Auto Ultimate grown under LED

Easy home grown cannabis from Dutch Passion

This weeks blog by Smerkey is about a Dutch Passion Auto Ultimate  grown under led and HPS, in deep water culture (hydroponics) .  The original grow diary is here.  This grow produced another large home grown cannabis plant with several hundred grams of top quality, dense and resinous cannabis buds.

Any home growers looking to improve the harvest quantities from their grow tent should read on and consider planting some Auto Ultimate seeds.

Heavy yielding home grown cannabis

This weeks Auto Ultimate was harvested after 14 weeks of growing.  Normally they are harvested after around 11 weeks of growth, but occasionally Auto Ultimate will produce a large plant that will take an extra 2-3 weeks and produce exceptionally heavy harvests.

These plants simply keep producing more and more buds with lots of white pistils (hairs) emerging.  If you get one of these phenotypes simply continue feeding her and your patience will be rewarded with an XL harvest.

Auto Ultimate is usually grown under 20 hours of daily light, but we have seen some customers get great results using 24 hour lighting from seed to harvest.  Auto Ultimate is a flexible variety, she will also bloom under 12 hours of light if she has to, though harvests will be lower.

Outdoor growers will also get good results from Auto Ultimate, she has good mold and pest resistance.

The main feature of Auto Ultimate is the heavy yield potential, this is a variety that produces a heavy central bloom and a large number of surrounding blooms.

The blooms will often need supporting in the last few weeks of life, if left unsupported Auto Ultimate is a variety that can collapse under the weight of her own buds.  Some growers support the heaviest branches with garden cord tied to a roof support.  By supporting the heaviest branches, strain is reduced on the plant allowing even more bud production.

Easy to grow, high THC results

The Auto Ultimate was grown under LED, with a 600W HPS added to the grow room during the later stages of the grow.  Deep water culture is a hydroponics grow method which produces exceptional growth with the best of the modern autoflowering marijuana varieties.

Smirkey skilfully used Canna Aqua Vega and Aqua Flores nutrients to keep the plant in the nutrient ‘sweet spot’ where the nutrients were neither too weak nor too concentrated.  This allowed the Auto Ultimate to grow steadily producing an extensive root network as well as a large, sturdy plant.

The grower also used Canna Rhizotonic to help healthy root growth as well as Calcium and Magnesium supplements.  Many Dutch Passion auto growers find the largest autos benefit from supplemental Calcium/Magnesium to assist the extreme growth rates.

Magnesium is a mineral essential for the production of chlorophyll, and supplemental Calcium is often helpful in LED grows.

Towards the end of bloom the Auto Ultimate was drinking 5-6 litres per day of feed solution with nutrient feed concentration of 1150 ppm (parts per million).

A well sized Auto Ultimate in DWC will require expert attention to ensure that feed and reservoir volumes are maintained correctly.  But when this is done correctly there is the potential for some of the largest auto harvests possible.

Many hydroponics grows like to flush the plants for the last week before harvest.  The theory is that the plant is given the chance to use up remaining minerals and will produce a cleaner smoke.

The grower added 25ml of canna flush to 20 litres of water at ph 6.1. This was done once at the start of flush with a new reservoir.  After that flush was done just with plain water at ph 6.1 for a week.

Try her and improve your harvests

By the end of the grow the Auto Ultimate was huge, with several very heavy blooms which needed supporting.  Auto Ultimate is a THC rich marijuana variety, she is popular with both medical and recreational cannabis users.

She is also an easy and uncomplicated variety to grow, and her heavy yielding nature makes her popular with both inexperienced growers as well as experts who will be able to get large plants and huge yields.

Simply switching from your favourite variety to Auto Ultimate could be all you need to do to substantially improve the harvests from your grow tent.  get yourself some original Auto Ultimate seeds here.

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