Dutch Passion CBD SkunkHaze Review

Dutch Passion CBD SkunkHaze Review

Dutch Passion CBD SkunkHaze was our first CBD-rich variety to be introduced to our seed collection and it’s a variety which gets lots of serious customer praise for the great medical benefits as well as the smoothly rich satisfying stone it produces.

This weeks blog features Antonio and Ferdinand, two European brothers that grow indoors in an organic mixture of light mix soil with 25% added coco fibre under a 600W enhanced Gavita HPS in their 0.9m2 grow room.  Antonio uses pot mainly for recreational relaxation. 

Ferdinand uses cannabis to help with his severe digestive and stomach issues, it’s an illness similar to Crohn’s disease which causes extreme discomfort and pain. Unfortunately prescription medication is only a small help to Ferdinand who finds cannabis is a more natural and more effective treatment, especially CBD-rich cannabis.

Dutch Passion CBD SkunkHaze Review

Above and below, CBD SkunkHaze, a proven variety for the medical grower.  Great yields, very resinous. Trusted by many medical growers.  Oil rich with a balanced 1:1 ratio of THC:CBD  


Antonio’s view on CBD SkunkHaze

“The CBD Skunk Haze produces beautiful dark green leaves, with astonishing thick veins on the back of the blades. It is a medium sized plant and ,in my opinion, isn’t one of the fastest growers so she will probably be useful in a SOG (‘sea of green’) set-up too.”

“The plant seems to like a moderate feeding regime, although I think next time I can push her a bit more than I did now.  Feeding was with Sannie’s Perfect Start, Symbiosis Mycorrhiza, Bacto, Buffer Tabs and Yucca, together with B.A.C Organic Grow, Organic Bloom and Organic PK Booster.”

SCROG setup

“I think the best advice if you’re growing her in a SCROG setup like me is to top her during the growth cycle (18/6) or at the latest in the first week of flowering (12/12). This will increase the development of the side branches which in the end will hopefully increase the overall yield.” 

“I got 71g yield from my single CBD SkunkHaze plant, if I had filled my grow room with 5 CBD plants I estimate I could have got 350-400g in total.”

more cbd skunk haze bud shots

Above and below more images of the sticky CBD SkunkHaze grow from Antonio and Ferdinand.  This is an easy variety to grow producing good results across a wide range of growing conditions.

CBD SkunkHaze

More details from Antonio

“After 8 weeks of flowering the buds are starting to become rock-hard.  Once dried, the quality of the buds of the CBD Skunk Haze is really top-notch. You can expect very compact buds, which are covered in resin with typical Haze hint mixed with a kind of fruity, almost citrus like aroma.”

“I’ve read other people saying they had a more open bud structure (more Sativa like). I guess the extremely dense buds are something unique to my pheno, which I estimate being approximately  70% Sativa/30%Indica. Judging by the looks of it, I find it hard to believe this strain only has 5% THC.”

Feeding regime

“My feeding regime is always quite minimalistic, I normally give them only water (no nutrients) at least 1-2 times per week to prevent nutrient build-up in the soil. I steadily increase the nutrients from week 1 until the beginning of week 8. Then I start flushing for about 2 weeks to make sure the plant and the buds are completely cleansed.”

“Next time I will try to increase the feeding regime a bit, I also think I will ‘top’ her (cut thru’ the growing tip) to stimulate the development of her side buds even more, which will hopefully increase the overall yield.”

resin rich buds

Above and below, top quality growing from Antonio & Ferdinand to produce beautiful buds coated with a shimmering layer of THC/CBD resin crystals. CBD SkunkHaze continues to generate remarkable medical feedback.

CBD SkunkHaze buds

Effects on CBD SkunkHaze

And here are some comments about the effects of CBD SkunkHaze, first from Ferdinand who uses CBD SkunkHaze for pain relief.

“In my opinion the CBD Skunk Haze is taste-wise probably the best weed I have ever smoked. Its taste is smooth and soft, its smoke is the gentlest I have ever experienced, ideal for recreational users, less experienced users, and medicinal users alike.”

“Its unique smooth taste and smoke is something I think will especially appeal to new medical users, as most aren’t used to smoking weed and the taste of weed, which to be blunt is in most cases really shitty.”

Different high

The high I experienced from the CBD Skunk Haze was completely different then I was used to with other strains (medical as well as normal). The CBD high was a really controllable high, it enabled me to stay sharp and focussed, able to converse or read, and also enable me to totally relax and mellow out, but only as far as I wanted to. Of course the controllability is highly dependent on the quantity smoked.

The reasons for this I think is that unlike with a lot of other strains the high doesn’t hit you like a brick, but is more like gently sliding into a warm bath. Unlike a warm bath the CBD doesn’t make you sleepy at all, it sort of energises you after the high, which makes it more suitable for use during the daytime. 

Different taste

This energizing ability of the CBD Skunk Haze is something that sets it apart from other medical strains like the Ortega Indica. The Ortega is in my opinion ideal for smoking before going to bed, it is (almost) equally good at blocking pain, but the high is completely different. The Ortega high is a body as well as a head high, the only thing I wanted to do after I’d smoked was going to sleep.

The biggest difference however is the taste, the CBD isn’t even comparable with the Ortega, it is not even in the same ballpark, it’s in a league of its own. If I could choose I would choose the CBD over the Ortega each and every time.

 So in short I would advise everyone who wants to try a medical marijuana strain to try the CBD Skunk Haze at least once, and judge for themselves. (What I forgot to mention, CBD can also help you sleep well, the only thing you have to do is smoke a bit more).”

Outrageous resin levels Dutch Passion

Above and below notable resin coverage.  Lots of CBD SkunkHaze growers appreciate the aroma and taste.  Other growers comment that this is a variety especially suitable for oil production.

solid nuggets of medicine

Final words from Antonio on CBD SkunkHaze

“To be completely honest, the CBD Skunk Haze is freaking awesome, not only my brother benefits a lot from it, but it’s becoming one of my own favourites as well. I smoked it several times now. “

“Once I smoked it before going to plant some vegetables and herbs in my garden, it put me in a sort of trance, completely harmonised with nature. It felt like going back to our roots when we all were hunters, scavengers and farmers. It gave such an extremely relaxed feeling, making me think about the environment, the people and the planet we live in while I was planting some corn, pumpkins and courgettes.”

Truly unique

“I quickly realised this strain was something truly unique. Last week my brother called me and said it was the best pot he ever smoked, its taste, its gentle smoke, its very comfy high, its pain and stress relieving capabilities, all together it seems to be a perfect mix for medical users of cannabis.”

“The CBD Skunk Haze is just an amazing strain. I’ve been smoking cannabis for almost 13 years in a row now and I can honestly say it has become one of my all-time favourites. Its unique high gives such a comfortable feeling that you almost feel like walking on a cloud, which is ideal for users that still need to be able to do things while being medicated.”

appealing appearance
buds and more


Seed breeders, not doctors

Before trying to use cannabis as a medicine we strongly advise you to discuss this with a (cannabis friendly) doctor. At Dutch Passion are seed breeders not doctors, so we are not able to give serious medical advice. This blog contains the experiences from our customers which we would like to share with you.

These are personal experiences, and not medical advice.  But the feedback is extremely positive and the great feedback on CBD continues to come in. Lots of medical and recreational growers continue to try it.  Serious cannabis lovers like you should consider growing a CBD variety to see if you agree. 

Finally, here are a couple of 2-week cured bud shots from Antonio & Ferdinand.

Dutch Joe

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cured bud
2 week cured bud

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