Blue AutoMazar Medical review by Clark French

Blue auto mazar, sit back and relax baby

Blue AutoMazar Medical review

This weeks Blue AutoMazar medical review comes from Multiple Sclerosis patient and medical cannabis campaigner Clark French who has met with UK Government Drug Ministers to try to legalize medical cannabis.

Dutch Passion Blue AutoMazar is an autoflowering cross of Blueberry and Mazar, two established and stable classics.  We created Blue AutoMazar to retain the dependable performance and blend the best qualities of the parent genetics.  Blue AutoMazar grows from seed to harvest in 10-11 weeks under 20 hours of daily light.

Review by Clark

“I was lucky enough to get my hands on some delicious Blue Auto Mazar for this review. The buds are extremely dense big and heavy!”


“There are three main things which are most noticeable in its appearance. The first is the calyxes. All across the bud is formed of pastel green foxtail calyxes which build up on each other into little strings which all melt together into the dense buds.”

“Out of each of these calyxes erupt vigorous plumes of bright orange pistils which create a kind of fluffy look and texture. The third noticeable thing is the sheer abundance of trichomes. The calyxes are completely covered in them!”

frosty buds and orange hair

Above Blue AutoMazar.  Orange hairs coat the frosty buds which are stacked on top of each other.

Below Blue AutoMazar, freshly harvested (picture courtesy of ‘Insert’).

sticky buds

Clark’s comments on the aroma and flavour


“One of the most pleasing aspects of the Blue AutoMazar is the distinctive and aromatic smells which rush out every time I open my glass jar. For me it is important to keep my medicine in glass jars and I find that it really helps with the cure and brings out much deeper smells. The smell coming out of the jar is fantastic.”

“You are first hit with musky spice then a deep pungent earthy low. There is a real range and depth to the smell. I really like pungent earthy low notes so the Blue AutoMazar really ticks the boxes for me.”


The taste of the Blue Auto Mazar is absolutely delicious. It has a real depth of flavour down to the deep pungent and earthy lows, to a middle of dirt and Hash, then a high of berries and a hazy sour sweet notes to finish off. The taste is my main reason for loving this strain, each toke on a joint or bong is mouthwatering and leaves a earthy pungent and slightly berries taste on the tongue. I wish I had more.”

plump buds with high resin levels and gorgeous appearance

Above, Blue AutoMazar showing hints of colour in the last days of bloom (Picture by Insert).

Below, Blue AutoMazar also delivers solid yields, as shown by ‘Hazy’.

lots of blooms from this one

How Blue AutoMazar feels for Clark


“Very heavy indica body stone, the first few tokes on a joint hit quite heavy behind the eyes and I can feel the THC reducing my pain level almost instantly. I have some tightness in my chest and in my legs ( thighs and calves) I really like the effects of this strain too, it is something which is indica dominant but not enough for me to function when I need to but enough to make relaxing much easier and more pleasant when the time is right.”

“The most noticeable thing is the pain relief that I experience, my ‘MS-hug’
(a tight band of pain around my chest) is greatly reduced and I feel more at ease with the remaining pain. Blue AutoMazar definitely is a superior quality pot and I very much appreciate its medicinal value.”

more blooms by hazy

Above, Blue AutoMazar trained using garden canes. This technique developed by Hazy allows all side branches to bloom heavily and can significantly boost yields.

Below, ‘NW’ pushes Blue AutoMazar to the limit to show the rich resin coverage

frosty insanity by NW

Some final comments from Clark and a few more pictures to show you why Blue AutoMazar is such a customer favourite.


Undoubtedly the best auto flowering strain I have ever tasted, it has got me intrigued about the Photo period version “Skywalker”. I have tried Sky walker OG but the OG flavour was very dominant and though I do love that taste I am very intrigued as to what the Mazar, Blueberry cross does without the ruderalis.

“Over all the Blue Auto Mazar is an extremely nice tasting strain with some serious medical qualities. I would recommend this to literally everyone, the flavour alone makes it worth trying. I was very happy with Blue Auto Mazar and would especially recommend it to anyone looking at Auto Flowering strains in countries where the law allows you to do so.”

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fat buds

Above ‘NW’ with a super-resinous Blue AutoMazar.

Below a final colourful view of Blue AutoMazar by ‘Insert’.  

gorgeous nuggets you would want to enjoy

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