Auto Orange Bud week by week flowering pictures

Auto Orange Bud week by week flowering grow report

This Auto Orange Bud grow review features two autoflower plants grown in 30 litre air-pots of light mix soil/coco-fibre with week-by-week photos. If you have never grown autoflower seeds before and want to know what to expect then read on! Two Auto Orange Bud plants were grown by ‘The Artist’. His previous Auto Orange Bud grow is below.

Auto Orange Bud grow review previously made by The Artist

The reason to make a repeat grow with Auto Orange Bud seeds was simple – the first grow was simply so good! 20%+ THC levels and a delicious mouthwatering taste of sweet freshly picked oranges make this the strain of choice for so many quality-focused connoisseur growers. 

Auto Orange Bud grown indoors in light-mix soil/coco with LEDs

The Artist uses a mixture of 50% light mix soil with 50% coco fibre. This provides a light and airy grow medium which encourages strong root growth especially when combined with air pots. Organic nutrients were supplied by additives from a BioTabs nutrient starter kit. This contains a mixture of nutrients to enrich the soil for the entire grow. This box contains Startrex, bactrex, silicum flash, mycotrex and biotabs.

The biotabs are tablets that you push inside the grow medium for slow release feeding. The grower simply adds water when required, no need to worry about daily nutrient feeds!

Auto Orange Bud day 1
Auto Orange Bud plant hole with Biotabs nutrients

For many growers, nutrient addition can be a major source of errors and issues. Using BioTabs means that just water has to be added. This greatly simplifies growing. LED lighting was supplied via 2 x 200W SolarSystem lights from California Lightworks. Total light was 400W though initially only one of the 200W lights was used while the plants were young.

Auto Orange Bud week by week flowering pictures

Auto Orange Bud grow overview and flowering in pictures

These week-by-week pictures show you the growth pattern of an autoflower plant. Note the rapid rate of changes as each week passes. The Auto Orange Bud plants were grown indoors under 20 hours of daily light from autoflower seed to harvest.

Moist cotton pads cannabis seed germination tutorial

Week 1

After a few days the 2 best looking seedlings (from a pack of 3) were selected and put in their final 30 litre airpot. The plant hole was sprinkled with Mycotrex for optimal root development and better water/nutrient uptake. In the first week the growth seemed slow. But experience shows that as soon as the seedling develops more leaves it will start to grow faster. Size after 1 week of growing is 5cm.

Auto Orange Bud week 1
Cannabis seedlings showing the initial cotyledon (‘baby’) leaves and the first serrated set of leaves.

Week 2

One of the two plants appeared to be growing a bit faster. Its 3rd set of leaves is a little larger than the other plant. Besides that, the plants seemed very healthy. You can just see the side branches if you look closely.  Size is still quite small, only 7cm. But many years of experience growing autoflower seeds tells ‘The Artist’ that more growth will come around week 5.

Auto Orange Bud week 2
The small cannabis plant has a second pair of serrated leaves and small side branches can be seen.

Week 3

In week 2, the plant on the left seemed to be growing a little faster. In week 3 the complete opposite appears to be happening. Both of them are now around 12cm in height, but the right hand one has developed bigger leaves and a larger overall size. Yet both of them seem very healthy. Shiny leaves and side branches are starting to form nicely. More rapid growth is expected now they have more leaves. It’s not unusual to see different growth rates from different plants at various stages.

Auto Orange Bud Week 3
With large leaves and luscious green growth the Auto Orange Bud plants continue to grow in height and width.

Week 4

More and more leaves start to develop. Both plants are now about 20cm in height. The right hand plant has bigger and wider leaves compared to the left one. So far both plants look healthy and the leaves have a very nice shine on them. You can see signs that these are feminised autoflowers between the branches. The Artist noted that these autoflowers were not quite as large as those seen on his previous grows.

Auto Orange Bud Week 4
Female pre-flowers are visible indicating that the plant is indeed a female autoflower. Branches, leaves and roots continue to grow.

Week 5

The Auto Orange Bud plants are getting bigger and bushier. Some of the lower leaves and lower branches were removed since they received little light. By removing these, The Artist hoped that the autoflower will focus it’s energy on upper bloom sites, producing larger buds. The plants are 30 / 33 cm tall. The right hand plant in particular has some impressively large fan leaves. Overall two beautiful, healthy looking plants. No issues so far.

Auto Orange Bud Week 5
Auto Orange Bud prepares for bloom with numerous bud sites and continued lush growth.

Week 6

Perhaps it’s because of the intense LED lights being a little too close to the canopy which can result in short plants. Or perhaps it’s just the natural phenotypes. But the two Auto Orange Bud plants appear to be the more bushy, shorter plants. These are super potent, with rock-hard buds but they are also compact plants. This caused ‘The Artist’ to remove some leaves to improve light penetration and promote better development. One plant seems to be faster growing than the other, with larger bud development and more resin. But The Artist remained happy to see they are both developing well.

Auto Orange Bud Week 6
With large fan leaves, Auto Orange Bud continues to grow. Bud sites continue to mature with increasing resin production.

Week 7

Hoping for more stretch in his plants, The Artist decides to hang his LED grow lights a little higher above the canopy in his next grow. The intention is to increase the distance between the nodes and create a taller plant – perhaps with better light penetration.

