BioTabs cannabis nutrient feeding guide

BioTabs nutrient feeding strategy for cannabis

Over 3 decades experience selling cannabis seeds has shown Dutch Passion that perhaps the most common error by cannabis growers is over/under feeding their plants with mineral nutrients. The result is restricted growth with under feeding or stunted growth (with ‘burnt’ leaf tips) when over-feeding.

In both cases harvest size and quality are reduced. If that sounds like a familiar issue in your grow room then you may be relieved to know that slow-release organic nutrients such as those from the market leader (BioTabs) are the easiest way to keep your plants in the nutrient ‘sweet-spot’ (without over or under feeding).

Many growers have seen their grow room results completely transformed once they replaced their traditional nutrient regime with slow release organic BioTabs.

Growing cannabis the organic way with BioTabs

Biotabs special soil quality

The main advantage of slow-release organic nutrients is that their nutrients are slowly released over the period of your grow, providing a steady stream of nutrition. Cannabis macro nutrients and micro nutrients are included to ensure your plants don’t see any nutrient/mineral deficiencies. BioTabs contain many beneficial microbes and fungi that naturally improve soil health.

Over a controlled period, the organic nutrients are broken down naturally and at a controlled rate which matches your plants nutritional needs. This frees the grower from the burden of accurate dosing using their traditional mineral nutrients. Instead, all you need to do is add water and leave the difficult work to the BioTabs. What could be simpler? You won’t need to worry about pH and E.C. again!

Growers that hate seeing brown, burnt leaf tips from over-feeding will find slow-release BioTabs permanently remove that pain. Cannabis plants thrive with great vigour when given optimised nutrition, allowing new levels of quality/potency and maximised harvest quantities.

If you find cannabis cultivation a little more demanding and complicated than you would like, and if mineral nutrients have tested your patience from time to time, then BioTabs can completely transform your grow experience.

BioTabs “classic strategy” nutrient feeding guide

BioTabs “classic strategy” nutrient feeding chart

In most cases, even for experienced growers, BioTabs deliver superior consistency by reducing complexity and giving you a wider grow latitude. The various BioTabs slow-release additives are mixed into the grow soil or coco fibre (they are not suitable for those growing with cannabis hydroponics, due to risk of pipeline blockages). When the grow starts, the grower simply has to add water when required.

The only time you may need to give additional nutrients is in late/middle bloom. Often all that is required (if anything at all) is a touch of bloom nutrients in late flowering if the plants seem hungry. This can be done with the Bio PK or a PK enriched booster tea.

It’s important to add that slow-release organic feeding using BioTabs isn’t merely an option for the anxious rookie grower. Plenty of expert growers have reached connoisseur quality levels in their harvested buds because they switched to BioTabs.

The costs of BioTabs are similar to those of traditional mineral nutrients, but their ease-of-use is dramatically superior. Once a grower has experienced the simplicity of growing with BioTabs, few switch back to mineral nutrients.

BioTabs have decades of experience with slow-release organic nutrients. Their current product line-up has never been better and benefits from a complete range of organic additives that are proven to give a controlled continual release of nutrients and beneficial microbes into your soil.

If you find mineral nutrient usage leaves you on a permanent knife-edge between over/under feeding then now could be time to consider slow-release organics.

Here’s a quick look at the BioTabs range and how to use them:

Startrex An initial soil conditioner with organic nutrients and beneficial bacteria.
Mycotrex A concentrated shot of 9 different beneficial soil fungi.
BioTabs Slow-release fertiliser tablets which you bury in the grow medium.
Bactrex Beneficial soil bacteria with Trichoderma genus mold soil microbes, which help convert organic matter into a steady stream of nutrients.
Orgatrex Organic liquid fertiliser with a 5:1:5 NPK ratio.

Slow-release BioTabs: autoflower seeds vs photoperiod feminised seeds.

