Auto Daiquiri Lime indoor grow review under 600W HPS grow light

Auto Daiquiri Lime is a sativa dominant autoflowering strain. The genetics come from an autoflowering cross of original Californian Orange with USA Sour Diesel. THC levels are very high and this strain is a member of the cannabis cup winning USA Special Cannabis seed collection.

This autoflower strain is easy to grow and like the rest of the USA seed collection you can expect XL yields with an intensely powerful smoke and an uplifting effect. If you enjoy connoisseur flavours of citrus fruits layered with a thick fuel/diesel taste then this is the strain for you!

The grow review come from Nordin of the Urban Growers Collective with pictures from Antonio_CC.

Auto Daiquiri Lime indoor grow report

The Auto Daiquiri Lime seeds were grown indoors under typical grow room conditions.

VarietyAuto Daiquiri Lime
Cannabis seed typeAutoflowering cannabis seeds
Germinated seeds5
Germination dateWinter 2016
Germination rate100%
Germination time3 days
Light cycle18 hours of daily light
Length of grow cycle12-14 weeks seed to harvest
Stretch level during bloomMedium/large stretch
Auto Daiquiri Lime seedlings in Lightmix soil and coco fibre
Grow room typeIndoor grow tent
Grow room size120cm x 120cm
Number of plants5 plants.
Plant containers, size & typeTwo plants were in big airpots of 30L.
The other three in 7 gallon Rootpouches
Type of soil/mediumLightmix soil and coco fibre
NutrientsOrganic grow, BAC nutrients
Grow SystemHand watered in soil/coco
Grow TechniquePlants allowed to grow naturally
Lighting600W HPS light
Light Distance75-125 cm

Auto Daiquiri Lime grow observations

Auto Daiquiri Lime seeds are easy to grow in a range of conditions and grow mediums. The ease of growth makes her ideal for beginners. But the high quality genetics produce top-shelf results and  are often the choice of repeat growers seeking to combine the deliciously enjoyable taste/high with the very heavy yields on offer. Here are some observations made by Nordin during the grow.

Auto Daiquiri Lime seeds are easy to grow in a range of conditions and grow mediums

Remarks during germination :
5 seeds were germinated and took 3 days to germinate. The germination rate was 100% and all 5 of them were put in small 0.25L containers and pre-grown under standard TCL-lights of 2x 55watt. They stayed in here for about 1.5-2 weeks.

Remarks during vegetative phase – VEG (18/6 light) :
Within 2 weeks the plants were transplanted into their final containers which were a mix of 2 Airpots and 3 Rootpouches. There were some issues with the lights being too close at start, the transformation from a small TCL light to a strong HPS didn’t seem to suit them very well.

The plants were drooping a bit and the leafs were curled inwards. As soon as I noticed that this was an issue, I increased the light distance to about 125cm and I was glad to see that it helped.

The leaves responded by pointing upwards again and the young plants started to grow again. During early veg, 3 out of the 5 plants were showing quite a unique leaf structure with sharp serrated leaves, which was pretty cool to see. The plants first grew in a rather bushy way with a lot of lateral side growth.

I suspected this could have something to do with the power of the 600w HPS when it was being used on 18/6 for these young plants. Unfortunately, this was a rather old HPS light so it didn’t have a dimmer or a boost function.

After a few weeks the plants really started to grow vertically as well. There were a few different phenotypes to be discovered. One plant was rather small. One stayed very bushy. Two of them looked quite similar and started to grow both vertically as well as horizontally. The 5th plant was the biggest one, she was already at least 20-25cm bigger than the others, and she was the slowest flowering plant of the batch.

The Sativa heritage became more evident as soon as they really started to grow and flower at the same time. The leaf structure slightly changed and the stretch that was seen belonged more to a Sativa dominant hybrid than to that of an Indica. A few of them started to look like little Christmas trees which was very cool to see!

I didn’t use any growing techniques and let them grow naturally, mainly because I felt the plants had a bit of a rough start during their first week of transitioning to the new grow room and I didn’t want to keep them short. There was enough room for them to grow.

Remarks during Flowering period – Bloom :
Most of the plants became pretty leggy and stretchy. The leaf fingers were pretty thin and with these phenotypes the light shines through the canopy from top to bottom. I personally loved these Sativa dominant pheno’s! There were 2 others that stayed pretty bushy and they got pretty chunky flowers. These had a more hybrid bud style. Long and big, but a little more compact.

In my opinion the ones with the most Sativa genes had a perfect stature, long buds, not a lot of leaves, and a high potency level. The elongated buds were filled with white hairs and when I rubbed them they had a great sour zesty aroma. Even during early flowering I had a hunch that these would become pretty special at the end.

When flowering progressed the buds became larger and larger. Most of them were pretty stacked and these long buds felt like they had quite some weight on them. The most Sativa dominant ones were slightly foxtailing and had beautiful bud sites, not completely stacked but still the branches were filled with a lot of flowers.

The biggest plant became really big, around 130-145cm. I had to bend/supercrop the main top in order to not let her get hurt by the warm HPS light. This plant actually became a bit too big for the room and because of the strong HPS light I couldn’t keep a distance that was enough for her not to get hurt. She suffered from light-burn and heat-stress unfortunately.

