Auto Lemon Kix grow review

Auto Lemon Kix is one of Dutch Passion’s strongest ever sativa dominant autoflower seeds. This strain is officially rated as an exclusive member of Dutch Passion’s Extremely High THC seeds. In optimum conditions you can expect THC levels around 25%, it’s difficult to get much higher than that. This high THC autoflower seed is part of the USA Special cannabis seed collection.

The sativa dominant genetics take around 12 weeks to grow from seed to harvest. That’s a week or so longer than most autoflower strains. But the slightly longer grow cycle allows long, heavy and sticky blooms. The thin-fingered sativa leaves allow light to penetrate to lower parts of the plant, meaning that this a genuine heavy yielder.

This Auto Lemon Kix grow review comes from Stoney Melony from the Grow Diaries forum. The original grow diary is here. All the words and pictures below come from Stoney Melony.

Overview of the Auto Lemon Kix grow:

Auto Lemon Kix showing chunky bloom formation.
Auto Lemon Kix showing chunky bloom formation.


  • Tent: Secret Jardin DS120 4 x 4 (120 cm x 120 cm)
  • Lights: 2 x 120 Watt CT lite C4 Clusterled (240W total)
  • Climate: Trotec Dehumidifier 240 watt- 10L/24h
  • Filter: Prima Klima carbon filter PK2600
  • Fan: 2 x Secret Jardin 20 watt oscillating fan
  • Pots: Gronest 4 x 11 liter airpots
  • Water : automated water system
  • pH: Bluelab


  • Plagron cocos A + B
  • Plagron PK 13/14
  • ATA cal/mag
  • Epsom salt

Auto Lemon Kix grow review in coco fibre with LED grow lights

Auto Lemon Kix buds, large and resinous.
Auto Lemon Kix buds, large and resinous.

This really smells like zkittlez candy. As soon as the buds were formed you could smell an amazing aroma of real zkittlez candy, so delicious i kept on smelling it. Multiple times a day if it was possible 😅.

It also gets you very stoned. In my report i say “Euphoric, happy and uplifted”. That is true but it should also have a box with “stoned as hell “. Not only the smell, but the taste is also amazing. It is a beautiful plant with long big colas and a very hazy bud structure. I gave this strain 10 stars but I should actually down-rate my previous strains because this one is so nice.

Auto Lemon Kix smoke review/vape review

Frosty Auto Lemon Kix buds ready to smoke
Frosty Auto Lemon Kix buds ready to smoke.

Smoke update: After 2 months this is still an amazing smoke, the taste is getting better still. But the jar is getting empty fast – it’s so delicious. After smoking this daily for 2 months i can say this is one of the strongest autoflowers I have smoked so far. It is very energetic if you smoke a lot it feels like a rush. At night when I smoke too much it even gives me insomnia because you keep on thinking.

Auto Lemon Kix, an easy autoflower seed to grow with high THC results

Auto Lemon Kix after 75 days of growth
Auto Lemon Kix after 75 days of growth.

This was an real easy plant to grow in my opinion. She didn’t like too many nutrients. In week 4 I raised the EC (electrical conductivity of the nutrient solution) level to 1.4 and that was a bit too much for her. It gave a little bit of leaf-tip burn and I went back to a 1.0 EC level. She did fine after that. After week 5 I slowly raised EC up to a max of 1.4 again.

She was a strong plant with a few big side stalks and they are all very strong. I never had to support the side branches. After week 6 you could really see she gained weight in her buds and was looking great with some nice buds with orange hairs in the end!

In this grow i wanted to see what happened if i didn’t defoliate at all, but in her case it would have been better to have opened her up and given the buds more light. I think then all buds would have grown bigger.

Growing cannabis indoors

Next time I’m doing a lot more defoliation to compare. But that being said i think it is a beautiful plant with amazing buds and she smelled amazing. For one thing she is a bit hard to trim, i did first a quick haircut and removed all the big fan leaves, Then let her dry. It was a bit of a struggle to cut all the dry leaves between the hazy bud structure.

Overall i think Dutch Passion has another great strain delivered and i can recommend it to everyone mostly because this is very strong and the taste is awesome.

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  • Je voulez savoir si se serais mieux en extérieur en sachant que je mon balcon et exposer plein sud et commence a avoir la chaleur et un peu plus de lumière en milieu d apres midi ou faut il mieux que je la mette en placard avec une lampe LED de 250 w que me conseiller vous merci

    • Bonjour Fabien,

      Il est possible de placer votre plante sur votre balcon si vous êtes situé dans le sud de la France. En revanche, pour assurer un rendement optimal, il serait préférable de cultiver sous LED.

      Dutch Passion

      • Hi , how many grams per plant , and how meny plant in one meter can make?

        • Hello,

          You can grow around 4 plants in a square meter and in optimal conditions you can reach around 450 to 500 grams per square meter 🙂

          Dutch Passion

          • Hello,

            What is the optimal amount f watt you need? 360watt enough for 400g? With the led spectra box pro for example.


            Ps: I like this blogs! Learning a lot!

          • Hey,

            It should be possible to reach 400 grams with 360 watt if you are an experienced grower with a nice yielding strain. It all depends on the grow space you have, for instance if you have a 1,2m by 1,2m tent a 800 watt LED or 1000 watt HPS should perform excellent.

            Dutch Passion

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