Auto Lemon Kix grow report with 244.5g single plant harvest

Auto Lemon Kix indoor grow review by teehee (UK420)

Auto Lemon Kix is one of Dutch Passion’s most potent sativa autoflower strains. With THC potential around/above 25% Auto Lemon Kix is one of the elite Dutch Passion strains selected for inclusion in the High THC cannabis seed collection – home only to the most powerful Dutch Passion strains. In this grow report, a single Auto Lemon Kix plant delivered a dry harvest of 244.5g/8.6oz. Proof that extreme potency and XXL harvests can be achieved!

How to germinate cannabis seeds in cotton pads

Auto Lemon Kix Dutch Passion trimmed manicured buds frosty sticky potent weed usa autoflowering genetics

This incredible grow came from TeeHee, a regular online Dutch Passion master grower known for his trademark 200g+ harvests from single autoflowers. He achieves this by combining the use of powerful modern LEDs (800W in a 1.2 x 1.2m grow room!) with highly aerated 25 litre air pots and coco fibre. The magic ingredient for any grower seeking a killer harvest of top-shelf buds is, of course, the high-performance autoflowering cannabis seeds!

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Auto Lemon Kix Dutch Passion seed company nugshot nugs dried cannabis flowers

Basic grow details:

Variety Auto Lemon Kix alongside Auto Orange Bud & Auto Banana Blaze
Cannabis seed type Autoflowering seeds
Seed germination date April 2022
Germination time 3 days
Grow type Indoor grow with LED
Grow tent size 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m
Grow medium Coco fibre
Container 25 litre Airpot (from ~day 14 onwards)
Germination method Canna Coco Professional Plus, soaked with an EC 0.7 mix of House and Garden’s Cocos A&B.  Along with some Roots Excellurator, some Cal Mag and a dash of Nitrogen Boost.
Growlights 4x Skyline 400 LEDs (200W each, 800W total LED power draw)
Total grow cycle 85 days of indoor LED, 20/4 cannabis light cycle (20 hours of daily light from autoflower seed to harvest)

Auto Lemon Kix, high-THC autoflower seeds grown in coco fibre with LED

Auto Lemon Kix Dutch Passion autoflowering genetics seedling young plant

TeeHee took paper cups and perforated the bottom to allow drainage. These were filled with Canna Coco Professional Plus, soaked with an EC 0.7 mix of “House and Garden” Cocos A&B along with some Roots Excellurator, some Cal Mag and a dash of Nitrogen Boost.

The seeds were placed in the moist Coco fibre and covered with cling film to retain moisture during germination. These were left in warm, Australian conditions to germinate taking 3 days for the seedlings to show without any stress to the delicate cannabis roots. Alongside the Auto Lemon Kix were Dutch Passion heavyweights Auto Orange Bud and Auto Banana Blaze.

All were re-potted into 25L airpots around day 14.

Auto Lemon Kix Dutch Passion veg phase young cannabis plant usa genetics

The Lemon Kix is a little shorter, but they are all coming along nicely. It’s day 13, and the seedlings were looking great in their paper cups this morning…  Time to re-pot them into my faithful 25L Airpots.

The Lemon Kix is the slowest of all, but she took about 18 hours longer to germinate. On day 21 she looked like this….

Looking reasonably healthy.

Auto Lemon Kix Dutch Passion seed company airpot grown coco vegetative phase

I’m giving them an EC 0.8 mix of CalMag, House and Garden Cocos A&B plus H&G Drip Clean, Roots Excellurator, Multizyme and Nitrogen boost pH 5.8, and they get 5L every couple of days, but that will increase to daily pretty soon.

As you saw in the final group shot, the temps aren’t great… Just teetering under 30°C, so I have plenty of air circulation and the intake extract fans are close to full blast.

Defoliation required at the half-way mark, Auto Lemon Kix growing strongly

Auto Lemon Kix Dutch Passion autoflower seeds usa genetics family green foliage

The best autoflower seeds are known for solid genetics and fuss-free growth with little effort required from the grower.  TeeHee is an experienced autoflower grower, able to maintain the plants in the optical and nutrient sweet spot all the way from autoflowering cannabis seed to harvest. This allows the plants to reach their full genetic potential.

Auto Lemon Kix by TeeHee healthy autolfower veg development

Day 39 update: As a group, they aren’t looking bad for day 39. The Lemon Kix is at the front with the Auto Orange Bud behind it and the lush Auto Banana Blaze to the right. The Lemon Kix is looking pretty healthy and is in need of a little defoliation and staking out…

Auto Lemon Kix autoflowering cannabis healthy green leaves

Notice all I have for air circulation is the large floor fan with a rotating grill… more on that later.

The Lemon Kix has always been the smallest of this run, and now she’s squeezed into the back left corner.

From above you can see she’s merging into the Orange Bud beside her. A front view shot shows her surprisingly numerous stems developing nicely. A bit of defoliation will make it easier for those stems to get some light and air in there.

Auto Lemon Kix Dutch Passion big stem airpot coco grow indoor led growlights

Her main stem shows the flower sites are coming along well. I made a few changes to the set up. Putting in some air circulation fans above the canopy was important to keep the effects of heat stress to a minimum. Also, I put a new carbon filter in, it’s a lot bigger and certainly the smell has gone in the garage.

The Lemon Kix was squeezed into a small corner at the back, on the left. She was pretty bushy inside, so I gave her a good defoliation to let some light and air in. She’s got a bit more room now, and I’m hoping those stems will be thick with bud as she progresses.

You can see the amount of bud on the Lemon Kix behind. The colas are all fattening up nicely after a week of PK 13/14 (days 58-64).

The Auto Lemon Kix has also done well, making use of the tiny space she has some lovely looking bud on her. Auto Lemon Kix has a small footprint, but she’s loaded with sparkly goodies…

Auto Lemon Kix by TeeHee early flowering stage

Here’s a closer look… on Friday (1st July – day 90), I harvested the Lemon Kix. Here’s a random selection of bud. Again, very gooey gear!

Auto Lemon Kix budshot frosty flowers sticky weed usa variety zkittlez

Huge harvest of trichome covered Auto Lemon Kix buds!

Auto Lemon Kix Dutch Passion bud shot weed pictures macro photo high thc cannabis strain

It’s vital to point out that TeeHee was able to increase light levels gradually throughout the grow neither overloading his plants with light (this would stunt/slow growth) nor were the plants deprived of light. Nutrition was also expertly delivered without underfeeding/overfeeding the plants. again, this allowed vigorous growth.

The optimised growth conditions allowed Auto Lemon Kix to produce numerous heavy yielding blooms. Congratulations to TeeHee on yet another expertly controlled Dutch Passion autoflower grow! We leave the last words on Auto Lemon Kix to him!

Auto Lemon Kix Dutch Passion bowl of nugs buds dried weed flowers harvest

I got all the long stems in one box, and hung the rest… Lemon Kix after drying – another nice load of bud… 8.6oz or 244.5g.

Auto Lemon Kix Dutch Passion fresh manicured buds sticky weed indoor grown

Here’s some after 2 weeks with Bovedas. Nice hard buds…Gotta say I like the Auto Lemon Kix most of all, it’s f****** strong stuff, and tastes amazing, but they all hit the spot, so I’m very happy.

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