CBD Charlotte’s Angel week by week flowering

CBD Charlotte’s Angel week by week flowering

CBD Charlotte’s Angel is a heavy yielding, low-THC, high-CBD cannabis strain. The buds typically have around 15% CBD and under 1% THC. With such low THC levels you can’t get a psychoactive ‘high’ from these buds. These are photoperiod feminised cannabis seeds which take around 11 weeks of bloom under a 12/12 light cycle. The genetics are sativa dominant and boast a delicious taste/aroma with herbal notes of pine and diesel. They are part of the CBD cannabis seed collection. The effects are calming and relaxing. Some users of CBD Charlotte’s Angel low-THC, high-CBD buds claim they remove the craving to get high and may help reduce the urge to smoke tobacco. For some growers, they may be useful properties.

CBD Charlotte’s Angel week by week pictures

The grower used LED grow lights and air-pots (highly aerated grow containers – particularly recommended). In addition, slow release organic nutrients were used from BioTabs. These are a popular way to simplify cannabis cultivation, removing the complexity of nutrient application as well as minimising the chances of over/under feeding. After 4.5 weeks of bloom the CBD Charlotte’s Angel was put into bloom with a 12/12 light cycle.

12 weeks later the heavy yielding plant was ready to harvest, with the branches bowing down under the weight of their own blooms. Low-THC, high-CBD strains have become popular with both recreational and medical growers.. Yields are high and growth is straightforward. If you’re looking to grow your own CBD rich buds then this week by week review with pictures shows you exactly what to expect.

Grow conditions:

Medium:Lightmix soil and coco fibre in a 4:1 blend
Additives:BioTabs and BAC nutrients
Light:Two HS1 75W LEDs, flowering with additional 370W LED light from URSA LED
Light cycle:18/6 in veg growth for 4.5 weeks
TemperatureSummer grow, temperatures around the ‘mid-twenties’ ºC
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CBD Charlotte’s Angel seedling stage

CBD Charlotte’s Angel week by week flowering (3 weeks)

Germinating the feminised seeds was easy enough. Early growth was slow and steady but the sativa heritage was already evident on the leaves. I had wanted a personal stash of low-THC, high-CBD buds for some time. It was satisfying to get the grow under way.

Like most serious growers I use LED, it really is in a different league to HPS when it comes to cannabinoid and terpene production. Slow release nutrients are also a big help, simplifying the grow and making it easy.

Within 2.5 weeks the plants were transplanted into their final containers which were 20L Airpots. As soon as the plants were transplanted the speed of growth increased. I really rate air pots and also love using the larger volume airpots and felt-sacks too.

CBD Charlotte’s Angel vegetative stage, 4-5 weeks

CBD Charlotte’s Angel week by week flowering (4-7 weeks)

CBD Charlotte’s Angel thrived under LED in their air pots. Leaves were a healthy green and the thin sativa leaf fingers allowed light to penetrate to lower levels. I liked these genetics, they grew with real vigour and energy.

After 1.5 – 2 weeks in their new 20 litre airpots most of the plants were growing very vigorously, several cm per day. I knew it was time to switch the clock to 12/12 before they actually became too big.

Airpots with an aerated grow medium deliver excellent levels of root oxygenation. I couldn’t have been happier with the progress in veg growth. My only concern at this stage was whether the sativa genetics would prove to grow a little too quickly for my grow room. I decided not to wait too long before starting 12/12 light conditions. 4-5 weeks of vegetative growth felt sufficient!

CBD Charlotte’s Angel in early bloom

CBD Charlotte’s Angel week by week flowering (8-11 weeks)

Lush growth was abundant, these sativa genetics really impressed me. Even in early flowering it was clear that numerous bloom points would emerge. Daily water requirements steadily increased but we didn’t need to add any nutrition at this stage – the slow release BioTabs worked their magic and kept the plants in the nutrient sweet spot, with no signs of under/over nutrition.

As I admired the way these CBD Charlotte’s Angel plants grew I couldn’t help feeling that I would be interested to grow the same genetics with a THC rich chemotype. 3 cannabis cups in the first 2 years following release really doesn’t surprise me that much, these are solid genetics.

The early stretch in bloom coupled with her thin sativa fingers on the leaves make this a great candidate for a SCROG grow. At this point the terpene profile began to step up a notch. Even at this early stage I could sense there would be some tasty buds to enjoy. What’s more, I knew I would be able to enjoy them and still got on with my day thanks to the low THC levels.

CBD Charlotte’s Angel in mid bloom

CBD Charlotte’s Angel week by week flowering (12-14 weeks)

As bloom progressed the grow room really started to fill up. Stretch was quite something, bending and super cropping may be required depending on the amount of space you have.

Flowering continued though the plants were easy to look after. Before too long I could see a canopy full of emerging bloom points. The genetics are genuinely XL in terms of yield potential in my opinion. At this point the bloom points were relatively small and needed several more weeks to really fatten up. But I couldn’t have felt happier with the steady progress. The slow release nutrients did their work meaning all I had to do was water and try to maintain a level plant canopy to maximise the LED impact.

CBD Charlotte’s Angel late flowering: heavy blooms collapse against the tent wall!

The blooms continued to swell as flowering progressed. As with all sativa dominant strains you can see variations from phenotype to phenotype. If the average bloom time is around 11-12 weeks you may expect some to finish a little early and one or two that may require an extra week at the end to complete bloom. I always feel that the last plants to harvest reward me with a heavy yield.

This has to be one of my most enjoyable sativa grows in recent years. Seeing the blooms fatten up beyond my expectations was wild. It’s always nice to have expectations exceeded by the quality of the cannabis genetics. The terpene profile was sensational as harvest approached, just as good as any THC rich strain. My friends were amazed at the fat blooms. They were soaked in resin too. These plants just soaked up the LED light producing a real XXL result. The addition of some delicate dark colours and blue hues was the icing on the cake. Simply a hugely enjoyable experience as a grower.

CBD Charlotte’s Angel harvest time

CBD Charlotte’s Angel week by week flowering (14-15 weeks)

What can I say! Look at those buds! I rarely see bushy sativa plants weighed down so heavily by the weight of their own buds. These genetics really do benefit from support to prevent the branches snapping at the end. I loved the purple colours in the leaves and buds at harvest. The aroma has to be experienced! A rich herbal pungency with a certain diesel edge, sweet citrus notes and a fresh pine aroma. Connoisseur stuff.

With such a heavy crop  it did take some time to harvest each plant, it was a labour of love.  Sore trimming fingers is the price you pay for growing heavy yielding genetics!

CBD Charlotte’s Angel has a unique and pleasing effect. It’s non-psychoactive variety, but the medical effects may be useful to many. There is a ‘physical high’ which is felt as an anti-anxiety effect, reducing stress levels. I had a satisfying and enjoyable experience. The taste and aroma reminded me of THC-rich strains. I didn’t feel high, but I did really enjoy the effects. The CBD seems to offer a light cerebral massage, but not in the same way I am used to from THC-rich strains. My sense of creativity and focus seemed to increase after using CBD Charlotte’s Angel. The relaxing effect on your body seems to help sleep.

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