Blue AutoMazar Grow Review Dutch Passion

Blue AutoMazar Grow Review Dutch Passion

Blue AutoMazar

Blue AutoMazar is proving to be a popular variety with Auto growers.  The parent genetics are AutoMazar and AutoBlueberry, these are two of our best selling and highest rated automatics. 

Both varieties offer heavy, frosty yields and a potency level which is right up there with good quality traditional varieties.  The hybridization of these parent varieties has created a strong and reliable result – Blue AutoMazar.

This weeks grow comes from Hazy, an experienced auto grower; here are his impressive grow reviews of Dutch Passion Think Different and StarRyder varieties.  All the images in this weeks blog come from Hazy, the original grow diary is courtesy of

Blue AutoMazar Grow Review Dutch Passion

Root Riot

Hazy cropped over 200g from his two Blue AutoMazar’s.  The seeds were germinated using ‘Root riot’ starting cubes.  These are a great option for the home grower, and seem to maximise germination rates.

They are not expensive and several different companies make similar products for the home-grower.  Throughout the grow Hazy used BioMix Fish mix & bloom nutrients, which is another proven product for the home-grower.

Blue AutoMazar Grow Review Dutch Passion
Blue AutoMazar Grow Review Dutch Passion

Plagron Light mix soil

The two Blue AutoMazar’s were planted in the same 15 litre container using Plagron Light Mix soil.  Plagron Light-Mix is a pre-prepared soil which is carefully blended to allow the home grower a convenient and simple way of growing plants.

Pre-mixed soils are equally popular with new growers as well as experienced growers.  It is unusual to see growers planting 2 automatics in the same 15 litre container, but Hazy is an experienced auto grower and shows it is possible to achieve good results with Dutch Passion auto’s no matter how you grow them. 


Some auto-growers also prefer to let their plants grow naturally without tying the plant down.  But Hazy has used his low-stress-training (LST) to good effect and shows that good quality cannabis genetics are able to be grown under a variety of conditions and produce great results whichever way they are grown. 

Blue AutoMazar Grow Review Dutch Passion

Bamboo cane

Hazy grew each Blue AutoMazar horizontally across a bamboo cane.  This technique allowed his 600w HPS grow light good light penetration into the plant canopy which allowed a large number of well developed blooms to boost his final yield. 

One other advantage of ‘training’ the cannabis plants is that it keeps most of the blooms the same distance from the light, meaning that most of the plant is receiving light at maximum intensity.  This really allows the blooms to swell and reach maximum yield.

What is particularly impressive in this Blue AutoMazar grow is the way a soil grow produced such a high number of heavy frosty blooms. It shows that the home grower can produce great auto results in soil, just as they can in hydroponics or coco fibre.

Blue AutoMazar Grow Review Dutch Passion
Blue AutoMazar Grow Review Dutch Passion

Above Blue AutoMazar before and after harvest.  Numerous blooms of hard nuggets with a rich level of resin production. 

Comments from Hazy

“Two seeds were planted in root riots in a 15L square pot. Too which garden cane had been attached to using cable ties. The tops of the plants were then trained along the middle cane while the side branches were tied to the canes on the outside of the pot.This really helped to open the plant up and also stop the apical dominance of the plants thus allowing all the branches now to develop into main colas.”

“I also employed a fair bit of super-cropping to both plants. The results were astounding, the plants carried around 15 colas each and each one was between 9″-12” in length, the buds are rock solid and very heavy with resin. Blue AutoMazar was a pleasure to grow, and really easy to care for and seems to have no special requirements as far as feeding goes.”

The smoke

“Now lets talk about the smoke….Oh this one is very special indeed, it has it all, A real zesty floral smell, sweet taste on the inhale and pure dank on the exhale. i love the effect of this strain starts of with a real nice euphoric head high that develops into a full on body stone and a feeling of total relaxation. It just has quality written all over it. Over 200g from 2 plants in a 15L pot in 70 days…..What’s not to like?”

Blue AutoMazar harvest

Well done to Hazy on another productive crop from Dutch Passion automatics.  We hope other growers are encouraged to try his cane-growing technique.

Dutch Joe

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