Auto Cinderella Jack 25% THC organic harvest report

Auto Cinderella Jack extreme high thc autoflower cannabis seeds grow review by antonio

Auto Cinderella Jack hit the headlines when she became the first Dutch Passion autoflower to exceed 25% THC levels in independent laboratory tests. She became an overnight customer favourite with many repeat buyers claiming never to have experienced these extreme potency levels on such an easy-to-grow autoflower strain.

Yields are heavy, the taste is rich and satisfying, the effects have to be felt to be believed! Auto Cinderella Jack seeds are easy to grow across a wide range of conditions. This only increases her appeal to quality conscious growers. If you’re looking for one of the best ever autoflower strains then Auto Cinderella Jack has it all.

In around 11 weeks you can grow genuine cannabis cup winning buds of your own. This week’s grow review comes from the Urban Growers Collective, pictures from Antonio.

Auto Cinderella Jack indoor organic grow review

Grow Details

Variety Auto Cinderella Jack
Cannabis seed type Autoflowering cannabis seeds
Number of seeds 14
Date of germination Summer 2019
Germination rate 100%
Days required for germination 4 days
Life cycle 20 hours of daily light, 12 week life cycle
Stretch during bloom Compact autoflowers, medium stretch/size
Auto Cinderella Jack grow review extreme thc autoflower cannabis seeds grow review

Basic Grow Information

Grow room type Growtent
Grow room size 120cm x 60cm, about 0.7m2
Plant containers 14 plants in 4 litre containers
Grow medium Coco fibre:Light mix soil in a 4:1 ratio
Nutrients BioTabs full line with PK boost
Grow system Watered by hand / run off Danish table
Grow technique Natural grow
Grow light SolarSystem 550 (400W max power draw). Used on max 75% of full power (i.e. around 300W total power draw)
Light distance to canopy Around 40-70cm average in bloom

Auto Cinderella Jack seeds germinated and started

Remarks during germination :

A total of 14 cannabis seeds were germinated with the cotton pad germination technique. We had a 100% germination rate as always. The plants were pre-grown for 1,5 weeks in Eazy Plugs. These small plugs/containers are made of natural materials and very suitable for the germination of seeds or for the rooting of clones. All 14 plants were transplanted into 4L containers after about 1,5 week.

Auto Cinderella Jack autoflower cannabis seedlings veg growth indoor grow

Best way to germinate cannabis seeds, the moist cotton pad method

Remarks during vegetative phase – VEG (20/4 entire cycle) :

During the first 3 weeks of VEG there were only small differences between the plants. Most of them seemed pretty homogenous and there were only 2 plants that seemed a bit smaller.

On the other hand, there was only 1 plant that seemed to be growing faster and bigger than the others. And there was one plant with a leaf deformity (the plant in the top right corner).

She had white/grey stripes and spots on most of the leaves. Something we have seen before and not something we worried too much about. You often notice that as the plants matures these spots eventually become less present and might even disappear in new growth. The same happened with this lady, a few weeks later and most of the new growth looked normal again.

A few days later the plants were looking pretty much the same, with similar leaf and plant shapes. They have a nice hybrid leaf structure in which you can clearly see both the influences of Sativa and Indica genetics.

Most of the plants were already as wide as the pots, except for the smallest two. The Auto Cinderella Jack’s had now grown for 4 weeks in total on a 20/4 light schedule from the start.

Auto Cinderella autoflower cannabis seeds vegetative phase indoor grown autoflowering plants

As the plants matured, we decided to increase the light level with the SolarSystem 550 (‘SS550’) LED grow light. It’s easy to give your autoflowers too much light from the start, which can cause severe stress and stunted growth.

You can either lower or raise the LED grow light to decrease or increase the light levels. Or you can use a dimmer/controller to adjust the intensity. The controller of the SS550 makes it easy to change the light levels as well as the spectrum. It is usually beneficial to use more blue light in vegetative growth and more red light during flowering. The plants tend to stay bushier and stockier if they receive more blue light.

