Think Different grow Dutch Passion under HPS

god says ....let there be think different

Think Different grow Dutch Passion

This weeks Think Different grow comes from a Dutch Passion customer, Mr Ganjamoto, who used three 600w HPS lights and a 300w Plasma light to grow 8 Think Different’s in a grow room which had Carbon Dioxide enrichment to produce some outrageously sized buds.

It is unusual to see Plasma lighting, it is an expensive addition to a grow room but Plasma-light enthusiasts will tell you that the spectral output of plasma allows your plants and your bud to reach new levels of quality.  Carbon Dioxide enrichment is used by some growers to improve production levels.

Normal atmospheric levels of CO2 went over 400ppm for the first time in May 2013, but pot growers increase CO2 levels to around 2000ppm by supplementing with a yeast/sugar bucket system or a more professional compressed gas cylinder.

amazing think different specimen

Different elements combined

What made this such a special grow was the way Mr Ganjamoto combined all the different elements of expert growing into one single masterclass.  The Think Differents were grown in deep water culture, also known as DWC or ‘bubblers’. DWC is complicated to master, but it allows massive levels of growth when combined with quality genetics.

In DWC the roots of the cannabis plant grow down into a bucket of nutrients.  Normally the roots would rot, however DWC uses an air-stone which bathes the root-ball in oxygen and keeps the roots healthy, preventing root-rot.  The 20 litre nutrient reservoir is changed every few days and the best growers monitor the pH and EC a few times every day (EC =electrical conductivity, the same thing as nutrient concentration).

The best DWC growers use experience to gradually increase nutrient concentrations at the correct rate without ‘burning’ the roots with excessive nutrient levels.

epic growroom, 1800w hps and 300w plasma

Producing the heaviest of harvests

One Dutch Passion variety which has a reputation for producing the heaviest of harvests is Think Different.  According to many customers she is also the strongest of our varieties. In Mr GanjaMoto’s growroom the Think Different’s enjoyed perfect conditions.

The photo’s from this weeks blog are all from the original grow diary published on the Autoflower Network.

simply massive bids

Think Different from Dutch Passion.  A home-growers dream variety.


Comments from Mr Ganjamoto

“Since I lead an organic lifestyle I usually grow organically and achieve some outstanding results, this time however since I’d heard a lot about the DWC technique and the new autoflowering varieties I thought I’d give both a go.”

“I chose Think different as the Autoflower of choice due to its reputation excellent germination rates, heavy yields and good medicinal qualities.”

astonishing bud production

125% germination rate

“The seeds were purchased and 8 were germinated at the beginning of January and amazingly had a 125% germination rate.  Out of the 8 seeds, 10 plants were obtained since 2 seeds contained twins! All the seeds germinated within a 12 to 36 hour period. As reliable as ever from Dutch Passion.”

“Of the ten plants 8 went into bubbler (DWC) pots and two into organic soil which were given away.  Each DWC pot was individually maintained and aerated with a 15cm airstone. “

roots grown in DWC

Think Different root-structure grown in DWC, above.  Highly oxygenated nutrient solution allows massive root growth which supports intensive bud production.  The roots fill the 20 litre DWC bucket

Nutrients used

“The nutrients used were Dutch Pro Autoflower Grow & Bloom and Dutch Pro Explode. ‘House and Garden’ Roots Excelerator was used initially and one dose of H&G shooting powder approximately three weeks before the end.  Advanced Nutrients Carboload was used once at the onset of flowering but this caused brown algae problems and was therefore dropped from the feeding schedule.”

massive main bloom

“The plants were grown in a Secret Jardin 3m x 1.5m tent with 200mm air-extraction and 150mm air-inlet.  A CO2 boost bucket was used to supplement CO2 levels.  The plants were harvested over approximately a three week period the earliest (plant 7) being ready at around 75 days.”

“I initially used 300w plasma and 96w T5, then progressively increased the lighting so at the end I was using 1 x 300w plasma and 3 x 600w Gavita 400v pro units, on a 20 hour on 4 hour off schedule. Next time I think I’d use 2 x plasma and 2 x 600w Gavita just to enable better control of heat and humidity.”

another big think different

Insane bud size

“I also feel that I should add that I believe the Dutch Pro specialist Autoflower nutrient and Explode did contribute quite significantly to the insane bud size… Thanks Dutch Pro.”

“The biggest yielding ladies seemed to be the ones that grew tallest quickest, so next time to maximise yield I’d start more plants then select the tallest for final flowering.”
guess what, more buds

plant with branches bending over

Smoke quality

“The smoke quality is enough to satisfy organic connoisseurs despite being DWC grown. Citrus overtones with one or two plants having a minty bouquet, very smooth after an extended flush. The effect through a Volcano vaporiser is extremely pleasant the world becoming brighter and distinctly chilled, more cerebral than physical – probably due to being harvested with more cloudy than amber lollipops.”

“I would definitely grow Think Different again and would recommend her to both experienced growers and new-growers alike. Give ‘Think Different’ some love and she will reward you in abundance.”

Seeing what Mr GanjaMoto was able to achieve with Think Different, DWC, CO2 enrichment and plenty of HPS/Plasma light was an educational insight into the performance of the best modern auto genetics.  We hope you enjoyed it too!

Dutch Joe

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summary table of grow

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