Auto Trichome & Cream week by week flowering

Auto Trichome & Cream week by week flowering

In this week-by-week flowering video, you can see for yourself how Auto Trichome & Cream emerges from her autoflower seed and gradually grows into a heavy yielding and beautiful harvest-ready plant. Growth is steady throughout with a beautifully heavy harvest of insanely resinous buds and a deliciously sweet terpene profile to die for. The Auto Trichome & Cream plants were grown in 30 litre & 22 litre air pots of light mix/coco fibre with slow release organic BioTabs nutrients and an LED grow light – typical conditions for any home grower. Plants were grown under 20 hours of daily light from seed to harvest.

Auto Trichome & Cream flowering timelapse video

Auto Trichome & Cream – Timelapse of Growing Cannabis from Dutch Passion on Vimeo.

Auto Trichome & Cream is a truly delicious hybrid indica/sativa autoflower strain. With soul-satisfying potency this is perhaps the smoothest, creamiest and tastiest autoflower strain ever to come from Dutch Passion. The genetics came from an autoflowering cross of Starfighter x Girl Scout Cookies.

The result is guaranteed potency and great seed-to-seed consistency. Very high THC levels of around 20% should be within reach of those with reasonable grow room conditions. Connoisseur growers with fully optimised grow-rooms, LED and UVB maybe able to achieve even more!

Part of the USA Special cannabis seed collection, Auto Trichomes & Cream takes around 10-12 weeks to grow from autoflower seed to harvest. Yields are heavy and this is a particularly easy autoflower strain to grow. At harvest you can expect loud pungent aromas of new-school dankness with a velvet-like coating of trichomes on the buds and sugar leaves. The smoke is smooth and calming yet unmistakably powerful with effects which can be felt all evening.

Grow conditions:

Medium:30 & 22 litre Air Pots, Pro Light-mix soil 50% / Coco 50%
Additives:Mycotrex, Startrex, Biotabs, Root stimulator, Bio-Grow, Bio-Bloom, Bio-PK Booster.
Light:Solar System 275 (200w LED Light)
Light cycle:20/4 (full spectrum)
Temperature20-26°C (min 17°C in dark time)

Auto Trichome & Cream seedling stage

These autoflowering cannabis seeds have excellent germination rates and usually germinate within 3-4 days. Auto Trichome & Cream is a fine quality strain which has taken a few years to create and stabilise. She grows well across a wide range of grow conditions, from a manually watered soil grow all the way through to a high-tech hydroponic DWC system.

Best cannabis seed germination method – moist cotton pads

Auto Trichome & Cream week 2

Auto Trichome & Cream from cannabis seed to harvest week 2

After a couple of weeks you should have some small, squat seedlings with a few serrated leaf pairs. Although difficult to see (unless growing in hydroponics) much early growth is focussed on establishing a healthy root network. Growth above ground is slow but steady and the plants reach a few centimetres/couple-of-inches tall. During the seedling stage your autoflower plants will need low levels of light, little water and relatively little nutrition. Autoflowers really are easy to grow, with hardly any attention required – especially during the early weeks.

Cannabis seedling stage, how-to guide

Auto Trichome & Cream week 3

Auto Trichome & Cream from cannabis seed to harvest week 3

The first signs of growth acceleration are evident as the Auto Trichome & Cream plants complete their 3rd week. Plants may reach 30cm tall as they approach the end of vegetative growth. As well as lateral growth you can expect to see the first signs of your plant attempting to put in some significant vertical growth. With Dutch Passion autoflower seeds you can often expect to see a dominant central bloom surrounded by slightly smaller (but still heavy yielding) side blooms as growth continues.

