Auto Glueberry OG grown in coco fibre

Auto Glueberry OG grown in coco fibre

In this weeks blog, Dutch Passion Auto Glueberry OG was grown in coco fibre producing a great 200g++ result from ‘2stoned’ who kept a flat canopy of buds which were grown under intense home made LED grow lights.  The original grow diary is here

The Auto Glueberry OG was grown in a 15 litre square container of coco fibre.  Advanced Nutrients coco grow and bloom nutrients were used, along with Rhizotonic, Big Bud, and a Calcium/Magnesium supplement.  The home made LED used 200W (power draw) of 4000K COB LED. 

A Rhino 4 inch Pro Carbon filter was used with a 4 inch extraction fan.  Inside the grow room was a small clip-on fan to circulate the air inside the tent.  

Easy to grow with THC rich buds

What made this grow so impressive was the large number of long and heavy blooms. Coco fibre allows the rapid growth required for optimised auto harvests, its no surprise to see so many home growers using it. 

Root aeration levels and subsequent growth rates are impressive.  And as any cannabis grower will already know, healthy root growth below ground enables healthy bud growth above ground.  

Dutch Passion auto seeds for premium quality results

Dutch Passion autos are all bred for heavy yields, and in good conditions 10-20+ blooms will form.  ‘2stoned’ carefully trained the Auto Glueberry OG to keep the canopy of buds at roughly the same hight.  This ‘scrog’ style approach allows the grow light to be lowered down so that all the blooms get optimum intensity. 

By keeping all the blooms inside the intensity ‘sweet spot’ the growth was rapid and blooms were resinous and plentiful.  Some blooms had to be supported with string to stop them collapsing under their own weight at harvest. 

By supporting a heavy branch it can continue to grow and add more weight to the buds.  Your local grow shop will sell branch support devices, experienced growers use them and they allow heavier harvests

Auto Glueberry OG seeds for XL harvests

Auto Glueberry OG is a hugely productive Dutch Passion auto with high THC and a blissfully soothing high, great for creative relaxation and enjoyment.  She is also an easy cannabis seed variety to grow in any conditions, soil, coco or hydro. 

The grower was able to open up the branches to allow light to penetrate and swell all the blooms. On this grow quite a lot of leaves were removed (‘defoliation’).  Not all growers like to remove the leaves, but on this grow the yield was not affected.  The best auto genetics produce tough plants.

Quality autoflowering marijuana seeds

Auto Glueberry uses genetics from Blueberry and Gorilla Glue to guarantee a connoisseur quality high and a rich resin coating.  The close up pictures of the buds show the THC-rich trichome resin glands all over the buds. 

This variety also produces lots of brown pistils (hair on the buds) at harvest time.  But one of the best aspects of this variety is an intense fruity and tropical aroma at harvest. 

Its got a rich taste too, this is a popular variety for those that don’t want to compromise quantity with quality.  When you smoke a joint of Auto Glueberry OG you can hear the joint sizzle as it burns thanks to the high resin content. 

Home cannabis growers that prefer to grow small numbers of XL yielding autos should take a serious look at Auto Glueberry OG.  Just one or two plants can fill your grow room and produce the same harvest quantities which would require a room full of lower quality auto genetics.

75 Days from seed to harvest

Auto Glueberry OG grows well under 20 hours of daily light and 4 hours of darkness.  She usually takes around 75 days from seed to harvest, some growers like to leave her for an extra 10 days or so after the recommended harvest date to swell further.  Outdoor growers will find she takes around 3 months from seed to harvest outdoors.  Because the parent genetics are so stable, this variety produces consistent quality harvests with XL potential for experienced growers.  

Auto Glueberry OG is one of the premium quality autos in the Dutch Passion collection, whats more she is easy to grow and produces some of the biggest harvests we have seen.  Auto Glueberry OG comes with our recommendations to any home grower looking to improve quality and harvest quantity. You can buy your Auto Glueberry OG cannabis seeds online here.

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