Auto Glueberry OG indoor grow review with LEDs

Auto Glueberry OG grow report by antonio autoflower cannabis seeds

Auto Glueberry OG is part of Dutch Passion’s USA Special family of cannabis seeds and is particularly popular with repeat growers. The cannabis cup winning genetics were created by crossing Auto Blueberry with Glueberry OG ([Gorilla Glue #4 X OG Kush] x Blueberry).

With genetics form such illustrious prize-winning parents you are guaranteed very high THC levels and generous yields of sticky, dense buds with connoisseur taste and exceptional aroma. Due to the heavy yielding nature of the genetics, Auto Glueberry seeds can take a little longer than average to grow from autoflower seed to harvest.

Expect around 12 weeks, but the wait will reward the patient autoflower grower with some truly special and incredibly potent buds. This Auto Glueberry OG grow review comes from Miss Mary of the Urban Growers Collective. Pictures are by Antonio.

AutoGlueberry OG grown indoors with LED grow lights

Grow details

VarietyAuto Glueberry OG
Cannabis seed typeAutoflowering cannabis seeds
Number of seeds6
Date of germinationAutumn 2016
Germination rate 100%
Days required for germination3 days
Light cycle 20/4 (20 hours of daily light from autoflower seed to harvest, with 4 hours of darkness each day)
Total length of grow cycle12-13 weeks
Stretch during bloomStrong, compact autoflowers, medium to large in height
Auto Glueberry OG grow report autoflower cannabis seeds autoflowering big bud frosty flowering

Basic grow information

Grow room typeGrowcloset
Grow room size118 x 76cm (about 0.9 m2), 5 plants
Plant containers20 litre Airpots for all plants
Grow mediumLight mix soil: Coco fibre in a 4:1 ratio
NutrientsSannie Products & BAC, all organic
Grow systemWatered by hand – soil/coco grow
Grow techniqueNatural grow, no special techniques used
Grow lightLED: 2xHS1 of 75W each & 180W MS006 Dutch Passion light.
Grand total 330W of LED
Light distance to canopyAround 25-40cm average in bloom
Auto Glueberry OG indoor autoflower cannabis seedlings germination led grow organic

Auto Glueberry OG seeds germinated and grown in airpots

Remarks during germination:

6 seeds were germinated with a 100% germination rate, like always. All 6 seeds germinated within 3 days. These 6 seedlings were pre-grown for about 1 week in a small container, before being transplanted into their final containers. The 5 best seedlings were used and we discarded the 6th plant because there was simply not enough room to squeeze her in to the grow room.

Remarks during vegetative phase – VEG (20/4 lighting for the entire grow cycle):

All 5 Auto Glueberry OG plants were transplanted into 20L airpots just one week after germination. All 5 pots got their own Blumat Tensiometer, this is a very useful tool which gives the exact moisture level in the soil. This helps the grower to understand the water usage of every individual plant. This way you will eliminate stress from giving too much or not enough water. Keep them in the sweet spot and your ladies will be very happy!

Auto Glueberry OG autoflower cannabis veg phase fan leaves vigorous grow

The plants grew homogeneously during the first 2-3 weeks. They had a hybrid leaf structure and were growing pretty rapidly. All the plants were grown with organic nutrients from Sannie (Perfect start, Mycorhiza and Buffer-tablets) and liquid nutrients from B.A.C.

The combination of these 2 bio-organic nutrient lines ensures a healthy root system and a vivid green colour in the plants. Two different LED modules were combined to give the plants a total of 330watts of LED light.

These were first and 2nd generation LED grow lights, from a time when almost no-one actually used LED. We always love to test things, so this was no exception.

After 4-5 weeks the plants were really starting to take off. The leaves looked to be growing almost perfectly and the LED grow lights were supplying enough light to the plant to sustain vigorous growth. Some fan leaves were absolutely stunning to see… they had very strong leaf stems and beautifully serrated leaf edges.

Auto Glueberry OG autoflower cannabis seeds vegetative phase airpot indoorgrow big plants

From the 5 plants there was 1 plant a little bigger than the rest. The other 4 were growing at about the same pace. Some were a little wider than the others. Two had the classical autoflower structure, with a large main bloom and some good-sized side branches.

The biggest plant of the 5 had several thick stems looking like a main-stem. Although the plant was not topped nor ‘fimmed’ it appeared like it. She had the appearance of a strong looking hybrid autoflower. We had the feeling she would probably become the biggest and highest yielding phenotype of the batch.

Auto Glueberry OG autoflower cannabis seeds vegetative phase VEG airpots organic weed

Auto Glueberry OG in bloom: resin drenched blooms everywhere

A week later and the first flowers started to appear on a few of the plants. Two plants seemed to flower a little faster, these were one of the shorter and one of the medium sized phenotypes. The others didn’t have any signs of flowering yet. This was at the end of week 6.

Auto Glueberry OG indoor flowering led indoor cannabis seeds autoflowering

At the end of week 7 all of the plants were showing their sex and the fastest phenotypes were already developing round shaped white-haired flowers. All the autos seem to be in perfect shape. There were no signs of over or underfeeding. They had dark green leaves that were not showing any type of issue or problem. The combination of the LED lights and organic nutrients seem to work just fine.

Auto Glueberry OG grow report autoflower by Dutch Passion cannabis seeds

A few weeks later and most of the plants were coming close to their end. The plants were still mostly green and the buds had swollen into quite massive cola’s. Even the smaller sized plants had big buds that were looking very nice. Some plants were even expressing some purple and red hues on the leaves and flowers. These plants kept on stacking and the buds became very thick, the main cola was so thick we couldn’t get our hands around it!

