Durban Poison first run delivers 328g of banging buds with divine terps

Durban Poison Indoor Cannabis Grow Report from Canada Dutch Passion

@Cannuckcannagrower grew a mega photoperiod Dutch Passion Durban Poison indoors with an unusually long 20-week period of vegetative growth. This produced a huge plant which occupied a 1.2m x 1.2m (4ft x 4ft) grow area with numerous blooms.

After a 9-week flowering period a grand total of 328g (11.7oz) of premium dry buds were produced along with 278g (9.9oz) of lower ‘popcorn’ buds and sugar leaves – used for extracts.

Durban Poison remains a repeat best-seller, loved for the blissfully enjoyable, anti-anxiety effects and rich, tasty terpene profile. But as this grow showed, Durban Poison can also deliver slamming yields in addition to her legendary effects. Read on to see some incredible pictures from a remarkable grow!

Durban Poison indoor grow diary by Cannuckcannagrower

Durban Poison grow report indoor by canuckcannagrower

@cannuckcannagrower is an experienced indoor grower with a 1.2m x 2.4m (4ft x 8ft) grow area. His Durban Poison filled half of the grow tent thanks to the great conditions, long veg period and the powerful 750W LED. The Durban Poison was grown in a 19 litre (4 Gal) AutoPot XL fitted with an air dome at the base of the container.

This requires an air pump to permanently enrich the cannabis root zone with oxygen-rich air, turbocharging growth and allowing even faster growth rates than are possible in coco alone. Some growers are deterred from using air pumps due to the potential for an audible buzz (making for a noisier grow room), but the results and extra growth seen here were truly impressive.

The Autopot system is a gravity fed (no power required) feed/watering system that automatically feeds extra liquid when the grow container is almost dry. This allows a low-maintenance grow, all the grower needs do is periodically ensure the master reservoir is full with nutrients of the appropriate strength.

Environmental control was provided by AC Infinity, with nutrients from MIIH Horticulture (Microbial Mass Pro & ChitoSal) and Uber UniOne (All-in-One auto sensing nutrient, PYYRO K bloom booster, with FDS and RNA foliar feeds). Use of the SCROG method ensured a flat canopy of blooms all bathing in the nutrient sweet spot, maximising the effect of the LED.

Durban Poison grow report review large frosty buds and flowers

This is my first run of the Dutch Passion photoperiod Durban Poison. I had grown several Auto Durban Poison before from Dutch Passion. By far my top two favourite strains. Always a hit with those I share with.

Due to some family commitments and some new grow equipment delays from the (Covid) supply chain challenges, I vegged her for 144 days, far longer than I’d have liked but it allowed me to do plenty of training.  

She ended up taking over the whole half of my 1.2m x 2.4m (4ft x8ft) tent. After 61 days of flowering the bud colour was surprisingly more purple than expected.

I tend to harvest with about 60% milky trichomes. The colas had a nice consistent density in the flowers, medium in size with amazing Durban terpenes. The smoke is smooth and vaping the terps is divine. 

Thank you again for your interest in little old me, growing this magical plant. Ihave always loved Dutch Passion genetics and history. Merci beaucoup!! 🙏

Durban Poison indoor grow setup

If you aspire to this kind of XXL yields, it’s always worth taking a moment to consider your current grow room set-up and look for possible improvements. For many growers, upgrading from ageing HPS lights to a modern LED is one of the more important changes. It’s undeniably expensive, but a good quality LED will give many years of service with hardly any decrease in light intensity.

Use of highly aerated grow containers such as felt sacks or air pots are also highly recommended. Here @cannuckcannagrower used a solid AutoPot XL system and combined that with an air stone to ensure great conditions for growth.

Cannabis seeds: Durban Poison (feminised photoperiod)

Grow lights: LED (750W)

Grow medium: Coco fibre with air stone

Grow container: 19 litre auto pot (4 Gal)

Vegetative period: 20 weeks

Bloom period: 9 weeks (61 days)

Grow style: SCROG

Dry yield: 328g (11.7oz) of prime buds. 278g (9.9oz) of lower buds and sugar leaves.

Durban Poison flowering pictures Cannuckcannagrower

Durban Poison grow report indoor grow large huge plants potent smelly

As harvest approached @cannuckcannagrower noted the cannabis trichomes were mainly cloudy, for many growers this represents the optimum moment to harvest.

The long, 20-week veg period allowed numerous branches and bloom points. Durban Poison is an established premium strain, well known for her heavy yields of Grade-A buds with slamming potency.

She’s tough enough to cope well with indoor, greenhouse or outdoor conditions and is famously easy to grow. As these pictures show, she really knows how to reward the expert grower capable of delivering optimised conditions. But Durban Poison is also one of those proven strains that has the genetic pedigree and vigour to deliver even in the hands of less experienced growers.

Dutch Passion’s feedback and bonus tips

Durban Poison grow report dried cannabis flowers

Props to @cannuckcannagrower on a fantastic grow with a high yield. It’s always rewarding to hear a grower rate a Dutch Passion strain as one of their all-time favourites. Especially when they can produce such epic yields and tongue-tingling terpene profiles alongside mind-numbing potency levels.

The main advice to any cannabis grower aiming to step up their quality levels is to keep your plants in the nutrient and optical sweet spot from seed to harvest. It’s a demanding requirement, but with some experience and continuous improvement you should find each grow teaches you something new.

For those that struggle with swinging from over-feeding to under-feeding with bottled mineral nutrients, slow-release organic nutrients are the easiest alternative.

These, such as BioTabs, slowly release the mineral and nutrient content over the course of your grow meaning that you need add little else other than water for much of the grow. Perhaps just a splash of general-purpose bloom nutrients would be required in late bloom.

One other tip to quality-focussed growers is to use supplemental UVA & UVB lights for 2-3 hours a day for the last 2-3 weeks of bloom. This can nudge THC levels up a few percentage points. Those hoping to emulate the massive yields seen in this grow should also consider a longer period of veg growth.

Remember to do your research carefully and buy the best cannabis seeds for you, even the pros will fail spectacularly with second-rate weed seeds. Once again, congratulations to @cannuckcannagrower on a fantastic result!

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