Night Queen sometimes made me feel tired as hell, after a long day of work it seemed to greatly enhance the way I physically felt at that time.

If you’re strong enough to withstand that period on a rough day, the high becomes a bit less heavy and more enjoyable. Overall, I think the high can evolve into both a mellow high as well as a heavier, deeper high. A very interesting (pure) Indica that is really worth trying yourself. If you are going to smoke the Night Queen, just leave all things be, jump on the couch and relax!

Ferdinands Night Queen Smoke Review

This time we tested Night Queen. Like always you have certain expectations when testing a new strain because of what you have read and heard about it. Although of course there will always be slight variations (because of pheno’s and stuff), it generally complies with those expectations and the strain will always have more or less the same effect on you (if tested in similar conditions).

For me this wasn’t the case with the Night Queen. Sometimes I would experience quite a powerful body and head high (as originally expected) and other times I would experience almost an opposite effect, at first a light high followed by a sort of energy boost and heightened senses.

This unpredictability doesn’t make it ideal for someone with my conditions, as when I smoked the Night Queen to help me sleep, it kept me up and energized me of sorts and when I expected it to do the latter, it hit me hard with the body and head high.

Helpful with fibromyalgia and intestinal inflammations

As far as being helpful with my fibromyalgia and intestinal inflammations, it isn’t particularly ideal. This because of the earlier mentioned unpredictability and even though it numbs the pain somewhat, it isn’t as good at it as the CBD strains (CBD SkunkHaze and ComPassion) we’ve tested in the past. These CBD strains were more consistent in their effect, tend to have a longer lasting numbing effect, and help better with sleeping difficulties.

The one thing that was consistent was the Night Queens taste, it had a surprisingly smooth taste and also was surprisingly smooth on the throat.

In conclusion I found the Night Queen a surprisingly good tasting strain but with unpredictable effects, which in itself isn’t a wrong thing, but just not what I’m looking for. For my benefit, the CBD strains are better, with their combination of high levels of CBD and THC.”

Night Queen review

Final comments from Antonio & Ferdinand

Although normally we both prefer Sativa dominant strains, the Night Queen surely made an outstanding impression of how a pure Indica can be. Especially the smoke (taste-wise and smell) and high are really worth giving her a try. The smell  of the living plant was a sort of sweet-and-sour mix of citrus, oranges and raspberry, it reminded us a bit of Gummy Bears (candy).”

“After curing the flowers in a vacuum container or when bagging the buds it became a lot sweeter with a clearer citrus, floral scent, almost like roses. When crushed, the overall citrus scent takes control, it even becomes a bit more lemony mixed with some sweet oranges. The smoke is also very citrus like, it produces quite a thick but easy smoke, it has a surprisingly smooth taste and is very smooth on the throat.”

“Please keep in mind that the growth pattern is completely different compared to Sativa’s or Sativa/Indica hybrids, but if you do so, she will definitely reward you with some very tasteful, highly resinous, very compact, frosty-like cannabis.”

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