Auto Lemon Kix grown with a 60W LED in a 60×60 tent

Auto Lemon Kix grown with a 60W LED in a 60x60 tent

If your idea of great jar-appeal is uniquely rich sweet and fruity candy scents with trichome loaded  buds that will fry your brain and soothe your body then Auto Lemon Kix is the perfect choice for your next grow! She is part of the highly acclaimed High THC cannabis seed collection, home to only the finest and most potent seeds in the Dutch Passion collection. Auto Lemon Kix is uncomplicated to grow indoors or outdoors.

Auto Lemon Kix is an autoflowering cannabis seed variety which takes around 11 weeks to grow from seed to harvest. Most repeat growers cultivate her for the incredible aroma. Few strains deliver a bouquet of such sweet, penetrating and pungent candy scents. Very few can boast THC levels anywhere near those of Auto Lemon Kix. This week’s grow review comes from the Urban Growers Collective with pictures from @dutchpassionantonio.

Auto Lemon Kix indoor grow report by the Urban Growers Collective

Grow Details

Variety Auto Lemon Kix
Cannabis seed type Autoflowering cannabis seeds
Number of seeds 7
Date of germination Early 2017
Germination rate 86%
Days required for germination 4 days
Length of grow cycle (20/4 light schedule) 12 weeks from autoflower seed to harvest
Stretch during bloom Vigorous growers, medium sized autoflowers
Auto Lemon Kix by Dutch Passion budshot fruity resinous good calyx to leaf ratio strong potent weed

Basic grow information

Grow room type Grow tent
Grow room size 60 cm x 60 cm
Plant numbers 1 plant
Plant containers A big airpot of 30L
Grow medium Light mix soil:Coco fibre in a 4:1 ratio
Nutrients Organic, Biotabs & BAC
Grow system Watered by hand – soil/coco grow
Grow technique Natural grow with some growing techniques used
Grow light Small LED growlight of just 60w of Growspec, the Sunray GS60
Light distance to canopy Around 20-35cm
Auto Lemon Kix by Dutch Passion cotton pad germination technique

Auto Lemon Kix grown in a 30 Litre sack of light mix/coco fibre

Remarks during germination :

7 Auto Lemon Kix seeds were put on cotton pads, sprayed with tap water and left a few days in closet at room temperature to germinate. At first only 5 of them germinated. We planted those 5 seedlings into small containers and 2 of the seeds that did not germinate were put in the soil next to the already germinated seedlings.

It only took 2 days before one of those 2 seeds germinated in the soil. So, in the end we got 6 out of 7. Not sure if this was just a dud or that it was caused by an environmental condition. it was a cold winter month and temperatures might have been a bit on the low side.

Best way to germinate cannabis seeds, moist cotton pad method

Auto Lemon Kix by Dutch Passion seedlings veg stage phase young plants

Remarks during vegetative phase – (20/4 autoflower light schedule) :

There was 1 seedling with an abnormal leaf structure. The first 2 round leaves that appear in a seedling are called Cotyledons, these round shaped leaves are also known as seed leaves (they will never appear on clones) and they mostly grow in pairs. Eventually they shed off once the plant is maturing. This particular seedling had 3 Cotyledons and one of them had the shape of a heart. This plant looked more like a club than a cannabis plant at this stage, which was interesting/funny to witness.

Auto Lemon Kix by Dutch Passion seedling cotyledon leaves unique trait club shape heart weed plant

These plants were pre-grown for a few weeks in these 0.25l containers and after 2,5 week the best-looking lady was selected to grow/flower in a bigger airpot of 30L. The goal here was to grow a high quality autoflower in a 60x60cm grow area with only 60w of LED light. The smallest growlight from Growspec was used for this. Around 2 weeks later and the plant was already becoming quite big in size.

Auto Lemon Kix by Dutch Passion veg mode fanleaf green plant vigorous

This lady had big and wide fan leaves, resembling a mix of hybrid genetics that also contained a decent part of Indica genes. The plant was looking extremely healthy, with a vivid light green colour and nice serrations on the leaves. At the same time some other plants were pre-growing on top of the soil in small pots for a different grow room. I think that is really a great feature of growing autoflowers. Because of its constant VEG period you can easily put other plants in the room for the vegetative phase. This can both save time and energy.

Auto Lemon Kix by Dutch Passion seedling growing at the same time veg mode always on led grown growspec led growlight sunray

A few weeks later and the plant had grown in height significantly. She was almost 45cm tall and it seemed the main branch was growing quite hard compared to the side branches. The decision was made to supercrop the main branch to achieve a more even canopy. With this small LED light the spread as well as the level of penetration seemed lower than with other growlights. Therefore, we thought it was even more important to keep this Auto Lemon Kix a bit smaller and more closely stacked.

Auto Lemon Kix by Dutch Passion organic led grown weed growspec ledgrowlight sunray 60watt

Auto Lemon Kix in bloom with a 20/4 light cycle and just a 60W LED

During the next few weeks the plant was really stretching quite a lot so we had to crop and supercrop a lot of the branches to achieve an even canopy. We were glad that we succeeded. The plant averaged around 55-60cm in height with most of its bud production in the top 30cm.

Auto Lemon Kix by Dutch Passion single plant grow led growspec airpot autoflowering zkittlez strain

The lady was getting quite decent sized buds, especially when you think of the fact she was being grown with only 60 Watts of light. Around week 9 and the buds were starting to fatten up already. Also, the side buds were becoming quite big too. The supercropping technique helped them to catch almost as much light as the main cola. This is a good technique to use if you don’t want to use a net but still want a more even canopy than with a fully natural grow.

