Growing cannabis with the Jungle of Green (JoG) method

Growing cannabis with the Jungle of Green (JoG) method

The Jungle Of Green (‘JOG’) method of cannabis growing is often used by those with hardly any vertical grow space. It involves regularly pinning down the plant branches so that they are within a few centimetres/inches above the grow medium. Any branches that grow downwards into the soil are normally removed.

What is a Jungle of Green (JOG)?

The ‘Jungle Of Green’ method is a cultivation approach used to train cannabis plants to the lowest possible height. This makes most sense to those growing in closets, cupboards or tents with very little vertical growth space, as little as 20-30cm (8-12 inches). With the JOG method you can harvest buds in less vertical space than you could using the SCROG method.

Given the practical limitations of small plants, the JOG method won’t improve yields for the average grower. But it will make it possible to harvest some buds when no other grow technique would be possible. The JOG method is sometimes referred to as ‘jogging’, similar to the word ‘scrogging’ which is used by SCROG growers.


The JOG method shouldn’t be confused with the SOG method or SCROG method. With the JOG method your plants are pinned down to the surface of the grow medium. With the SOG method, numerous plants are grown close together in small containers. With the SCROG method, a (preferably) metal screen is placed above the plants, the branches are trained horizontally using the screen and buds emerge above.

Cannabis Jungle of Green pros and cons

Cannabis Jungle of Green pros and cons

Although the Jungle Of Green method is more labour/time intensive than other approaches, it is often highly valued by those that rely on it. For those growing in low-height tents and closets, Jungle Of Green is an ideal option to consider. Those that regularly use the Jungle Of Green system find it to be a reliable way to cultivate a cannabis plant in grow areas with the lowest of ceilings.

Note that the limited vertical space seen by many JOG growers means that LED lights are typically preferred over powerful HPS grow lights. The problem with HPS lights is that their high heat-output necessitates a larger distance between plant and the HPS light. Jungle Of Green growers tend to operate in smaller areas which might struggle to comfortably accommodate a larger HPS.

How do you pin branches to the grow medium with the Jungle Of Green method?

Think Fast reveg monster cropping scrog

Using the JOG method the plant branches are pinned close to the ground using stiff metal wire. Many JOG enthusiasts use wire of a similar thickness to that used in metal coat hangers.

Simply make a loop at one end of the wire to hold down the branch. Then push the straight side of the wire into the grow medium to hold down the branch.

Unlike the SCROG method, which may use a screen 20-30cm above the surface of the grow medium, the JOG method aims to keep branches within a few centimetres/inches above the grow medium.

How to manage cannabis in a Jungle of Green

If you’re growing in a tight space and want to explore some options for optimising your grow system, then the Jungle of Green method comes with some attractive benefits. It’s not complicated, but it does require a certain degree of regular plant maintenance.

Germinate your cannabis seeds, the damp cotton pad method is the most reliable seed germination method seen by the Dutch Passion team.

You can start JOGging your plants at any time. Most people wait until they have a couple of side branches have emerged.

Now you need to start the process of pinning down the side branches. Using some thick wire (check out the local DIY shop or modify a metal coat hanger). Aim to have the straight side of your ‘pin’ long enough to reach down to the bottom of your plant container.

Now, create a small ‘C’-shaped loop at one end, use this to grab and hold your branch. Now simply push the pin down so that the branch is around 1-2 centimetres (0.5 – 1 inch) above the grow medium surface.

When the main stem is long enough, it must also be pinned down – possibly repeatedly.

Regularly check your plants. Adjust existing pins so that they are kept firmly in place and add any new pins for new additional branch formations.

Any branches that are growing downwards into the grow medium can be removed. This helps keep the growth manageable and reduces excessively dense areas of foliage.

Some Jungle of Green growers find that unusually-shaped containers, such as shallow rectangular containers can be used to great effect. The key is to keep staking, or pinning, the branches & main cola while training them over the grow medium to allow a place for the metal pin to be positioned. The weight of the metal pin mitigates the plants natural tendency to want to push upwards. Use multiple pins on the same branch/stem if required.

Keep the branches pinned down and wait for the buds to form. When all goes well, you will have created a bonsai-style cannabis grow using the JOG method. The tallest parts of your plants will be the buds, pick them when they are ready!

Best type of cannabis strains for a JOG

Desfran sativa dominant cannabis grow review by antonio

Sativa or sativa-dominant strains are often well suited to SCROG grows, and these growth characteristics (long branches, easy to manipulate) will be of value to the JOG grower too.

Some indica strains are not quite as flexible, the more rugged stems can break perhaps a little more easily compared to sativas. So extra care would be needed when using the JOG method for indica cannabis strains, but good results can still be expected!

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