Auto Glueberry OG Autoflower seeds

Indoors with coco fibre, airpots and LED

The best autoflower seeds grow quickly and produce rock hard nuggets of THC rich buds. That’s exactly what happened in this weeks grow review with his Auto Glueberry OG Autoflower seeds from Diego in Chile.

Diego grew three Auto Glueberry OG Autoflower seeds, two of them were harvested 74 days after germination. And the plant featured in this weeks blog was harvested 60 days after germination, it’s unusual to find a phenotype that is ready so early. 

Auto Glueberry OG Autoflower seeds

Rosin production

Diego makes the following comments about his Auto Glueberry OG grow. 

“This Auto Glueberry OG was cultivated in coconut fibre with Grotek feed, under a period of 18/6 hours of light, under a Holographic LED series 1. The climatic conditions were difficult, with maximum temperatures of 35º C. For this reason, I took the decision to apply 18 (and not 20) hours of light. I also think that the heat affected the plants in some way, since some leaves turned yellow, but this did not affect the final quality of the flowers.”

 Diego was also impressed to find his 60-day auto phenotype.

“This plant caught my attention because it is a faster phenotype than its sisters, taking only 60 days, her sisters required 2 more weeks. I choose the Auto Glueberry O.G Autoflower seeds for the amount of trichomes that it generates. It is one of the autoflower varieties which has given me the best return of Rosin production, where the resin of the flowers is the raw material for a quality rosin. The Auto Glueberry OG offers me everything I look for in good genetics, a lot of resin, a pungent earthy fruity smell and a great return at the moment of pressing the flowers”

Growing the best autoflower seeds for rosin production

Diego enjoys making Rosin from his cannabis harvest. He likes to grow Auto Glueberry OG Autflower seeds because it is a variety which deliver particularly high yields for extraction. Rosin is the cannabis concentrate squeezed out of cannabis buds that have been compressed under heat. It’s a cannabis extract made without solvents, and that makes it popular with plenty of medical and recreational cannabis users.

The easiest way to make Rosin is to wrap a cannabis bud in grease proof paper and squeeze it between some hot hair straighteners. The Rosin collects on the grease proof paper, and is easy to scrape up. Rosin can be vaped, smoked, dabbed, eaten or cooked.

Some people feel the solvent-free nature of Rosin makes it a healthier alternative to BHO, cannabis oil, shatter and other cannabis extracts. A quick online search will show the massive number of professional and hobby Rosin Extraction Press systems.

Above, Rosin made from Auto Frisian Dew, photography by Tang

Autoflower seeds grown in hot climates

Chile can get very hot in summer, the grow tent temperatures were around 35ºC. Diego was able to cope with the intense South American summer temperatures by using LED rather than HPS.

Diego also decided to run the lights for 18 hours a day, rather than the normal 20 hours. This allowed the plants an extra 2 hours of cooler darkness. One of the advantages of autoflower seeds is that they are flexible and adapt to any conditions, indoor or outdoor.

Autoflower seeds can grow in any grow medium or grow system, and they are popular with first time cannabis growers because they are robust enough to thrive over a wide range of conditions. Many people only grow autoflower seeds, finding them the easiest way to grow cannabis.

Autoflower seeds grown in coco fibre with air pots

Diego grows his cannabis plants in coco fibre with air pots. It’s a proven combination which allows excellent levels of root oxygenation, allowing a large root mass to develop. This allows rapid plant growth above ground and larger than average harvests.

Some growers turbo-charge growth further by adding an air-dome at the base of the air pot, however this requires an air pump. Over the years, Dutch Passion have seen numerous growers combine autoflower seeds with coco fibre, airpots and LED with excellent results.

Autoflower seeds combined with LED for the highest THC levels

The pictures in this weeks grow show the rich trichome coating which covers the buds. It’s an unusually oily and resinous variety popular with concentrate lovers.

And any resinous variety rich in THC is always popular, the proven parent genetics come from Blueberry, Gorilla Glue and OG Kush. When the parent genetics are this good you can confidently expect great results from the  autoflowering seeds.

LED for higher THC levels than HPS

Perhaps the main reason that home growers upgrade from HPS to LED is quality. In the USA, higher THC levels allow professional LED growers to charge more for their legal buds. Cuttings from the same mother that produce THC levels of around 16% under HPS lights will produce 22-23% THC under good quality LED.

Home growers that upgrade to LED generally do so for the quality improvement. The electricity savings, and lower grow room temperatures are welcome bonuses. LED By Passion (Dutch Passion’s sister company) sell a great range of LED grow lights hand selected by our team. Each grow light comes with an e-voucher for Dutch Passion seeds.

Grow weed easily with autoflower seeds

If you are looking for a top quality variety with a particularly potent smoke/vape, then try Auto Glueberry OG. She is usually ready to harvest around 75 days after germination, and is usually grown under 20 hours of daily light. Outdoors she usually takes around 95 days from seed to harvest. You can buy autoflower seeds online at Dutch Passion.

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  • Dan gurrila
    29/11/2020 21:17

    What is a more potent high your blackberry kush auto or your glueberry og auto?

  • Daniel gurrila
    30/11/2020 20:02

    Thanks joe have grown the bbk auto before and was definitely one of the strongest autos ive came across under led lighting have got some glueberry auto seeds coming soon so was juat wondering what you would say was better and also i have a better quality led this time so hopefully fingers crossed. What would u say is the strongest auto out of your collection by strongest i mean the most powerful high?

  • Definitely recommend Cinderella Jack as an Auto variety, even under a 300w cfl with no proper reflector she produced over 60g of dense, sparkling buds, the pink hues looked amazing also!


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