Auto Glueberry OG flower bud plant seed indoor weed natural grow review report

One autoflower had a very long and beautiful main bud. This became one of our favourite phenotypes together with the plant that had the fattest buds and most colour. This particular specimen had a light green colour and a main bloom with a very good calyx-to-leaf ratio. She smelled amazing too. Sour, skunky and floral, almost like scented candles.

Auto Glueberry OG flowering phase frosty resinous easy trim indoor grow review

The plants were producing very good resin levels in the flowers and some of the plants also showed plenty of resin on the small sugar leaves. The flowers actually became covered in resin and they all became firm and dense. There is definitely a good combination of Indica and Sativa genetics present here. They were also sticky and pungent.

When you touch the buds you could smell the amazing sour, floral and creamy aroma. Don’t keep the tent open for too long because the whole room will be soaked in a strong cannabis perfume!

Even the smallest and perhaps the least interesting plant grew chunky flowers that were covered in resin. She didn’t have a lot of bud sites, but the ones she had were dense and heavy. Overall, this is quite a homogenous autoflower strain. From the 5 plants there were 3 plants that looked and smelled quite similar and 2 that were a little different.

Auto Glueberry OG grow report cannabis seeds autoflowering weed ganja buds

Auto Glueberry OG harvest report

Final height in cm:

These Auto Glueberry OG plants were medium to large. Two ladies were somewhere between 65-75cm in size, with one smaller phenotype that was about 50cm and 2 larger plant that reached 85cm and 95cm in height.

Calyx-leaf ratio (Easy trim/yes or no):

Yes, she has a solid calyx-to-leaf ratio. This makes her easy to manicure and trim. Only one plant had a few extra leaves in the buds, making her slightly more time-consuming. But still, this one wasn’t that bad either!

Quality (Resin/Smell/Compactness) :

Overall a great looking flower. The amount of resin in the buds and one the leaves was beautiful to witness. This, in combination with the colourful hues, made her attractive to the eye. The aroma is a mix of sour, doughy, creamy, floral (lavender/vanilla) and musky tones. One phenotype had a dominant earthy smell and the other slightly more skunk-like. The rest were somewhere in between.

It’s a complex and unique mix of terpenes, and they are all pretty pungent too. The buds were very dense, especially for an autoflower. We were really surprised by the quality of the buds. Not only the thickest main buds were dense but also the smaller, lower buds became quite compact. Auto Glueberry OG has a nice bag appeal, the frosty buds together with the purple/reddish and blue tones makes this a real winner.

Auto Glueberry OG cannabis seeds budshot frosty trichomes thc purple hues colourful

After Harvest report for Auto Glueberry OG

There were 5 Auto Glueberry OG plants in the growing closet:

  • Plant #1 yielded almost 53g dry.
  • Plant #2 was 58,5g.
  • plant #3 48g.
  • Plant #4 also 48g.
  • Plant #5 was the biggest one with a yield of 90,5g of dried buds.

Total weight was about 298g + 7.5g (of unaccounted buds) = 305.5g.

So, Auto Glueberry OG really is a good yielder. Especially since they were grown with the early LED grow lights from 2016. 330W of LED produced just over 300g of premium quality buds! The biggest plant had a high 90g yield and all the others were fairly similar to each other, even though there was quite some difference in height. We didn’t use any growing techniques during the grow, so we let them grow freely the natural way. We feel sure that with more powerful, modern LED grow lights, that a higher yield is quite possible from these special cannabis genetics.

Auto Glueberry OG single autoflower airpot indoor organic cannabis grow review by antonio

Remarks after curing :

These were the notes we took after reviewing all of the different plants during this grow :

Plant #1 (short pheno): Nice looking buds, green/white with orange pistils, compact, fresh / sharp smell / more musky

Plant #2 (Blueberry pheno): Very frosty, velvet like feel/woody-sweet smell, very complex, good mix of genetics

Plant #3 (GG pheno): Best smell – sour hints with vanilla, lavender and cheese cake / scented candles, nice mix of terpenes. More foxtails, Sativa dominant phenotype, a few more leaves than the other phenos, less compact

Plant #4 (Kush pheno): Strong smell, earthy, smokey, floral, pungent aroma. Very compact buds, orange pistils, most colour in the buds and leaves, purple hues. A stunning looker!

Plant #5 (GG pheno): Biggest plant and yielder – sour/skunky/musky/ scented candles, sativa dominant, less compact but very nice frost layers, easy to trim.

Auto Glueberry OG frosty buds indoor weed budshots resin flowers dutch passion autoflower

Auto Glueberry OG rating

Aroma★★★★☆ (4 stars)
Taste★★★★☆ (4 stars)
Effect★★★★☆ (4 stars)
Bag appeal★★★★☆ (4 stars)
Overall rating★★★★☆ (4 stars)

Overall rating (out of a 5 star rating) : 4

A solid score overall, 4 for every aspect of the rating. Auto Glueberry OG is a great strain with a strong and powerful aroma and an amazing bag appeal. Because only 2 phenotypes were extraordinary, we thought a 4 was a good average mark to give. Otherwise, some individuals could have scored as high as a 4.5 or maybe even a 5.

Special Remarks for Auto Glueberry OG seeds

Auto Glueberry OG really surprised us by its ease of growth and the fact she yielded so heavily despite being grown with the first generation LED grow lights in combination with organic nutrients. They took about 12 weeks (from seed to harvest) on average, with 2 plants that were kept going for another week so the trichomes could turn a bit more amber. These 2 phenotypes took a total of 13 weeks from seed to harvest.

The quality of the flower is outstanding and we had 2-3 plants that became very special and unique. We loved the colours in the buds! The resin and the pungency of the aroma is what makes these flowers really stand out. It’s a wonderful mix of terpenes that will surely leave you craving for more!

Auto Glueberry OG harvest time chop day big chunky flowers best weed

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