The others didn’t have these problems, they reached between 75-125cm tall, with only the tops of the biggest plants showing some minor light/heat stress on the leaves. There were no burned white tips in the flowers luckily.

The smallest plant probably suffered a bit from the light stress in early VEG and she just couldn’t keep up with the other 4. In the end all of the plants really had a great aroma. Most of them leaned towards the sour, zesty citrus side.

Some of them had a pungent diesel aroma. I personally love these pheno’s, that sour gassy terpene profile is just amazing to smell! Most of the plants were ready after about 12 weeks, but the longest flowering pheno (and biggest plant) took another 2 weeks to finish. I didn’t make any pictures of her because she became pretty damaged because of the strong HPS light. She was pretty big and chunky, even had trouble putting her on camera if I wanted to. But I decided it was not worth taking pictures in that state.

In the end I learned a lot about growing auto’s with a powerful HPS light, the heat and the light stress. If the plants get too close it really can have quite a negative impact on their overall health.

Auto Daiquiri Lime harvest report

Final height in cm :
As previously mentioned, most plants were between 75-125 cm in height which is pretty big for an auto. However the biggest one became around 140cm in height, even when the main bud was supercropped once. I feel I have done a few things wrong during this grow, and if everything went well, I might have had even bigger and wider auto’s.

I think that this strain is definitely one of the bigger autoflowers I have had in my life. Maybe they could all have become 125-150cm if they hadn’t experienced that stress during the beginning of their lifecycle. Might be an interesting autoflower to do in a SCROG, or use other growing techniques to keep her height in check.

Calyx-leaf ratio (Easy trim/yes or no) :
All the phenotypes were pretty easy to trim. The most Sativa dominant ones only had thin leaves and could be plucked by hand. The others had very big buds and just a few small leaves inside. These needed a bit more time to manicure, although I wouldn’t really call them time consuming either.

Auto Daiquiri Lime smells very citrus dominant, fruity but with a sour and gassy diesel twist

Quality (Resin/Smell/Compactness) :
I loved the aroma! Fresh, sour, diesel, citrus. Such a nice mix of cannabis terpenes! Tingles the nose a bit, but in a good way. She smells very citrus dominant, fruity but with a sour and gassy diesel twist.

Two of them also had some piney notes, which made it smell a little more hazy. Not bad either but I preferred the Sour citrus diesel ones above all others! Resin is good, most of them are pretty sticky with decent resin levels. Not the highest amount I have seen but good enough. The buds are pretty Sativa dominant, so definitely not as compact as a pure Indica variety. Still they were pretty firm and dense.

Auto Daiquiri Lime Sativa dominant buds

Taste wise she was also pretty sour and fruity. I didn’t taste a real gassy terpene but it looked to be more at the chemical side of the spectrum. Pretty hard to explain but very tasty for sure! Some leaves turned purple-ish and they ensured some great contrast with the orange pistils and white resin layer.

Auto Daiquiri Lime, After Harvest report

Yield :
The yield was pretty high, the 2 hybrid plants yielded around 100g per plant. The smallest plant around 55g. My favorite pheno, the most sour one, which looked pretty Sativa dominant, yielded around 80g of dried buds. The biggest plant of them all yielded well over 125g. Reaching a total of just under 460 gram of dried buds. Knowing I messed up a few things during this round I was still really happy with the result!

Besides a decent yield I was also really happy with the high of this strain. She is super energetic, creative and social. She definitely gets your blood racing and your heart pumping. A good strain if you want to get things done. Working in the house, garden or doing some creative artwork works like a charm here. And she is such a smooth smoke, very nice on the throat and with a zesty taste, I absolutely love it!

Remarks after curing :
She becomes a bit more herbal after curing, but still with that sour citrus funk. Once you crush the buds the sour diesel aroma becomes more evident. The burn is pretty nice too, a very smooth toke with a taste that sticks to your palate. This is a perfect strain to smoke in the morning or during the afternoon. She gives you energy and makes you smile all day.

Auto Daquiri Lime macro budshot

Auto Daiquiri Lime Dutch Passion Seed Company

Type: Autoflower seeds

Genetics: Californian Orange X USA Sour Diesel

Family: USA Special

Plant type: Sativa

THC: 15-20%

Flowering: 10-11 weeks

Yield: XXL

Aroma★★★★½ (4,5 stars)
Taste★★★★☆ (4 stars)
Effect★★★★☆ (4 stars)
Bag appeal★★★½ (3,5 stars)
Overall rating★★★★☆ (4 stars)

It’s a strain with a great aroma and taste, the effect is very energising. The only thing that could improve a bit is the resin levels, but that could also been less because of the mistakes I made with growing. Overall a very nice autoflower seed variety!

Special Remarks on Auto Daiquiri Lime seeds

Auto Daiquiri Lime is a strong grower, she can handle quite some stress and still produce a very good result! She is pretty easy to trim and her buds have a great aroma & taste. The high is just great, super creative and energising, a great smoke for during the day!

The best tip I can think of is to plan your grow well, especially if you have height restrictions. You might even want to use some growing techniques to make her more bushy. Overall a very nice strain to grow, very resilient, and the long buds stay upright even without any support. Thanks to Dutch Passion for such great autoflowering cannabis seeds!

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