Amsterdam Amnesia 300g single-plant indoor harvest by @DogDoctorOfficial

In this remarkable grow, a single Dutch Passion Amsterdam Amnesia plant produced 317g of killer buds following a 19 week indoor grow (9 weeks veg followed by 10 weeks of bloom). This was an uncomplicated soil grow using a 200W LED and manual watering. The master grower, @DogDoctorOfficial, returned a huge harvest and summarised the grow with these words.

Amsterdam Amnesia review by @DogDoctorOfficial

Dry yield
Over 300g

Overall rating




Bag appeal

@DoctorDogOfficial enjoyed the grow so much that he promoted Amsterdam Amnesia to one of his top all-time cannabis strains. Amnesia genetics are famously enjoyable. But these great genetics also deliver a lip-smacking taste and heavy yields. The ‘Amnesia’ name comes from the tendency to leave users unable to remember what they were doing after a large vape/joint. Powerful stuff! The following comments and smoke assessment comes from @DoctorDogOfficial:

She is an amazing smoke, after inhaling there is a peculiar feeling of citrus and pines but not lemons… when exhaling there is a unique almost gasoline-like after-taste mixed with the limes and pines, just amazing. This one is a keeper no doubts about that and I am grateful and thankful that she found her way in to my garden.

This Amsterdam Amnesia grow review is one of the most impressive recent customer reviews seen by the Dutch Passion team. Using typical home-grown conditions, a remarkable 300+g/11-ounce harvest was combined with connoisseur taste/aroma and potent, dense buds.

If you’re looking to combine these features into your next grow, then consider Amsterdam Amnesia seeds. These are without doubt some of the best quality, most reliable/consistent cannabis seeds introduced by Dutch Passion in recent years. They come with our very highest recommendations.

The world’s most original Amnesia Haze

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Amsterdam Amnesia grow diary by @DogDoctorOfficial

@DoctorDogOfficial germinated his Amsterdam Amnesia seed using the glass of water method. Once the tap-root started to emerge the cannabis seed was placed in the soil/perlite mix.

The cotyledon leaves (the initial, non-serrated leaf pair) were above soil the next day. The seedlings were given 18 hours of daily light, with humidity around 60% and temperatures around 30ºC/86F.

Seedling growth was slow and steady, as normal. At this stage there is generally little attention needed by cannabis plants. Growers should be careful not to ‘burn’ the embryonic seedling network with strong nutrients or damage the delicate leaves with intense light.

Cannabis seedling stage how to guide

Amsterdam Amnesia flowering pictures by @DogDoctorOfficial

Amsterdam Amnesia grow conditions

Cannabis seeds: Amsterdam Amnesia, photoperiod feminised cannabis seeds

Grow room: Approximatively 1m x1m (3ft x 3ft)

Container: 30 litre fabric sack

Grow medium: Soil & perlite

Nutrients: Aptus nutrient range

Grow lights: 200W Vipar LED (average PPFD at canopy = 700 Umol/m2/s)

Light distance: Around 40cm in bloom

Typical temperatures: 26ºC (79F) during lights on

Humidity: ~55%

Grow style: SCROG grow with heavy defoliation at the start of bloom

Amsterdam Amnesia special remarks from Dutch Passion

Amsterdam Amnesia indoor cannabis grow diary by DogDoctorOfficial

It isn’t complicated or unrealistic for home growers to achieve these type of harvest results. Starting with premium quality cannabis seeds is always the best foundation for any grow. Combined with the key tips listed below, you will be on to a mega-harvest!

  • Use LED grow lights
  • Ensure a long veg period when growing photoperiod feminised cannabis seeds
  • Grow your plants in large, aerated grow container
  • Effective use of SCROG
  • Keep your plants in the nutrient and optical sweet spot from cannabis seed to harvest

Although not used in this grow, supplementary UVA/UVB lights also help optimise total cannabinoid and terpene content and are recommended to those keen to push their cannabis seeds to the limit.

Finally, props once again to @DogDoctorOfficial for a truly impressive grow. If you want to check out the original grow diary, the link is below:

Amsterdam Amnesia grow journal by DogDoctorOfficial (Grow Diaries)

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