Dutch Passion Blue Velvet grow review

Dutch Passion Blue Velvet grow review

Dutch Passion Blue Velvet

Dutch Passion Blue Velvet was grown on the Autoflower Network by Tang, a top quality grower that has previously grown other Dutch Passion varieties including Outlaw, Think Different, AutoBlueberry and AutoXtreme

These days it is normal for Dutch Passion to see our new varieties launched with live online grow diaries from our customers.

The original grow diary is courtesy of Autoflower.net.  The photo’s are all from Tang’s grow diary.

Dutch Passion Blue Velvet grow review

Blue Velvet, above, sticky, resinous and potent

Blue Velvet is a special variety which dates back to our original work with the Blueberry family and the original breeder, DJ Short.  We worked extensively with DJ Short on these genetics and Dutch Passion were proud to be the first seedbank to bring these genetics back to Europe. 

They were a welcome addition of new genetics to the European breeding scene.  Dutch Passion retains a large number of those original seeds in our genebank today.  The reintroduction of Dutch Passion Blue Velvet was made following a number of requests for some of our old classics to be brought back.

Dutch Passion Blue Velvet grow review

Blue Velvet, above, in an ‘airpot’, a new type of container for soil growers

50% Indica – 50% Sativa

Blue Velvet is a blend of Oaxaca Gold, (Mexican) a special Chocolate Thai and a powerful Afghani Indica, she is 50% indica, 50% sativa.  The indica genetics are dominant in growth and effect of the cannabis she produces.

 Blue Velvet often grows into short, bushy plants which remain under 1 metre tall.  The plants produce thick, heavy buds and are noted for high resin levels.  This is a very strong variety which will suit experienced cannabis users.

Dutch Passion Blue Velvet grow review

Remain potent under long term storage

Just like Blueberry the buds will remain potent under long term storage, if you can resist smoking them.  The buds have fruity flavours and aroma’s and will appeal to those that enjoy classy, flavoursome and potent varieties. 

If there is one criticism of this variety it is that it produces numerous leaves and takes a little longer to trim the harvest.  But that is a small price to pay for such quality.

Dutch Passion Blue Velvet grow review

High-yielding plants

‘Tang’ is a grower that has specialised in growing high-yielding plants with his favoured technique of LED, soil and air-pots.  Here he used quite an extensive range of grow nutrients.”

“Air-pots have multiple holes/dimples around the sides to allow extra oxygen into the roots and prevent roots circling around the sides and floor of the pot.

Dutch Passion Blue Velvet grow review

Blue Velvet with the growing tip ‘bleached’ by the intense LED light, above.  This is known as a ‘hash tip’ and is an unusual yet fascinating sight.

Select the seedlings

Tang often grows several seedlings and uses his experience to select the ones which he believes will deliver the best quality and quantity at harvest.  This is a skill which the best growers and breeders use to allow them to focus their skills on the top plants to produce the best end result.

Tang’s experience growing Blue Velvet

“4 Blue Velvet seeds were started in 15L Airpots as I had plenty of room.  Advanced Nutrients were used: Sensi Grow, Connoisseur, Sensi Zym, Voodoo Juice,B52 ,Carboload, Big Bud and Overdrive.”

“The first 3 weeks were spent under a 120w Grownorthern MS0004 LED in a DS60 where they were topped once at the 5th node. I then moved them to bigger room, just over 1m² with 2 x Grownorthern MS0006 giving them approx 400w.  Around this time I decided to focus on just 2 plants.”

“I changed the light schedule from 24/0 to 12/12 on day 29 and they were harvested after 66 days in flower.  I gave them an extra week for that extra bit of amber trichome formation.”

Flakes of hash

Tang’s Blue Velvet harvest, above.  The top image is some flakes of Blue Velvet hash

High leaf to bud ratio

“I found I had to remove leaves several times on both plants during flower as they had a high leaf to bud ratio.  Both plants were short so would definitely suit smaller grow rooms. This strain gave me no problems throughout the grow. I can see both new and experienced growers having great results with her.”

“I did have some hash tips on one of the plants due to the high intensity of light.  Note – hash tips are where the plants gets too close to the LED and the light bleaches the plant, turning the top buds from green to white.”

Worth growing for the smell

Dutch Passion Blue Velvet is worth growing just for the smell alone.  I had 2 different phenotypes the one with hash tips smelt of Blueberry and lemon and the other girl was blueberry and pepper.  Both had great trichome build up. The yield was good for such high quality bud too.

I got 179g off the plant with hash tips.  Her buds are my favourite density – they are tight but still a little spongy.”

Frosty blue velvet dutch passion

Yielded 214g

“The bigger plant yielded 214g and her buds remind me of the Outlaw I grew very, very tight and dense. The aroma of both plants comes through in the vapour giving a lovely rich smooth taste. Both phenotypes give the same amazing high it’s a lovely heavy indica buzz definitely velvety smooth lasting a good 3 to 4 hours. If you are a fan of blueberry this strain is a must.”


We hope Blue Velvet brings plenty more pleasure to fans of the Blue family.  She is a traditional photoperiod variety available in feminized seeds and comes with ‘high’ recommendations.

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