Auto White Widow 784g indoor harvest from two plants by Cannabis_sir

Auto White Widow grown indoors by Cannabis_sir

Two Dutch Passion Auto White Widow seeds were grown under a total of 740W of LED and produced a combined harvest of 784g / 27oz of top quality buds from a flood-and-drain system in coco fibre. It’s one of the most impressive indoor Auto White Widow grow reviews seen by the Dutch Passion team and shows the remarkable genetic potential on offer for serious growers seeking heavy harvests with legendary potency!

Auto White Widow grow report by Cannabis_sir

Auto White Widow flowering stage by Cannabis_sir (3)

The set up used by Cannabis_sir included two powerful LED lights with a combined output of 740W. This included a 260W HLG light and a 480W Spider Farmer SE5000. Well managed flood and drain systems are known for their heavy yielding results when combined with quality cannabis seeds, a correctly-controlled environment, powerful lighting and coco fibre. Cannabis_sir used his experience to great effect pulling off an outrageous harvest:

Cannabis strain Auto White Widow
Type of seeds Autoflower cannabis seeds
Harvested plant(s) 2
Light cycle 24-hour uninterrupted light from autoflower seed to harvest. Total grow cycle was 13 weeks, a couple of weeks longer than average.
Grow Tent 1.5m x 1.5m (5ft x 5ft). 1.8m tall (6 ft).
Grow techniques The Auto White Widow plants were topped while young. This will have helped produce the multiple blooms. Branches were tied down using cannabis low stress training (LST).
Grow medium Coco fibre, in a flood-and-drain system. This regularly floods the grow container with nutrients and then allows the coco fibre to dry out before the cycle repeats.
Nutrients CalMag (Calcium/Magnesium supplement), standard Coco A&B nutrients, Rhizotonic and PK13 (all from Canna).
Containers 12 litre plastic containers filled with Canna Pro Plus coco fibre.
Dry yield 784g / 27oz from two plants.

Auto White Widow germination

Cannabis_sir germinated three Auto White Widow seeds in a glass of water. One failed to germinate. Once the tap-roots had emerged the two surviving seedlings were transplanted into their containers.

Seedling stage and vegetative growth

Auto White Widow sturdy vegetative growth by Cannabis_sir

The two Auto White Widows grew with vigour, staying in veg growth for around 4 weeks under the 24-hour LED light. Both plants were described as “leafy and needed defoliating twice but the shorter of the two plants required a lot more work”.

Some experienced autoflower growers top their plants. This means that the growing tip is removed, usually when the plants are around 3 weeks old. This produces a bushier final plant structure without the dominant central bloom which is typically replaced with numerous side blooms. Cannabis_sir topped both his autoflowers and also defoliated twice during veg growth and got a great reward for his efforts.

Topping autoflowers, the pros and cons

Auto White Widow thick stem grown under LED grow lights by Cannabis_sir

Auto White Widow flowering stage

Auto White Widow flowering stage by Cannabis_sir (1)

Another round (the third) of defoliation was done during the cannabis flowering phase and the two Auto White Widows continued to grow with remarkable strength and speed. Numerous long, heavy blooms formed on both plants, impressing the grower:

A considerable number of blooms considering I only topped the plants once. They packed on a lot of frost and could have gone longer to produce more amber trichomes. But alas, I have a building inspection due soon… so down they came.

Growing in coco fibre was easy for the experienced Cannabis_sir with simple 2-part (“A”& “B”) main nutrients used for both the entire grow cycle. Canna’s Calcium & Magnesium additive was also used alongside a PK bloom boost and Rhizotonic (an enzyme which breaks down dead plant material into usable nutrients). The automated flood and drain system offers inherently high levels of root-mass oxygenation.

Auto White Widow flowering stage by Cannabis_sir (5)

Cannabis_sir made extensive use of cannabis low stress training (LST) to maximise his sensational final harvest. This technique allows additional light penetration to lower bloom sites which can then produce significantly more buds. LST involves tying branches with garden cord so that they are pulled away from the main stem often in a more horizontal position than before. With direct LED light reaching lower bud sites, photosynthesis is increased and bigger buds/blooms can emerge.

Regular defoliation (Cannabis_sir defoliated his plants twice in veg and once when they were in bloom) helps for the same reasons. The best cannabis seeds produce tough plants that can withstand the loss of a few fan leaves in order to better illuminate lower bud sites.

The proven indica-dominant Auto White Widow genetics took care of the rest, ensuring the buds packed on more weight and resin with each day. Auto White Widow generally takes around 75 days to grow from autoflower seed to harvest. In this grow both phenotypes were harvested a couple of weeks later than average – the grower has a preference for darker amber trichomes which tend to give ‘heavier’ effects with more ‘body stone’.

The cannabis ripening process

Auto White Widow by Cannabis_sir harvest report

Auto White Widow 784g indoor harvest from two plants by Cannabis_sir

At harvest one plant was around 1.2m tall. The other reached a surprising 1.5m tall under the ideal grow conditions and the powerful 740W of LED light. The combined total dry harvest of 784g / 27oz of heavily-frosted White Widow buds would be considered high-end by most home growers.

But it’s interesting to note that many experienced hydroponic growers routinely get several hundred grams (10-20oz+) of dry buds from single plants when growing the best autoflower seeds under optimised lighting & environmental/nutritional conditions.

When asked if harvest was easy with two such large plants Cannabis_sir replied:

Yes but only because I defoliated them three times throughout. It would have been a pretty rough and lengthy trim if not. One plant was worse than the other though… in terms of time taken. […] It’s a good strain for anybody, Auto White Widow just wanted to grow. No issues or mutations. I’d recommend topping once and using LST (Low Stress Training) to pull the branches apart a bit so they don’t touch and just let it grow… Very tight and compact buds with plenty of frost on them.

Auto White Widow trimmed cannabis buds by Cannabis_sir

Auto White Widow rating by Cannabis_sir







Bag appeal


Overall rating: 4/5

Bonus information, tips and recommendations

Auto White Widow flowering stage by Cannabis_sir (2)

Congratulations to Cannabis_sir on a thoroughly impressive haul of 784g/ 27oz from just two autoflower plants. The grow shows the remarkable potential of high quality autoflower seeds when cultivated by a seasoned grower who has mastered their grow environment. If you’re looking to buy cannabis seeds with the potential to satisfy the most demanding yield targets, then Auto White Widow is the perfect selection!

For those growers that are perhaps daunted by the idea of running a flood & drain hydroponic system, but still wanting to hit high yields there are other options which may be simpler. Growing in large (30+ litres / 6+ gallons) containers of highly aerated grow medium (e.g. coco or coco fibre mixed with soil) gives great results. Especially when combined with aerated grow containers such as air pots, felt sacks or similar. Use of LEDs and perhaps supplementary UVA/UVB lights is always recommended to maximise terpene content and cannabinoid profile.

Another game-changer for many average growers who made the step-up to become advanced growers is the use of slow-release organic nutrients (BioTabs are market leaders and highly recommended). They can be used in coco fibre or soil and release a steady stream of nutrients & beneficial root fungi to make nutrient-overdoses (or under-feeding) a thing of the past.

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