This can be useful during the first few weeks. We kept Red light levels low and used Red (25% of full power), White (50% of full power) and Blue (75% of full power) spectrum up until the 4th week. Once the plants were a bit older and well established, we changed the spectrum to 50% Red, 75% White, 99% Blue for the next few weeks.

Auto Cinderella Jack plants extreme high thc autoflower cannabis weed ganja potent strong stable genetics

At the start of week 6 most of the plants were showing signs of flowering and we knew this was the time they would probably start stretching a bit more. We changed the light spectrum again so it would be more Red dominant.

The spectrum we used was 75% Red,  75% White,  75% Blue. About 200w of the total potential power of the SolarSystem 550 uses Red diodes. So when the Red light is on full power (“99%”) about 200w is used just on the red diodes. Both Blue and White have roughly 100watts each. Using 75% of the 200w of red light, together with 75% of the 100w of Blue and 75% of the 100W of available white light, results in a power usage of about 300w in total.

This is what we used for the rest of the grow up until the last few days where we used a Blue Light Treatment in order to increase the terpene levels. This is explained in more detail later, but in simple terms only blue light is given at the very end of bloom.

Auto Cinderella Jack under led growlights solarsystem 550 california lightworks

Auto Cinderella Jack in bloom, taking THC levels to the max!

One week later, all the plants were filled with white haired flowers. Most of them became very compact, staying roughly 40-60cm in height. There was one plant that became a bit bigger with a thick stem and slightly bigger fan leaves.

It was time to pluck some leaves to make the canopy more breathable. This is smart to do in order to increase the light falling on the lower bud sites as well as improving the supply of oxygen that subsequently flows more easily through the canopy. Lolly-popping (removing lower branches) is another smart growing technique to use that can help you improve yields. Removing excess leaves reduces the risk of dead leaves within the canopy which can eventually increase the risk of bud rot or fungus.

Auto Cinderella Jack early flowering led grown purple spectrum ss550 autoflowering cannabis seeds

We noticed we had some thrip pests in after around 7-8 weeks and we chose to buy some natural predators to take care of them. We always grow organically, and the use of pesticides is something we never advise. There are many natural ways to get rid of unwanted bugs/pests, you keep your buds clean without any chemical residue.

Two weeks later and the buds started to fatten up and they all became very frosty. We knew these buds would become potent AF. The plants suffered only a bit from the thrips, and we were happy to see the natural predators do what we bought them for, that was to kill all those bastards sucking the life out of our plants!

Auto Cinderella Jack autoflower cannabis seeds bud frosty resinous budshot

Another 2 more weeks and the plants were almost ready to chop. We started flushing them around that point and you could see some nice autumn fade kicking in. The plants were looking very healthy and the aroma was simply amazing. When you rub the flowers during late flowering you are welcomed by a fruity, piney scent that is simply amazing. You can easily identify the Jack Herer aroma in this cross. It’s a very pungent scent!

Auto Cinderella Jack extreme thc autoflower cannabis seeds budshots feminized autoflowering plant

Most buds looked very resinous and they only had a few leaves in the main cola. This was probably going to be an easy trim. We left them for another week before chopping them. In total they took around 12 weeks from seed to harvest. During the last few days, we chose to use the Blue Light Treatment. We read about this in several articles, which suggested that exposure to only blue light at the end of bloom could improve the terpene levels in cannabis. The SS550 was put on 0% Red, 0% White and 99% Blue (max) for about 3-4 days at the end of bloom.

To be honest there weren’t any big differences between the plants, some might be a bit more piney or fruity than the others but in terms of size, leaf/plant structure, bud structure and potency levels there wasn’t much to complain about. Every bud was veiled in a thick layer of trichomes and very sticky, just touch them once and your fingers would become covered with smelly resin. Some phenotypes had a really fruity aroma with hints of citrus, oranges and pineapple. Pretty amazing!

