AutoDaiquiri Lime grow review

AutoDaiquiri Lime grow review

Home grown in soil under LED grow lights

This weeks blog is an AutoDaiquiri Lime grow review grow review by Tang.
AutoDaiquiri Lime is one of the new Dutch Passion USA auto range.  The genetics come from our Californian Orange variety, specifically a phenotype with a distinct taste of strong Lime.  This was crossed with a special Sour Diesel cutting from the USA.  The result is a very unusual sativa dominant auto that combines a fruity taste with the rich intoxicating diesel/fuel aroma from the Sour Diesel. 

AutoDaiquiri Lime is a great choice for any home grower looking for slightly different auto genetics with a unique fruity diesel lime influence.  The taste and aroma may be different to your usual autos, but the proven potency and the usual Dutch Passion auto reliability/consistency are guaranteed.

 AutoDaiquiri Lime grow review
 AutoDaiquiri Lime grow review

Strong smoke

AutoDaiquiri Lime is a strong smoke, the potency of the proven parent genetics is clearly present in the final smoke/vape.  And its also a heavy yielder, and grows with the typical Dutch Passion auto structure with a central bloom surrounded by slightly smaller side blooms. 

AutoDaiquiri can grow under 24 hours of daily light but most people grow her under 20 hours of daily light followed by a short 4 hour period of darkness. 

 AutoDaiquiri Lime grow review

Good ourdoor variety

AutoDaiquiri is also a good variety for outdoor growers/green house growers, in good conditions she will stretch and produce a medium/tall plant with heavy yields – especially with plenty of sun.  AutoDaiquiri is easy to grow, definitely suitable for less experienced growers.  She grows well in any grow medium and is tough enough for first time growers with no previous experience. 

Experienced growers, or those with good hydroponic grow skills, will be able to regularly produce 100g+ harvests.  The buds are dense and particularly resinous.  

 AutoDaiquiri Lime grow review

USA cannabis genetics

Some of the emerging USA cannabis genetics, especially over the last 5 years, have been too good to ignore.  The system of licensed legal USA cannabis production has highlighted a number of special varieties which combine high THC levels with rapid bud growth and large harvests. 

The best of these USA genetic lines have their genetics included in our latest USA autos.  The Sour Diesel genetic line used in AutoDaiquiri is a good example, assuring the best potency and yield improvements to modern auto genetics.  And bringing a complementary sour flavour to complement the citrus lime from the proven California Orange.

Pictures and words from Tang

Tang is an experienced grower who has grown most of the Dutch Passion seed collection, he provides the pictures and words for this weeks AutoDaiquiri Lime grow review. 

As usual, Tang grew under his preferred system of ‘Holographic Series 1’ LED grow lights and 15 litre airpots of Plagron Light soil/perlite mix.   The following words are from Tang, the original grow diary is here.

 AutoDaiquiri Lime grow review
AutoDaiquiri Lime grow review Dutch Passion



“The mouthwateringly named AutoDaiquiri Lime was grown in my usual 15L Airpot filled with Plagron Light soil and fed my new Advanced Nutrients ‘Easy Auto’ feeding schedule, this schedule uses only a few ingredients but gives great results.”

“The AutoDaiquiri Lime was grown alongside an AutoColorado Cookies and for the first 40 days shared the light from a 75w Grownorthern HS1. Vegetive growth was fast and I ended up with a nice manageable sized plant even though the humidity was a lot lower than I would like.”

AutoDaiquiri Lime grow review
 AutoDaiquiri Lime grow review Dutch Passion

Incredible aroma

“Throughout bloom the AutoDaiquiri Lime was under a 75w HS1 to herself and thrived, even from early on the aroma was incredibly intense and I could see where she got the name.

“The buds grew long and very very dense and she was ready to harvest after 77 days. When fully dry the buds weighed 153g so another really impressive performance from the HS1s but one of my last grows with these lights as Grownorthern have new more powerful lights out next month and I must have some lol.”

Dry buds

“The dry buds after a short cure are some of the most flavourful I’ve ever had, just a deliciously strong lime aroma and taste and a seriously nice buzz as well. It’s a heavy and sedating high so one for the evening (I’m my case anyway) I can see this strain giving good pain relief and helping with insomnia. Overall a really easy plant to grow, she just needs plenty of good quality light and a decent feeding schedule and you will be rewarded some delicious flowers.”

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