Auto Glueberry OG indoor grow review

Dutch Passion autoflower seeds grown in coco fibre with HPS light

This weeks epic Auto Glueberry OG was grown in a 15 litre auto pot of coco fibre. An autopot is a gravity fed automatic plant feeding system, when the plant container is dry a sensor automatically delivers a few litres of water to the container. All the grower has to do is ensure that the feeder reservoir is kept topped up with the correct feed solution. Auto pots are popular with home growers and give great results.

In this weeks grow diary, ‘Rsambo’ also added an air dome to the bottom of the Autopot. The airdrome injects air into the coco fibre root zone, it allows faster growth and superior root aeration. The photographs from this weeks grow show an astonishing level of plant growth and bud production. Although all Dutch Passion autoflowering cannabis varieties have XL harvest potential, its not very often that customers push the genetics to the absolute limits.

Autoflowering cannabis seeds with XL growth

The XL harvests from Auto Glueberry OG come from the tremendous hybrid vigor from the award winning Dutch Passion Blueberry and the Gorilla Glue parent genetics. Both varieties have high THC levels which can exceed 20%, and these high strength cannabis genetics are responsible for both the high THC levels in the finished buds as well as the massive harvests. Auto Glueberry OG grows well in all grow mediums and systems.


Growing indoors in coco fibre

This weeks Auto Glueberry OG was germinated initially in soil, before the grower transferred the seedling into coco fibre after 1 week. It was an unusual way to start the grow, but it shows how tough and robust Dutch Passion autoflower seeds are. The original grow diary is here on the autoflower network.

The AutoGlueberry OG grew steadily. After 14 days she was being fed at pH 5.7 with an EC (electrical conductivity of the nutrient solution) of 1.0  The pH was maintained at around the same level throughout, but the C of the nutrient solution was steadily increased through the grow. The nutrients were Gold Label Coco Nutrients from Holland. Later in the grow the EC was increased to just over 2, and for the last few days the plant was fed with plain water to ‘flush’ the plant of excess minerals.

High THC with heavy yields

Rambo grew the Auto Glueberry OG with 600W HPS lights, and with all-round powerful lighting the full potential of the Auto Glueberry OG genetics was shown. A huge number of side branches were formed by the vigorous plant, each of these side branches eventually became heavy with buds. The main bloom was very heavy, and together with the numerous side blooms the final plant reached a huge size with buds everywhere.

Under optimum conditions, indoor cannabis growers can get huge yields from this variety. She is usually ready to harvest around 75 days after germination, but skilled growers can allow this variety to continue swelling for a further couple of weeks of they wish to aim for maximum yield.

Secrets of growing the biggest autoflowering cannabis varieties indoors

There is no single secret to growing monster autoflower cannabis plants indoors. Instead the best growers focus on optimising several parameters and maintaining consistency in the grow room environment.

  • Avoid over feeding your plants, especially in early growth, This ‘burns’ the roots and slows development. The experienced autoflower grower knows how to keep his plants in the nutrient sweet spot, where the nutrient concentration is steadily increased throughout the grow without over feeding or under feeding the plants.
  • Ensure an optimised environment whether you are growing in soil, coco or hydroponics. Aim to keep the temperature around 25ºC and use a grow cycle of 20/4 (20 hours of light followed by 4 hours of darkness). Note that Dutch Passion autoflowering cannabis varieties will grow under 24 hour daylight, but not all autoflower seed varieties from other suppliers can do this. Growing under 24 hour daylight from seed to harvest can maximise yields but may also increase the chance of nutrient deficiencies due to the workload placed on the plant.
  • Use as much light as you can get in your grow room, especially during the last 5 weeks. Autoflowering marijuana varieties will take all the light that you can give them. Increased light levels usually allow increased bud production. For many home growers the limiting factor that prevents the addition of more light is heat. There is no point adding more light if temperatures start to reach and exceed 30ºC in your grow room. Thats why LED grow lights have proven to be very popular with autoflower seed growers. If you are interested in a fully tested range of LED grow lights then check out our sister company, LED By Passion, who stock the best LED grow lights on the market, all fully tried and tested.
  • Buy the best autoflowering seeds online that you can, use a seed bank you can trust and look for published grow diaries on the seed bank website so that you can see the potential results for yourself.

Experienced cannabis growers know how to keep consistent growing conditions for their plants and often become very knowledgable about their own system of growing, often sticking to the same brand of nutrients and grow systems.

When you do grow your first monster cannabis plant you will get satisfaction from both the harvest as well as the grow experience. If you want to try growing your own XXL cannabis plant then consider Auto Glueberry OG, its one of the best autoflowering cannabis varieties the Dutch Passion team have seen so far.

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