Auto Cinderella Jack ready to harvest ripe frosty white extreme thc cannabis bud

Harvest report for Auto Cinderella Jack

Final Height in cm:

Most plants were compact and medium in size. On average they reached around 40-55cm. With one bigger plant that became around 60-65cm. Not bad for the small pots they were all grown in. A perfect plant for a SOG with compact and good-sized main blooms.

Growing cannabis with the SOG method (Sea of Green)

Calyx-leaf ratio (Easy trim/yes or no):

Yes, they had a good calyx-to-leaf ratio. The buds definitely have a hybrid appearance, a good combination of Sativa and Indica. Some might foxtail but also these become quite dense and compact. Easy trimming guaranteed.

Quality (Resin/Smell/Compactness) :

Top-notch quality! Both the aroma and the taste are incredibly loud! Very nice terps on this lady. See it as a citrus fruit infused Jack Herer, the mix of fruity oranges and herbal pine tones typifies Auto Cinderella Jack. All this with a potency level that will surely get you flying as high as a kite. The buds simply look amazing too.

Bag appeal is great, very frosty nuggets with a light green/yellow colour and light orange pistils. The buds are not round shaped but very hybrid-looking, some might look a bit more like a Sativa dominant flower but not fluffy at all! The buds are very dense and compact, so even the smaller buds will still put down quite some weight on the scales.

Auto Cinderella Jack extreme thc rich autoflower cannabis seeds dried flower macro

Auto Cinderella Jack yield and quality report


Very solid yield, on average the plants yielded about 28g each. Resulting in a grow with 390g of dried buds. Almost 400g from 14 plants in 4L pots in a 0.72m2 grow area is pretty good! This is really a solid result knowing we used a maximum 300watts during the entire grow. And with this level of quality the buds definitely go a long way. A normal sized joint is enough to share and smoke with a few friends.

Auto Cinderella Jack big bud indoor grown organic weed extreme thc autoflower cannabis genetics

Remarks after curing:

These hybrid buds really smell amazing, after a good cure they still smell roughly the same as the freshly dried nugs. Mostly fruity tones mixed with pine, you can smell hints of lemon, oranges, tangerines accompanied by some piney, woody herbal tones. And what a great smoke! You can taste the zestier terps on the inhale and the more piney, peppery tones on the exhale. The effect is pretty damn powerful! Mostly a hybrid effect with both physical and mental properties. It starts with a euphoric up-high and creeps into a more sedative body effect. Smoke some more and it can wipe out your day. A lovely strain, highly suitable for connoisseurs.

Auto Cinderella Jack grow report extreme thc autoflower cannabis seeds


Aroma ★★★★★ (5 stars)
Taste ★★★★½ (4,5 stars)
Effect ★★★★½ (4,5 stars)
Bag appeal ★★★★½ (4,5 stars)
Overall rating ★★★★½ (4,5 stars)

Overall rating (5 star rating) : 4.5

Auto Cinderella Jack was one of the best and tastiest autoflowers we have ever grown. It’s the perfect combination of terpenes & potency, with that exceptional bag appeal it is almost close to perfect!

Special Remarks on growing Auto Cinderella Jack seeds

This grow with Auto Cinderella Jack was as easy as a walk in the park. These are very strong genetics that are super easy to grow. They all grew strongly by themselves, even the one that seemed to have some leaf issues from the start produced a solid plant with nicely looking buds. Overall, just a very high-quality strain, the buds are super frosty and dense. It’s a stunning looker! In addition to the good looks she has a high potency level as well as amazingly pungent terps. It’s probably the best autoflower we have grown so far and the buds really come close to perfect.

We got the info back from Dutch Passion that our best sample reached 25,94% THC and a few others were well in the 20% range too. This really doesn’t surprise us. A small joint of the most beautiful looking buds was strong enough for the most experienced smokers in our collective to become properly baked.

This is a must have for growers and smokers that are looking for something that can knock you out! And her super reliable and stable variety in autoflower form, so anyone, anywhere can grow it!

Auto Cinderella Jack flower nugshot after harvest resinous strong powerful effect

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