Auto Lemon Kix by Dutch Passion cropped supercropped big flowers resinous buds

The buds were getting a thick resin layer. There was no excessive resin on the leaves but the buds themselves were covered in trichomes. The flowers felt very sticky too, and that lemon aroma is simply mind-blowing! Very fruity and spicy, it was a mix of fresh, zesty lemon terps and more herbal, spicy, haze-like terpenes, very special! We really could not wait until the buds became fully ripe and it was time to do a smoke test.

Auto Lemon Kix by Dutch Passion single plant grow indoor organic weed

Week by week pictures of an autoflower grow (Auto Orange Bud)

A few weeks later and the plant was nearing her end. She was now growing in her 12th week, so we thought this could be a good moment to harvest her. She had already been flushed with plain water for the last week so we could chop her down anytime we wished. The buds looked great and became very dense and compact.

Not rock-hard, but still quite firm. Even the side buds developed very well and it seemed this Auto Lemon Kix had quite a good calyx-to-leaf ratio. There were still quite some leaves on the plant but mostly outside the buds. We didn’t want to take away too many leaves in case this would hurt the growth speed and vigour.

The main cola became as thick as a fist – the size of a half-litre can, not bad! The pistils were bright orange and the bud seemed to have a sort of pinkish glow on it. And at this stage she smelled really amazing! Very pungent aroma, very fruity too, with a sort of hazy background. We loved it.

Auto Lemon Kix by Dutch Passion big buds zkittle strain frosty dank pungent aroma

Auto Lemon Kix harvest report

Final Height in cm :

This single Auto Lemon Kix plant reached around 60cm in height. I think if we haven’t super-cropped this lady several times she would have probably grow to around 75-90cm. We were quite happy with the size of this auto knowing she was only grown with a 60watt LED growlight. Probably with a stronger light (and a larger tent) this girl would have been much bigger. We think this is potentially an autoflower strain that can become quite large and very high yielding.

Calyx-leaf ratio (Easy trim/yes or no) :

Yes, the calyx-to-leaf ratio was pretty good. The flowers didn’t have too many leaves in them. When you pluck away the leaves surrounding the flowers first, the buds aren’t that hard (nor time consuming) to trim. They were quite dense and firm. The aroma from these buds is great, fruity lemon infused haze is what comes off her!

Auto Lemon Kix by dutch passion frosty resinous sticky weed flowers budshot pistils colourful bud

Quality (Resin/Smell/Compactness) :

The buds of this Auto Lemon Kix smell amazing! Incredibly pungent and sticky, the aroma surely tickles your senses! The lemon terps are dominant, it gives the aroma a very zesty and sour scent. This is backed by more spicy and herbal tones which makes the aroma quite complex and interesting.

The resin levels on the buds were good and the flowers feel very sticky, almost like there is glue on them! It’s hard to get rid of that lemon aroma once you have squeezed the buds.

The buds do have a nice bag appeal and they feel quite firm. What started to look more like an Indica has evolved into a hybrid looking bud that may even look a bit more Sativa. We think it is a good combination of the two, leaving you with dense sativa style buds that pack quite the punch.

Grower remarks on yield and quality


The yield was high, especially for such a small plant. This single plant gave around 85g of buds which is more than 1,4 g/watt. Most of this weight came of her 10 top cola’s. The main bud was close to 10g and the side buds averaging around 4-5g each. There was some smaller bud material as well, but since the plant stayed fairly small this was not fluffy material. Overall, we’re very happy with the result!

Once again, this proves that achieving good yields with autoflowers isn’t that difficult at all. Even when you are a hobby grower growing in a small tent or closet.

Auto Lemon Kix by Dutch Passion resinous bud good calyx to leaf ratio weed pics flower photo indoor grown organic marijuana

Remarks after curing :

This cannabis variety smells absolutely wonderful! If you are into Lemon this autoflower strain is a real treat! Opening the jars fills the room with a strong citrus perfume. The aroma coming off the buds became a bit sweeter after a good cure. She is still zesty, fresh, lemony mixed with spicy herbs, but it now has more depth with a candy like feel to it. Pretty special. Taste-wise, this is a strain for connoisseurs, it will stick to your pallet. Very sour lemon on the inhale and more spicy lemon haze on the exhale. If you are into lemon than this is a must-have.

Auto Lemon Kix Overall rating (5 star rating) : 4+

Auto Lemon Kix by Dutch Passion macro shot picture weed community stickyweed usa strain zkittle variety autoflowering
Aroma ★★★★½ (4.5 stars)
Taste ★★★★☆ (4 stars)
Effect ★★★★☆ (4 stars)
Bag appeal ★★★★☆ (4 stars)
Overall rating ★★★★☆ (4+ stars)

Auto Lemon Kix is a very pungent Lemon infused autoflower. Great aroma and taste, the bag appeal is good too, same as the effect which is a nice hybrid high that is slightly more energising and uplifting. A great strain to smoke during the day or when you have a long evening ahead!

Special Remarks from the grower

Auto Lemon Kix grew strong and steady, given that we grew this lady with just 60W of light we were quite surprised to see how well she did. This is an autoflower with great potential.

She loved being trained and bent, the branches were strong and sturdy. Even the supercropped branches didn’t have any trouble holding the flowers upright, even at the end of flowering when the buds were the heaviest.

Although this was a winter grow with slightly lower temperatures this lady handled it very well. No signs of any issues, besides having a bit of spider mites (this grow was done at the same time as our Auto Blackberry Kush grow review) but luckily she was spared the worst of it.

Auto Lemon Kix is an autoflower which produces high-quality buds in combination with a high yield. It is fairly easy to grow, a good strain for both beginners and experts. With a strong light and lots of love we feel you should be able to achieve an epic harvest!

Auto Lemon Kix by Dutch Passion macro cannabisphoto shot bud shot resin high quality buds resinous trichomes pistils

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