You can grow autoflowering cannabis seeds or photoperiod feminised seeds using BioTabs. The slow-release nature of the nutrient delivery is equally suited to growing either form of cannabis seed.

BioTabs “just add water strategy” nutrient feeding guide

BioTabs “just add water strategy” nutrient feeding chart

The BioTabs organic grow manual explains the simple process of how to use slow-release organic nutrients. The beauty of BioTabs lies in the simplicity and the lack of scope to over/under feed your cannabis plants. The result is perhaps the widest-latitude grow system available. Follow the recipe and you really can’t spoil your grow by yoyo-ing between over-fed and under-fed plants.

BioTabs always provide thorough technical information about each of their products. Here are some bonus tips for those keen to move away from mineral nutrients to the easier BioTabs approach.

With an NPK ratio of 4-3-3, Silicium Flash is a quick release fertiliser and soil improver. This is often used by more experienced BioTab users with quick-release nutrients should they ever be required. But it also contains slow-release nutrients which will continue to deliver Silicon, Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium.

Silicium Flash can be used sparingly when preparing the growing medium or for treating nutrient deficiencies. Silicium Flash increases the plant’s resistance to heat, drought, pests and disease/pathogens. It works by boosting nutrient absorption – producing stronger plants with higher yields.

Silicium Flash can be added near the plant stem (create a small depression and add 25g, covering with soil). For mother plants, add 100g to the soil and repeat every 2 months or so. Silicium flash can be sprinkled on the surface soil as a ‘top dressing’ or in small holes near the stem.

BioTabs supplements to consider for cannabis

Biotabs special soil quality

Although not strictly necessary, BioTabs have expanded their product range for the organic cannabis grower who wants some additional options.

Boom Boom Spray is a foliar feed liquid solution with 100% organic, vegan, natural amino acids, peptides, glucosides & minerals. It gives a nitrogen boost to produce dark green leaves and can be especially useful in vegetative growth.

5mls is diluted in 1 litre of water and sprayed onto your plants. When using indoors, spray the plants until they are dripping wet. Ideally, do this just after the lights go on.

For outdoor use, spray the plants early in the morning.

  • Mother plants. Spray 2 days before you take cuttings.
  • Cuttings. Spray two days after they are rooted.
  • Changing pots. Spray the plants immediately after they are transplanted.
  • Production plants. Spray the plants once during the growth period and if necessary, during week 1 & week 2 of bloom.
  • Stressed plants. Spray plants once and if necessary, repeat once more after 5 days.

Boom Boom Spray is effective after 2 hours. Once a solution has been prepared, use within 6 hours. It contains 45% Organic Matter, 5% Organic Nitrogen (N), 30% Soluble Peptides & Plant Amino Acids and 10% Glucides.

Best cannabis plants grown with BioTabs

The Ultimate feminised cannabis seeds grow report Antonio Fernando SCROG LED SANlight

The two most common errors seen with cannabis cultivation, especially by less experienced growers are over watering and over/under feeding their plants. Both result in sub-optimised growth and harvests. Many love growing their preferred cannabis strains at home but find the process is made unnecessarily complicated by the narrow working margins offered by traditional mineral nutrients.

If that sounds familiar then it could be time to consider a much easier, and similarly priced, alternative to mineral nutrients – BioTabs. Numerous growers have taken their home-grown results to the next level simply by swapping their traditional mineral nutrients for BioTabs.

BioTabs keep your cannabis plants in the nutrient sweet spot allowing you to reach the full genetic potential of your cannabis seeds. That means yields and quality levels right where they should be – maximised. The following grow review of The Ultimate (one of Dutch Passions highest yielding photoperiod feminised seeds) gave a 600g dry yield from 5 plants grown under a total of 420W of SANlight LED using BioTabs. Check it out to see the incredible results on offer with BioTabs slow-release organic nutrients.

Indoor LED grow review of ‘The Ultimate’ with BioTabs with the SCROG method

BioTabs nutrients FAQ

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