Cannabis vegetative stage, how-to guide

Auto Trichome & Cream week 4

Auto Trichome & Cream from cannabis seed to harvest week 4

After 4 weeks of growth the Auto Trichome & Cream enters bloom phase. The central stem tends to tower over the peripheral side branches. Internodal distance starts to increase and for the next couple of weeks you are likely to see the most stretch. After their first month plants may be approaching 50cm tall. Note also how the first sweet terpene aromas begin to evolve. Trichome evolution is truly epic on this strain, note the density of these first trichomes and watch them increase as growth continues

Auto Trichome & Cream week 5

Auto Trichome & Cream from cannabis seed to harvest week 5

Week 5 and your plant is likely to be in full bloom with white hairs (‘pistils’) emerging as the plant continues to stretch towards it’s maximum final height. In the featured grow, plants were around 70cm tall after 5 weeks of growth under 20 hours of daily light. The leaves had a beautiful shiny appearance. The small buds continued to fill out and swell. At this stage the plant is growing rapidly. Temperatures were generally between 20-24ºC, although night time minimum temperatures did occasionally reach as low as 17-18ºC.

Auto Trichome & Cream week 6

Auto Trichome & Cream from cannabis seed to harvest week 6

Plant stretch slows down. The featured plants in this grow were around 80cm tall by the end of week 6. For the next month the plant’s biochemical resources are all focussed on producing as much bud and resin as possible. For many this is the most exciting part of an autoflower grow as the first really pungent and penetrating aromas start to form. Thanks to the slow release BioTabs organic nutrients the grow was proving very simple for the grower who had little else to do other than add water for much of the grow.

Auto Trichome & Cream week 7

Auto Trichome & Cream from cannabis seed to harvest week 7

Stretch continues to grind to a halt as the Auto Trichome & Cream is in full bloom. The blooms continue to swell as pungency increases to nose-tingling levels of satisfaction. However there are still another 3 weeks, or so, of further bloom development to go. The trademark trichome development starts to gather serious pace. Vertical growth is all but complete.

The cannabis flowering stage how-to guide

Auto Trichome & Cream week 8

Auto Trichome & Cream from cannabis seed to harvest week 8

Week 8 and just a couple of weeks left until harvest. Trichome development continues apace, rub your fingers on them and you will note an emerging sweet scent not dissimilar to cookie dough ice cream. The creamy and doughy notes continue to intensify over the coming weeks. Patience is required as the blooms continue to grow slowly.

Auto Trichome & Cream week 9

Auto Trichome & Cream from cannabis seed to harvest week 9

The vigorous genetics produce a plant with medium to large sized flowers. One of the phenotypes has stunning blue/purple hues. The buds have a mouthwatering fruity scent during growth. The sweet doughy and creamy taste tends to amplify once the buds have dried and cured.

Auto Trichome & Cream week 10

Auto Trichome & Cream from cannabis seed to harvest week 10

The Auto Trichome & Cream is usually harvest-ready after around 10 weeks of a 20/4 indoor grow cycle (20 hours of daily light followed by 4 hours of darkness from autoflower seed to harvest).

The plants reached their final height of just under 90cm tall. Outdoors she often takes a couple of weeks extra to due to the sub-optimised light/heat conditions.

Note the gorgeous blue hues that emerge through the exceptionally thick silvery-white resin layer. This, coupled with the full-on terpene blast that greets you when you open the jars, delivers an exceptional level of ‘bag appeal’.

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Auto Trichome & Cream final harvest report

Of all the great new cannabis strains created over recent decades, Dutch Passion have seen very few that boast such a dense and thick trichome layer. The sheer quantity of trichomes on the buds is a visual treat, especially for those growers that enjoy hanging out in their grow rooms with a magnifying loupe for a little longer than necessary! This seriously dense trichome coverage gave Auto Trichome & Cream her name.

The grower noted an audible sound of sizzling as the resinous buds burned in a joint. A smooth, soft and sweet taste gently caresses the tongue on the exhale when enjoying either a vape or a spliff. A dry yield of 142g came from the two Auto Trichome & Cream plants which were grown under a 200W LED. The yield was good, but the enthusiastic feedback was all about the quality of the effects and the rich tasting buds.

It’s a feel-good strain with blissfully enjoyable effects that totally nuke stress. The hybrid effects contain enough indica to completely relax an aching body at the end of a long day. All in all, the grower was highly pleased with the results which best suit growers needing a high-end harvest within an 11 week grow cycle.

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