AutoFem ‘s Growers guide for beginners

AutoFem ‘s Growers guide

When AutoFem marijuana varieties first appeared many were disappointed with poor yields and the potency of the weed – which was medium strength at best. But over the last couple of years the best AutoFem varieties have changed out of all recognition.

Today AutoFem’s are delivering some amazing results especially for indoor growers.  The unique ability of AutoFem’s to use 20 hours of daily light has allowed some remarkable yields.  Thanks to refinements made to the breeding process the potency of the best AutoFem levels are now indistinguishable from traditional varieties.

70-Day strains AutoFem ‘s

Plenty of growers who have never grown AutoFem seeds before are now realising the benefits of these 70-day strains which allow an early summer crop for the outdoor/greenhouse growers and a fast production method with great yield potential for indoor growers.

If you have never grown AutoFem’s before, then this blog will explain all the main things you will need to know to get a great crop.

AutoFem’s – Indoors, outdoors or greenhouse?

AutoFem’s have been grown with great results in every location you can imagine.  In the Northern hemisphere they delivered decent harvests of quality pot in locations such as Scandinavia, Northern Russia and Canada.  In some of these locations growing AutoFem’s is the only alternative to indoor growing due to the short growing season.

Greenhouses growers like AutoFem’s as they take only 10 weeks, and often stay around (or below) a metre tall, making them both a fast and easy-to-hide crop.  In good conditions AutoFem’s can get over 1m tall.

Indoor growers get the biggest yields from AutoFem’s as they can take full advantage of the ability of AutoFem’s to absorb 20 hours of light each day.  We have seen numerous AutoFems deliver over 150g indoors, and the best growers have produced incredible specimens indoors.

How do Auto’s feed compared to traditional varieties?

In hydro, Auto’s seem to do well on ‘veg’ nutrients for the first 3 or so weeks.  After that they like flowering nutrients all the way through to the end of their 10 week life.  Think Different has been known to take nutrient ec of 1.6 whereas AutoMazar has been a lighter feeder at ec1.0.

In soil Auto’s may need flowering supplements near the end of their life depending on the size of the original container.  As with traditional marijuana varieties, the AutoFem’s should be flushed (fed with pure water) for the last week or so to obtain the best tasting bud.

Whilst Auto’s will survive in smaller plant pots, they will of course thrive given good quality soil and large containers.  Auto’s will also give good results planted directly into quality, fertilised garden soil for outdoor growers, remember that the more direct sun they receive the better the yield.

What is the main benefit of AutoFem’s?

Everyone has a slightly different answer! The outdoor or greenhouse grower will tell you that the chance to get a first harvest in before the summer is a real Think Different, hydro grow indoors under LED bonus.  Growers in extreme northern latitudes will tell you that Auto’s are their only outdoor option.

Indoor growers are beginning to say that AutoFem’s are a faster and more productive alternative to growing from clones.  People that have never grown their own pot before have grown some AutoFem’s behind the roses in their garden and have had a great crop without anyone knowing!

How good is the quality of the marijuana from AutoFem’s?

The first generation of AutoFem’s gave medium strength pot.  Nowadays the best seeds will give you pot which is so good that you could not tell it apart from traditionally grown marijuana.  Licensed growers of medical marijuana will tell you that their patients can’t tell the difference between marijuana from traditional varieties and AutoFem’s.  AutoFem’s really have improved that much.

Here at Dutch Passion we have seen AutoFems go from curiosities to genuine best sellers in just a few years.  Our highest profile AutoFem’s are Think Different, AutoBlueberry and AutoMazar.  These are outselling some of our most popular traditional varieties.  But all of our earlier AutoFem’s (SnowStorm #2, Taiga, Tundra and PolarLight #2) have now been improved to just the same standard as our best sellers.

AutoFem yield optimisation

Everything we learned about AutoFem yield optimisation and growth potential has been put to good effect with the improved Taiga, Tundra, Polar Light #2 and SnowStorm#2.  And we continue to work really hard on future AutoFem’s – there are some real treats in store for the AutoFem fans, and we hope to have perhaps one more new variety in 2012.

So keep checking our weekly blog for the latest news. If you are new to AutoFem’s there is a lot you have been missing out on.  They are better than ever and are really worth checking out in 2012.    If you have never grown your own marijuana before then AutoFem’s have made it quicker and simpler than you ever imagined.

Even if you plant AutoFem seeds in very small containers and put them near your window you will still get some decent quality weed, even if it isn’t the large quantities which can be achieved in optimum conditions.  Different AutoFem varieties will have different average sizes.

Good soil with warm wether

The bigger AutoFem’s grown in large containers in optimized conditions may take a little more time, but will produce more pot than smaller plants grown in smaller containers.

The following pictures showed some AutoMazar planted by a hobby urban grower in tiny pots, but the plants delivered some potent buds at the end.  AutoFem’s are definitely a fast, easy and convenient way to grow your own weed.

Perhaps the simplest way to start is to plant them outdoors in good soil when the weather gets warm and wait 70 days.  If you can dig plenty of quality compost into the soil and get a sunny location then even a new grower could be looking at a harvest of 50-100 grams of quality marijuana, maybe even more in Mediterranean climates.

Seeds available @ Dutch Passion

If you are an experienced grower then even higher yields are now easily achievable, especially indoors.  3 seeds will cost you around €25. What are you waiting for?

Dutch Joe

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