AutoFrisian Dew and StarRyder grow review

AutoFrisian Dew and StarRyder grow review

AutoFrisian Dew and StarRyder grow review

This weeks blog is from experienced auto grower Tang, about a Dutch Passion’s AutoFrisian Dew and StarRyder grow review. He grew his plants underneath two Holographic Series 1 (HS1) LEDs, which use less energy than HPS grow lights and produce less heat.

Despite the price premium, LED grow lights are more popular than ever and produce superb results for the home grower.  This grow shows how Tang harvests a couple of autos every 30-40 days from a small grow room lit by the latest ultra-efficient LED grow lights using minimal amounts of electricity. 

AutoFrisian Dew

Words and pictures from Tang

“I’ve not seen an AutoFrisian Dew grown under LED so I was really interested to see how one would get on under my lights. I started the Auto Frisian Dew in a 15L Airpot filled with Plagron light and she was fed this Advanced Nutrients schedule I developed for Autoflowers.”

“I have a great cycle going in my 1.2m x 1.2m grow room where I harvest and start 2 auto’s every 30-40 days,I always have 4 plants growing. 2 in bloom and 2 smaller ones. The lighting is 2 Grownorthern Holographic Series 1 (GN HS1) with the 60×60° diffusers for the 2 plants in bloom.”

“I also have an HS1 LED with the 60×90° diffuser for the 2 vegging plants so a total of just 225w used on a 20/4 lighting cycle.”

AutoFrisian Dew
autoFrisian dew

Lovely pink trough the buds

“The Auto Frisian Dew was grown alongside a StarRyder so they shared a 75w HS1 for the first 40 days then got moved under a HS1 each. The veg growth from the Auto Frisian Dew was pretty rapid and she was soon at 1m tall with good inter nodal spacing.”

“It wasn’t long into bloom when I started to notice a lovely pink coming through in the buds and it developed into a deep rich purple as the buds matured. She had quite a floral aroma in the first half of bloom but that developed into a sweeter more skunky smell later on.”

autofrisian dew

More than happy

“I was more than happy with how AutoFrisian Dew grew under the LEDs and the trichome production and subsequently the strength of the smell was incredible in the last two weeks before harvest, she was harvested at 70 days old.”

“The dried flowers look very appealing with the contrasting colours of the buds the pistils the leaves and the trichomes. The taste is spectacular too,its quite sweet and skunky but their is strong pine too and a hint of lavender…..very nice indeed. The high is very uplifting and euphoric and long lasting and gives you some serious munchies,medicinally this would be great for people with appetite problems.”

AutoFrisian Dew was quick

“Overall AutoFrisian Dew was a very quick and easy plant to grow with fantastic colours and quality results. I would definitely recommend you try growing it, she loves it both outdoor and indoors and especially under my LEDs lol.”

“I’ve been using the GN HS1s for 10 months now and there is a noticeable difference in the quality of flower and resin they produce,I’ve spoken to other HS1 growers too and they all agree the trichome production is pretty amazing on everything they have grown,the combination of GN spectrum and the way the light is diffused has to be down to this.”

“The lights are very quiet and produce very little heat compared to my previous lights too. The HS1s aren’t the cheapest lights but well worth the investment for the cannabis connoisseur,quality minded grower or energy conscious grower.”


Same feed schedule

“StarRyder was grown next to the AutoFrisian Dew with the same feed schedule using the same feeding schedule as the Auto Frisian Dew, with 20hrs of light a day under a shared 75w HS1 LED. She grew very quickly with an abundance of side branching to a height of about 80cm.”


“After the first 35 days she was moved under her own HS1,this time with a 60×60° diffuser to help intensify the light. Every branch was full of dense fruity weed with descent resin coverage. Another thing I was impressed with was the height of the StarRyder side branches, it wasn’t far from a flat canopy despite no training.”

AutoFrisian Dew and StarRyder grow review compairison

“StarRyder wasn’t quite as fast as the Auto Frisian Dew so she had an extra light for the last 10 days during flush, she took a total of 80 days. StarRyder has a fantastic smell after drying,very fruity with a flavour unlike any other strain I’ve had. Its very sweet and candy like and reminds me of ‘pear drop’ sweets from childhood.”

“The high is very uplifting and cerebral, quite euphoric to start with but mellowing into a nice happy buzz lasting several hours with good appetite enhancing effects. Overall StarRyder was an easy plant to grow. I didn’t weigh this plant but I would guess at 180-200g of very very dense very very tasty buds.’



Growing autofems allow you to have mature autoflowering cannabis plants in the same grow room as smaller plants of varying age and size.  All the plants will grow well under the same light schedule – for most people this is 20 hours of daily light. 

With only 4 auto’s you can enjoy regular harvests every few weeks from a small grow tent.  Lots of home growers find auto’s are the easiest way to be self sufficient with a small grow tent.

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