Auto Durban Poison and Auto Blackberry Kush

Auto Durban Poison and Auto Blackberry Kush review

Cannabis grown in coco fibre under LED grow lights

This weeks grow review features Dutch Passion auto best sellers Auto Durban Poison and Auto Blackberry Kush.  Both of these high-THC cannabis varieties were grown from Dutch Passion seeds by ‘Jingo’ who grows cannabis with a focus on premium quality results using coco fibre and LED grow lights.  Dutch Passion autos thrive in coco fibre, with growth rates usually somewhat faster than soil.  The original grow diary is here on Auto Flower Network

20 hours or 24 hours of light?

When grown in an optimised coco fibre environment the best of the modern auto genetics can  produce multiple blooms and often yield well over 150g per plant.  Dutch Passion autos can be grown under 24 hours of daily light, but most home growers prefer a light cycle of 20 hours of daily light followed by 4 hours of darkness.  Using this system the plants are usually ready to harvest around 75 days after germination.  Occasionally auto growers will see phenotypes that will be ready a week or two before or after, with XXL yields usually coming from plants that are late to ripen.

Nutrients from General Hydroponics

Nutrients came from General Hydroponics, and included Rapid Start, Flora Micro, Flora Grow, Flora Bloom and liquid Kool Bloom.  In addition Jingo used a silicon supplement and a calcium/Magnesium supplement.  These days many auto growers use these supplements.  Silicon nutrient supplements allow the marijuana plant to grow a large, strong frame with the silicon strengthening the cell walls. 

Calcium and Magnesium supplements are often used by indoor growers to combat typical nutrient deficiencies.  Calcium and Magnesium mineral supplements are especially useful to growers with LED grow lights, under the cooler environmental conditions typically found in an LED grow room the Calcium and Magnesium ions are slightly less mobile due to the lower transpiration rates of the plants.  Thats the main reason for supplementary Calcium/Magnesium. 

 Jingo used a pH of between 5.6 – 6.2 and watered his plants to produce a good amount of ‘run off’.  This technique of providing enough liquid feed to enable excess liquid to come out of the bottom of the plant container is a good way to prevent nutrient build up in the coco fibre.  The plants were grown in 3 Gallon (15 litre) felt pots.  Felt pots are porous, meaning that they allow oxygen to penetrate into the root ball.  This providers good root aeration levels in a similar way to air pots and stimulates healthy root growth and vigorous plant development.

Easy and potent high THC cannabis seeds from Dutch Passion

The Auto Blackberry Kush and Auto Durban Poison both grew into bushy plants which reached close to a metre tall, thats about average for a Dutch Passion auto.  Dutch Passion auto genetics tend to produce a strong central bloom surrounded by a ring of slightly smaller blooms.  Initial growth can seem slow as the plants create an extensive root network underground, but this is followed by rapid branching and bud development. 

In coco fibre root growth is fast, especially when an air-dome is included at the bottom of the plant container.  Often the Dutch Passion autoflowering cannabis varieties will show first signs of bloom around 25 days after germination, and then spend the next 50 days reaching maximum bloom.  During this time the branches may need supporting especially near harvest when branches can snap under the weight of their own buds.

Auto Blackberry Kush

Great color, kush aroma and easy to grow

Auto Blackberry Kush takes her genetics from our reliably potent Auto Blueberry as well as an indica Hash plant which provides a strong kush smoke.  The variety often produces blue and purple hues in the buds, especially with cooler grow room temperatures. Its a popular smoke with marijuana home growers that enjoy a strong and satisfying indica with a long lasting high and good yields. 

Auto Blackberry Kush is perhaps the most colorful and visually attractive Dutch Passion autoflower.  She suits  growers looking for a reliably fast and potent indica with great bag appeal, aroma and appearance.  Get your Auto Blackberry Kush seeds here.

Auto Durban Poison

Classic, proven THC rich auto sativa cannabis seeds

Auto Durban Poison is the autoflowering version of our Durban Poison photoperiod classic.  Its a sativa dominant variety which can produce heavy yields of seriously strong cannabis with a psychedelic trippy high.  Its a great variety for those that like an energetic high with good yields.  Auto Durban Poison is also very easy to grow, and is popular with outdoor auto growers too thanks to good pest and mold resistance.  Get your seeds here

 Jingo grew some great looking plants, showing how productive the best modern auto genetics have become. Whether you are growing your cannabis in soil, hydro or coco you will find Dutch Passion autos combine fast and easy growing with top quality genetics assuring you of a potent home grown cannabis crop.


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