Auto Cinderella Jack grown by ‘Garden of Autos’

Auto Cinderella Jack for home growers

Auto Cinderella Jack by “Garden of Auto’s”

This weeks customer grow review comes from ‘Garden of Autos’ who grew her Auto Cinderella Jack autoflower seed indoors in an airpot of soil. The full grow diary is here on Grow Diaries.

The Auto Cinderella Jack is a specially selected crossing from the highly rated Cinderella 99 and Jack Herer genetics, both noted for excellent stability, potency and ease of growth.

The auto genetics came from the Magnum genetic line which ensures harvest quantities are well above average. The main reason so many repeat growers choose this variety is potency. Yields are well above average, but it’s the strong, happy feel-good vape/smoke quality which the repeat growers love.

How to grow Auto Cinderella Jack

Indoor with LED

The Auto Cinderella Jack seed was germinated between some wet sheets of kitchen paper. After a week she was placed in her 10 litre air pot. The soil was BioBizz Light Mix, this has a low mineral content and a light aerated structure. This allows rapid growth and good levels of root oxygenation, but the grower does need to add extra nutrients as the plant grows.

The grower used some CalMag powder (Calcium and Magnesium supplement) and Root Explosion Powder from Big Plant Science. Many growers of autoflowering cannabis seeds use Calcium/Magnesium supplements, which are felt to help the plant cope with 20 hours of daily intense indoor light.

Which is the most suitable grow tent for Auto Cinderella Jack?

Like many modern cannabis growers, ‘Garden of Autos’ grows her cannabis in a standard 1.2 x 1.2m tent, the full set up is described below:

120x120x200cm Garden Hypro tent
– 1x Grow Northern Telos 0008 LED 240w
– 1 x Phresh Hyper Fan Silent 150mm with a controller
– 1x Bull filter 150mm
– 4x Garden Hypro clip fans (silent performance)
– 1x 10 liter Air-Pot
– Biobizz Light mix soil
– Biobizz grows, bloom, acti-vera, Canna Rhizotonic, Voodoo Juice, Carboload.

Auto Cinderella Jack plant in a pot

Get heavy side branches and bud production with Auto Cinderella Jack

Dutch Passion autoflower seeds grow with heavy side branching which allows for heavier final yields. Not all autoflowering cannabis seeds do this, there are still plenty of low quality and low yielding auto varieties out there. Remember to choose the best cannabis seeds from a seed company you can trust. The central bloom is usually taller and heavier than the other side blooms. But the side blooms can grow long and heavy, especially with intense light.

Some autoflower seed growers position supplemental lighting to the side of the plant, this really helps the bud production on the side branches. One other autoflower growing tip is to use low-stress training (‘LST’) to tie down some of the side branches.

If you are growing cannabis in air pots then it’s easy to do this.  Just tie the branches to some garden cord, and loop this through one of the holes in the side of the airpot. By tying down the side branches, extra light can penetrate to the lower bud points which allows better bud growth and heavier harvests.

Healthy roots make healthy autoflower cannabis plants

In this weeks Dutch Passion customer grow review, ‘Garden of Autos’ had all the right ingredients for a healthy cannabis root network. Use of airpots is a great foundation for cannabis root health, lots of cannabis growers use them with great results and wouldn’t switch back to a traditional growing container.

The use of a ‘light’ soil mix, such as a BioBizz or Plagron Light soil mix is another way to ensure that roots grow rapidly in an open and aerated grow medium. Some cannabis home growers feel that cannabis seeds grown in airpots of a light soil mix can grow at almost the same rate as cannabis seeds grown in coco fibre.

As the pictures show, the Auto Cinderella Jack grew rapidly and produced a large and productive cannabis plant. This was eventually harvested around 96 days after germination. That’s around 3 weeks longer than the average auto. But the grower’s patience was well rewarded with a heavy yielding home grew cannabis plant which was loaded with resin crusted buds and a high number of heavy side blooms.

Auto Cinderella Jack, the Autoflower seeds for potent home grown cannabis

Auto Cinderella Jack is a variety bred specifically for potency and high THC levels. It’s a variety that suits the serious home grower who is looking for an autoflowering seed variety which delivers stronger cannabis than average varieties.

If you are looking for a new high potency autoflowering cannabis seed variety then give Auto Cinderella Jack a try. You can buy your cannabis seeds online and you too can expect XL harvests of top quality home-grown cannabis.

Auto Cinderella Jack plant






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  • Christopher
    15/09/2020 21:07

    Getting everything ready for my first indoor grow. I have a full grow tent on the way. Already have my Cinderella Jack seeds. Thanks for the timely shipping!! The packaging box is very handy.

  • hello, I planted the Auto Cinderella Jack seed in an 8-liter air pot, used a light mix, mixed it with perlite, mycorrhiza, guano powder in the recommended ratio, easy roots, mycorrhizal mix, easy boost, all in recommended quantity. The first fertilization took place on day 24, only a small amount of fertilizer to grow. Further fertilization took place on day 33, only a small amount of fertilizer to grow and the recommended dose of fertilizer per flower. It is now day 34, the plant is 45 cm high and thrives. My question: how much and how often can I fertilize with flower fertilizer to maximize yields? I mixed the soil with guan at the very beginning, so I don’t want to overdo it.

    • You should be careful with adding your flower fertilizer because you already have a lot of nutrients in your soil. You can try to add half of the recommended dose which is given on the bottle to see how your plants respond to it. No white/yellow tips on your leafs? Than you can up the amount of nutrients to 3/4 of the advised amount.

      Hope this helps!

      Dutch Passion

  • Goeiemorgen dutch passion, Ik heb een kleine vraag welke airpods die hebben gebruikt 10l, 15l of 20l? Merci


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