Feminized autoflower seeds

THC rich buds from Dutch Passion

Auto Colorado Cookies is one of the best indica autoflower varieties which combines heavy yields with a strong high. It’s a quality autoflower seed variety, with parent genetics coming from a special Blueberry crossed with a Girl Scouts Cookie.

The Girl Scout Cookie was from Colorado, an exceptionally strong plant with high THC levels and a sweet tropical mango fruitiness. The result has very good yields as well as the expected strong smoke/vape quality.

Like many of the best autoflowering cannabis varieties this is an easy auto to grow in any grow medium. Just set the light timer for 20 hours of daily light and watch the plant grow and bloom. Experienced growers will find it easy to get a heavy harvest of good quality cannabis from these autoflower seeds. 

High THC levels

This weeks grow comes from Mrs Willy on The Green Circle growers forum, a friendly online growing community. They were planted in soil containers under a 600W HPS after initially starting under a 400W HPS. Growth seemed slow at first, but indica dominant autoflower seeds rarely produce tall, fast growing plants. Instead the genetics tend to grow slowly above ground, with rapid root growth below ground for the first 3 weeks. 

Auto Colorado Cookies usually stay around 75cm high, occasionally taller. Much of the vertical stretch comes from week 3/4 onwards. Many of the varieties bred with Blueberry genetics show strong side branching, and Auto Colorado Cookies is no exception It’s an autoflowering seed variety with an XL yield potential.

Auto Colorado Cookies tips

One of the main tips is to provide plenty of intense light especially during the last 5-6 weeks. Use 20 hours of daily light for best results, followed by 4 hours of darkness, which is the same light regime used by Mrs Willy on this weeks grow.

Even the lower branches on Auto Colorado Cookies can produce plenty of buds if they get enough light. The 600W HPS penetrated deep into the auto plants. helping to produce a good harvest.

Another technique is to tie down the branches using string, this opens up the inner buds to much more light than they would normally expect and helps to maximise final harvest.

THC rich buds and XL yields

Usually they are ready to harvest around 75 days after germinating the seeds. Some plants benefit from being left another week or two, especially if they are still swelling and producing lots of white hairs (pistils) around day 75. These plants are usually the heaviest yielding and are worth waiting for.

Auto Colorado Cookies: Easy cannabis grow

The 600W HPS did a great job, the Auto Colorado Cookies grew well in their soil substrate and produced plenty of sticky buds and some fat blooms. This is a variety popular with fans of cannabis  concentrates, these days a good quality auto can produce plenty of BHO, shatter, cannabis oil or hash. 

By the end of the grow several good sized jars had been filled and the grower had produced a great quality home grown harvest from his autoflower seeds. Some of the leaves on the autos did look old and pale at the end of the grow, but that is quite normal after 20 hours of daily light.

If you are looking for some quality autoflower seeds which are easy to grow, then buy some Auto Colorado Cookies seeds online from Dutch Passion.

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