Dutch Passion AutoXtreme Grow Review

Dutch Passion AutoXtreme Grow Review

This weeks Dutch Passion AutoXtreme grow review blog features one of the best AutoXtreme plants that we have ever seen. Dutch Passion AutoXtreme is an auto flowering cannabis variety with the ‘X’ factor. By the end of bloom the AutoXtreme was collapsing under its own weight with some incredibly large buds.

The AutoXtreme yielded around 350g+ of top strength, Haze-quality, cannabis and was grown in a 15 litre airpot with Plagron Light soil with Advanced Nutrients.  The LED lights were manufactured by Grow Northern (Dutch Passions LED technology partner). 

What made this grow particularly interesting is that the LED’s used the next-generation Lumiled ‘Rebel’ LED’s which have almost twice the light intensity of many of the current LED’s.  The extra intensity of the new LED’s has really helped push AutoXtreme to her genetic limits. 

The original grow diary is courtesy of Autoflower.net and it comes from ‘Tang’ an experienced Dutch Passion grower.

epic plant, i mean EPIC !

Above and below theDutch Passion AutoXtreme.  Even the lower branches are too heavy to support their own weight.  This is a variety which produces heavy harvests of top-quality pot. A best selling variety combining quality and quantity. Strong sativa ‘up’ high.

large individual buds

Dutch Passion AutoXtreme Grow Review

Dutch Passion AutoXtreme is one of the best performing, high-yield and high-potency auto varieties available from any seed bank. Even inexperienced growers can harvest 150g+ from this special variety.  And if you are an experienced grower with powerful lights then you can really push AutoXtreme to the limits and achieve sensational results.

AutoXtreme grows from seed to harvest in around 11 weeks.  She produces famously frosty buds with heavy levels of resin production.  Towards the end of flowering this variety really starts to pack on lots of weight and branches will often bow down under their own weight.  Occasionally this variety will ‘self harvest’ or collapse under its own weight if the blooms are not supported. 

Large harvest & very potent cannabis

Anyone looking to produce a large harvest of very potent cannabis should really try this variety.  AutoXtreme is one of Dutch Passion’s best yielding and strongest varieties, it’s a real customer favourite with many repeat growers.  This is a variety which performs well indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse.

The quality of cannabis produced by AutoXtreme is as good as a top-drawer traditional variety.  AutoXtreme produces a strong and mentally powerful high with clear Haze influences.

huge blooms on this variety

Comments and pictures by Tang

“This is the second time I’ve grown this strain and again I only germinated one seed so no picking the best phenotype like I sometimes do. I was totally amazed with the speed of the growth the only other plant I’ve had grow that fast was my previous AutoExtreme.”

“She was grown in my usual 15L Airpots with Plagron light soil and Advanced Nutrients under 2 GN Rebel MS0004 (120w each). The amount of side branches she produced was incredible and I could tell early on she was a bit special.”

“Into bloom she was being watered 2L every 12 hrs and stood at 120cm from the top of the soil. The aroma came through quite early and was instantly recognisable having grow it before. As with the previous AutoExtreme I had to support her with garden twine,this gave me a chance to manipulate the shape to suit to room and lights better,I had the two lights angled to give maximum coverage.”

plant almost collapsing under its weight

Above, AutoXtreme just before harvest. Grown in 15 litres of soil under LED.  The plant is almost collapsing under her own weight – this variety will need supporting at the end

side blooms bow down

Above, some of the AutoXtreme side branches.  Often the lower branches on a cannabis plant produce only small amounts of bud.  With AutoXtreme these lower branches will need to be tied up to prevent them from snapping

“The biggest differences between this and the last AutoXtreme I grew were the amount of side branches on this one and how fat they got. The two plants took the same amount of time and produced identical looking,smelling and tasting buds.”

“The only thing I don’t like about this strain is the amount of leaves to take off when it comes to trimming and the sheer amount of buds I had to trim lol she came in at 388g before going into curing jars but it would probably be closer to 350g had I done a better trim.”

“The buzz is lovely it’s very strong and uplifting with waves of euphoria to boot,it’s one I can’t leave alone. The smell and taste is very hazy as you would expect but there is menthol there with some spices too. It lingers on the taste buds which I love.”

“If I could give any tips on this strain they would be have some string ready and be prepared for a big plant with the same size appetite,this girl was fed twice a day at EC 2.0 in the later stages.  I have one of three magic AutoXtreme seeds left and I can’t wait to plant it.”

AutoXtreme under LED


All the Dutch Passion auto’s are bred to the same standards of potency and yield potential.  And all of them are very highly rated.  But AutoXtreme is one variety which has really lived up to her name since we introduced her.  If you enjoy heavy yielding automatics that deliver a super-satisfying effect then AutoXtreme is one you should really try.


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