Auto Blackberry Kush in soil with LED’s

 Auto Blackberry Kush with LED

Auto Blackberry Kush has become a popular variety with many repeat growers.  The genetics come from Dutch Passion Blueberry crossed with an indica Kush hash plant. Three AutoBlackberry Kush plants were grown by ‘Ted’ using  LED grow lights and soil. Nutrients included pH Perfect Grow, Micro and Bloom. Additionally Bud Candy and Overdrive were also used to enhance final bloom. The diary was published on grow

High speed of growth

Auto Blackberry Kush often produces buds with flashes of blue and purple. Its a variety which appeals to growers looking for a different type of cannabis, with a distinctive appearance and some rich Kush aromas.  Another unusual feature of this variety is the speed of growth, often it is ready to harvest just 9-10 weeks after the seed germinates. This makes it one of the fastest finishing auto varieties in the Dutch Passion collection, alongside Auto Night Queen and Auto Brooklyn Sunrise.

 Close up of Auto Blackberry Kush under LED lights
 Beautiful purple bud of Auto Blackberry Kush

The fast growth rates mean that Auto Blackberry Kush is ideal for beginners, or for those needing to turn around a fast crop of cannabis in the shortest possible time. Auto Blackberry Kush is an uncomplicated variety, easy to grow in a wide variety conditions and grow mediums.  

Grown in soil

When grown in soil, often no additional nutrients are needed until the plant is in bloom.  The soil often contains enough nutrients for the first few weeks of vegetive growth.  When in bloom, often AutoBlackberry Kush will grow well with a standard bloom feed and a bloom boost near the end.  This makes it an inexpensive variety to cultivate, and a simple one.  

Smoke quality is the main reason people grow AutoBlackberry Kush, she has a rich and deep stoney effect from the Kush genetics.  Its a relaxing high, perfect for lazy days.  And it comes with a great fruity kush taste, highly recommended.

The grow diary is here Growdiaries

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