Glueberry OG THC rich cannabis

Grown easily & feminized seeds

Glueberry OG is a feminized seed variety made by crossing our famous Blueberry with Gorilla Glue #4 and OG Kush. The result is a real resin monster, as you would expect when three stable high THC varieties are professionally hybridised.

Grow this variety and you can expect to see the best characteristics of the parent varieties deliver some top quality home grown cannabis. And that’s exactly what happened in this weeks Glueberry OG grow review from BigDaddyK.

The best genetics make the best feminized seeds

The Glueberry OG feminized seed was germinated indoors and fed with nutrients from Canna. The light was a Spectrum King 440W and the Glueberry OG was grown in a deep water culture system (‘DWC’).

DWC allows for rapid growth of the cannabis plant in a soil free hydroponics system, its one of the fastest way to grow cannabis. But it’s also technically demanding and is usually a grow technique reserved for the more experienced growers.

Level of resin Glueberry OG

One of the most impressive aspects of this grow is the level of resin produced, the buds are coated in an unusually dense layer. The leaves are also covered in THC-rich resin, thats always a good indicator of the highest quality levels. The buds are firm, dense and sticky.

We recommend taking care not to over-dry this variety in order to preserve the terpenes and the unusually rich taste and aroma. It’s a great variety to smoke, but a vape is the best way to enjoy the fruity Kush flavor. The high hits quickly, and like Blueberry it lasts a long time.

Feminized seed grown under LED

The Glueberry OG was grown under LED. LED is more expensive than HPS, and that deters most home growers from switching to LED. But the main reason growers give for upgrading to LED is the quality improvement. THC and other cannabinoids are measurably higher, and the lower grow room temperatures mean that more of the terpenes stay in the buds.

HPS still remains the cheapest way to grow weed indoors, but LED is the best way to grow top quality cannabis indoors. The higher quality levels of LED grown cannabis is the main driver to the adoption of LED by legal USA growers, where better quality cannabis can be sold for higher prices.

LED offers other benefits such as energy savings. And the best LED grow lights will provide 15 years (or more) of use by a typical home grower before brightness drops below 80% of the initial level.

Check out our sister company, LED By Passion, for a selection of the best LEDs (Fluence, California Lightworks, SANlight, Ursa and others) tested and approved by our own team.

Maximum potency Glueberry OG

The Glueberry OG genetics are bred to give maximum potency and deliver an unusual amount of oil and resin, making Glueberry one of the best feminized seed choices for the growing number of cultivators that convert their crops directly into concentrates such as hash, cannabis oil, shatter, BHO etc.

Indoor grown cannabis, grown from feminized seed with deep water culture

In the deep water culture system, and with the powerful LED light and careful nutrient management from BigDaddyK, the Glueberry produced several well sized blooms and a respectable harvest.

You can expect decent yields from this variety even though she was bred primarily for high-end connoisseur quality levels. She can be harvested after 8 weeks of 12/12 light, but leave her another 1-2 weeks if you like to feel more of the sedating qualities of the OG Kush and Blueberry genetics.

This variety will reward the grower that can offer high intensity light during bloom. High light levels bring out the best of this varieties ability to grow fat, greasy cannabis buds. Although this weeks grow was done in DWC, Glueberry OG also grows easily in soil, coco fibre or any other grow medium.

The genetics are robust and easy to grow, and adapt well to SOG or SCROG grow environments.

Plenty of crystal

By the end of the grow the Glueberry OG had produced plenty of crystal covered buds, it’s an uncomplicated variety which delivers premium quality levels.

The high is soothing, relaxing and with a soaring anti-stress buzz. It’s a great variety for the end of the day, especially if you have some good food to enjoy. But smoke too much, or leave the trichomes until they are amber, and you get a heavily relaxing/sedated experience which is equally pleasant but also with a sleepy effect afterwards.

Glueberry OG for THC rich buds

Like several of the other Dutch Passion feminized seed varieties, Glueberry OG has made good use of some of the latest USA genetics.

If you are looking for a stable feminized seed variety that offers the highest quality levels and is easy to grow then Glueberry OG could be worthy of a space in your grow room. You can buy feminized seeds online, and you can expect some top quality results.

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