Cannabis and Lyme Disease medical grow review

Cannabis and Lyme Disease

This weeks indoor medical cannabis grow is about the use of cannabis and Lyme disease. ‘DB’  grew Dutch Passion CBD ComPassion, CBD Kush and Night Queen under LED light using Atami Light Soil, using 8 litre  felt pots and a SCROG net with 5cm holes.

Growing your own medical cannabis is the best way to guarantee you are getting exactly the right variety for you.  Whats more, you can guarantee it has been grown and harvested just the way you like it.

CBD Kush

CDB Kush and ComPassion are CBD-rich varieties, meaning that they contain 4% (or more) CBD in the dried buds.  CBD-rich varieties are becoming increasingly popular due to the slightly different effects of the cannabis, it is every bit as enjoyable and traditional THC-rich cannabis but with a stronger body effect.

CBD-rich varieties tend to be less psychoactive, meaning you get a less intense mental experience and a smoother, richer and equally enjoyable body stone.  More and more recreational cannabis users are finding that they also prefer the CBD-rich varieties, the anti-anxiety effects are often mentioned as one of the  main benefits.

CBD Kush

The following words and pictures are from Dirty Budster.  The original grow diary is here on the Autoflower Network.

“The plants were grown in a 60x60x120cm tent in 8 litre smart pots using Atami light mix. The LED is a GN MS0006 with full rebel upgrades, power draw of 180W.  The nutrients used are Canna rhizotonic root stimulator and Hesi veg and bloom nutrients. I also use Canna Mono Magnesium due to the fact that the water here is high in calcium which tends to lock out the magnesium.”

Night Queen


Cannabis and Lyme Disease comments

“I’m using cannabis to relieve the symptoms of Lyme disease, Bartonella and Babesia (two co-infections common in Lyme). The symptoms I’m dealing with are for example nausea, joint pain/stiffness, tense/stiff muscles, headaches, anxiety, general discomfort and restlessness.”

“I grew the Compassion because I was looking for relief during daytime without the couch-lock. I grew the CBD Kush for evening or night time use, I’ve grown it before and become very fond of it. The Night Queen is for evening use, I was looking for a heavy, stoney and couch-lock inducing strain.”

Night Queen

“It was a pretty straight forward grow. On day 35 of bloom (day 59 from seed) I saw a calcium deficiency developing on the CBD Kush so I added cal-mag to help out with it. Looking back the issue was rather that the leaves closest to the LED all developed calcium deficiency and adding cal-mag helped but did not stop the problem. I’ve realised that if you go below 30cm with this light calcium deficiency starts to develop, it also bleaches the top part of the bud.”

“I would definitely recommend the CBD Kush and the Compassion to anyone looking for a high CBD variety, for medicinal or recreational use. The Compassion as a daytime smoke and the CBD Kush for evening time.  I would also recommend the Night queen for anyone looking for a strong body buzz, heavy couch-lock and to aid sleep.”

Night Queen

CBD Kush.  The first thing you notice when you vape it is that there is not the initial head rush of a traditional strain. It comes on a bit slower and more like a wave of relaxation. In smaller amounts it’s like being stoned from the neck down. It nicely relaxes the body without too much impairment so it lets you go about your day. In larger amounts you start to notice the high a bit more. Again, it has that relaxing anti-anxiety effect but you start to notice more head effects. One thing which is nice about it is that you still get a euphoric uplifting effect, giggles included. I also find that it releases the tension and stress in my muscles and I can literally feel my shoulders drop when it starts to kick in. Compared to the previous plants I grew this one was extra heavy in resin with loads of trichomes all over. It also ended up being a more potent smoke than from previous grows.

The smell is sweet and fruity/candy-like. Not the strongest smell but very nice. “


Compassion.  The high is clear and heady, quite subtle at first and then a very relaxing body feeling. It works great to relieve the tension and stiffness without that couch-lock indica feel. I was looking for a day time strain in the Compassion and I think I found it. I have tried sativas in the past and found that they would normally make my heart race and I would feel anxious/paranoid. With the Compassion that has not been an issue at all. It’s uplifting and energetic without the raciness. Another advantage is that it’s not as munchies inducing as the indicas I normally use, perfect for a wake and bake.

While it was growing the smell reminded me of Worcester sauce. After a two week cure the smell and taste were still pretty green. A few more weeks of cure took care of that and the final product has a very distinctive smell that I can’t quite put my finger on. It’s earthy with a floral hint.   The Compassion stretched significantly more than the others – to be expected from a sativa I guess. In retrospect I should have kept training it under the screen a few days to a week longer than the indicas as in the end it got a bit too close to the LED.”

Night Queen.  Body buzz, that’s the first thing that comes to mind to describe this strain. It’s also the first sensation to hit you after a couple of hits. The high is very narcotic and creeps up on you. First you get the body stone and then your mind starts to feel stoney as well. The couch-lock is very pronounced and I would say sofa glue is a fair name for it 🙂 It takes a bit of effort to get up from the couch so it’s definitely a night-time only strain for me. It does help wonderfully with sleep and easing any tension or pain in the muscles. I grew this strain particularly as a night-time smoke and I wanted the heaviest possible indica effect and the Night Queen fits the bill perfectly.

It has a fruity smell with a slightly earthy undertone.”

“The final yield for the different plants was: CBD Kush 60.8g, Night Queen 50.4g and Compassion 47.7g”

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  • Yolonda Hudas
    01/03/2020 00:09

    CBD could possibly have rewarding outcomes upon pimples due toward its anti-inflammatory characteristics and its energy in the direction of manage the overproduction of sebum in opposition to the sebaceous glands.


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