Growing AutoBlueberry – the choice of the connoisseur

growing AutoBlueberry

What to expect when growing AutoBlueberry?
Dutch Passion AutoBlueberry was one of our first automatics and it remains a top-performing bestseller despite the subsequent arrival of some new high-performance Dutch Passion auto’s such as Think Different, StarRyder and AutoXtreme.

Our AutoBlueberry already has a loyal following of repeat growers who know just how good this variety is.  She has the same massive yield potential as our other auto’s, and combines that with a potent and particularly heavy indica-style stone.  AutoBlueberry aficionado’s will tell you that this is a variety best smoked in the evenings since the effect of this variety is sedating, cozy and comfortable. 

Afterwards you should get a very relaxed feeling and enjoy sinking into a sofa, perhaps with some fine food.  The remarkable photo’s in this weeks AutoBlueberry blog come from Seymour Buds, one of the original Autoflower/LED pioneers.  He grew this spectacular AutoBlueberry in deep-water-culture with LED lights. The original grow diary is courtesy of

growing AutoBlueberry
Auto Blueberry

Above, massive AutoBlueberry grown in deep-water-culture by Seymour Buds. The plant is growing in a 20 litre container

Growing AutoBlueberry – nice indica effects

You may not get too much done after sampling the delights of AutoBlueberry, and many growers report they get a great nights sleep afterwards.  If you are looking for an energetic day-time stash that will allow you to get things done then AutoBlueberry probably isn’t first on the list of varieties to consider. 

But if you are looking for an auto that will give you some top quality relaxation with a strong body stone then AutoBlueberry is definitely one you should have in your seed collection.

growing AutoBlueberry

Origins of Blueberry genetics

AutoBlueberry herself came from original Blueberry genetics from the Dutch Passion genebank.  Our genebank has an extensive collection of genetics which date back to our original work on Blueberry with DJ Short, the original breeder behind Blueberry. 

Dutch Passion worked closely with DJ to bring Blueberry into the European market and we are fortunate enough to retain all the original 1990’s genetics from that work.  It was those genetics that allow us to select authentic parents used in the creation of our AutoBlueberry. 

growing AutoBlueberry
Auto Blueberry

What to expect when growing AutoBlueberry?

AutoBlueberry typically grows from seed to harvest in around 10-11 weeks.  She will often show blue colourations in the buds near harvest, and especially if exposed to slightly cooler growroom/outdoor temperatures.  Yields can vary according to the grow conditions and the experience of the grower. 

Typical yields for the average home-grower are in the region of 50-75g.  But all Dutch Passion automatics are bred to have the genetic ability to deliver XXL yields in optimum conditions.  In this weeks grow diary we bring you a huge AutoBlueberry grown by the original LED/deep-water-culture automaster Seymour Buds, this grow shows you just how productive this variety really is.  If you can supply plenty of light this is a variety which can deliver 200g+ per plant. 

Hydroponic systems

Growers using hydroponic systems will often see the most rapid growth and the biggest yields.  But AutoBlueberry delivers top quality results for soil growers and coco-fibre growers too. Outdoor growers also report excellent results with AutoBlueberry.  

growing AutoBlueberry

For the very best yields we recommend growing AutoBlueberry in a SCROG (screen of green) system, this will allow each bud site to swell to optimum size and generate the typical fruity scented resin coating which has made this variety such a distinctive and sought-after member of the Dutch Passion collection. 

growing AutoBlueberry

Strong and robust variety

AutoBlueberry is a reliably strong and robust variety.  She is able to deliver decent harvests of great pot over a wide variety of conditions.  Whether you are a new grower hoping to get a few ounces of strong resinous weed with ‘average’ grow-room conditions. 

Or whether you are a highly experienced grower looking for the very best genetics which can be pushed for a 200g+ yield in a high performance growroom, Dutch Passion AutoBlueberry is a perfect choice.

growing AutoBlueberry

The following comments are from the grower, Seymour Buds

“Looking back over the grow and asking myself the question “what would i have done different”? my response would have to be to have given her the full grow space to herself and the full 600 watts of LED”

“I don’t even think I have pushed the boundaries to what is achievable with this strain and I put to rest all those rumours of the blueberry being a fussy eater and being hermie-prone etc, this girl has been the most easiest and tolerant plant to date, her pH always stayed bang on point where ever I set it and if it wasn’t for the collapse in the grow i would have been looking at an incredible yield although I’m still in for probably the best return seen from this strain”

“Her buds are rock solid and her aroma is really hashy with the distinctive blueberry mixed in, you can’t go wrong with this strain but definitely a night time smoke!”

growing AutoBlueberry
Branches bend due to heavy weighing buds


Thanks to Seymour Buds for allowing us to see how far AutoBlueberry can be pushed.  AutoBlueberry really is a top quality automatic variety with results on the same level as a top-class traditional variety. 

If you haven’t tried AutoBlueberry yet then wait no longer, she comes with the highest recommendations of the Dutch Passion team and the original AutoBlueberry is only available from us.  Enjoy!

Dutch Joe

Data table summary of grow AutoBlueberry

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