These two Auto Orange Bud plants won’t be the tallest. But they are showing plenty of bud sites. With extremely high THC levels there are never any worries about the harvest quality. The plant on the right has the same bushy structure as the Auto Orange Bud in The Artists previous grow.

Auto Orange Bud Week 7
Auto Orange Bud kicks on in bloom. The bud sites get larger and aroma begins to step up with skunky citrus scents.

Week 8

The small left plant is showing very thick buds which are already covered in trichomes. It will be finished a week or so earlier than the other. The right, larger Auto Orange Bud is showing very thin bladed leaves, very typical of sativa strains. The main bud is forming very nicely.

Auto Orange Bud Week 8
Auto Orange Bud continues to mature, white hairs (pistils) emerge from the bud points. Auto Orange Bud starts to give an impression of her final size/shape.

Week 9

A lot of buds are forming on both plants. The small thick one already has some sizeable and chunky buds forming considering the low/medium height. Plant height may be lower than The Artist would have wanted, but the buds are going to be dense and heavy with some beautifully scented nuggets. Some leaves are changing colours, but this is not unusual in the last few weeks and nothing to worry about. The Artist looked forward to the last couple of weeks and hopes to see resin production increase heavily.

Auto Orange Bud Week 9
Hints of colour form on the leaves and buds. The blooms start to fatten and take shape. Maximum effort goes into bloom and bud production.

Week 10

Some beautiful frost is finally coating the buds giving them a beautiful and potent appearance. The Artist was impressed by the speed of development in the last couple of weeks. During the final weeks Auto Orange Bud gets pretty frosty! The smaller chunky plant on the left looks like it is ready for harvest. But The Artist allowed it to ripen for another week, this allows for potency and yield improvements. The buds were extremely hard, even though the overall size is a little less than expected. Resin still seems to be increasing. 

Auto Orange Bud Week 10
With hints of Orange pistils (hairs) harvest is approaching. The buds swell and continue to get increasingly resinous.

Week 11

The Artist loves seeing harvest-ready plants and mature buds in his grows. Any grower that enjoys photographing their plants will understand why! The resin is like a shiny glistening coating wrapped around the buds and leaves. The smaller plant will be harvested at this point, the larger plant on the right was given an extra week and a couple of days in the dark  in an attempt to increase the resin a little more before harvest.

Auto Orange Bud Week 11
Beautiful looking Auto Orange Bud plants ready for harvest 11 weeks after germination producing 170g of top-shelf buds!

Auto Orange Bud 170g harvest in 11-12 weeks

Auto Orange Bud frosty trichomes harvest

Between weeks 11 and 12 it was time to cut them down. The smaller plant was harvested first. It was already overdue because it seemed to be a week faster than the right one. It had rock hard buds and (overall) not too many leaves to remove.

The right hand plant was a little taller and somewhat bushier. It had more leaves to remove and trim. But the resin coverage was very good, that always makes trimming a lot easier! A sharp, appealing citrus smell was an added bonus for The Artist while he trimmed this Auto Orange Bud.

Auto Orange Bud dried buds

The buds were hung upside down in the grow tent and left to dry for several days (with the lights out of course). The buds were checked every day to see if the branches and buds were dry enough. Feeling highly satisfied with the result, The Artist trimmed all the buds from the branches and placed them in his glass jars.

They were kept there for several weeks to cure and gain some extra depth to the aroma. The frosted white appearance contrasts beautifully with the orange hairs and flecks of autumnal colours in the buds. Together with the sweet terpene profile this made for true connoisseur quality bag appeal. A great quality result in the end.

After several weeks of curing, the dried buds from the right hand plant smelled very sweet and fruity. The left hand Auto Orange Bud ended up smelling quite different, an unusual phenotype.

The aroma was described as definitely ‘nice and strong’ though perhaps not quite as fruity as The Artist might have expected from a strain with Orange Bud heritage.

Auto Orange Bud, dependably high THC buds with blissfully enjoyable effects

Nonetheless, The Artist remained very satisfied with his results. In the end the plants were a little more compact than The Artist would have preferred, but he still harvested about 80g of dried buds from one plant and 90g from the other. Vape quality was just as high as the previous Auto Orange Bud grow, with powerful and long lasting effects.

These carefully selected sativa genetics deliver a lively, upbeat and highly enjoyable few hours. Perfect for high-quality relaxation on the sofa after a stressful day, hanging out socially with friends or chilling on the beach.

The Artist intends to continue growing Auto Orange Bud as his dependable go-to autoflower strain but also plans to grow some other Dutch Passion autoflowers to discover more favourites.

We look forward to seeing his next autoflower seed grow!

Auto Orange Bud spin bud grow report

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  • Hi first time grower and starting with the orange did u do lst ? Thanks

    • Hey!

      That is a nice strain to start growing 🙂 In this grow there where no training techniques used.

      Dutch Passion

  • Favferrit
    14/10/2021 13:33

    Hey will these do OK outside in the s e england in spring

    • Hey!

      Yes they should do fine when you plant them in the best months of the year 🙂 Best would be late spring to start with autoflowers in the UK!

      Dutch Passion

  • Canna Green 420
    11/05/2023 15:58

    Lovely man, fruity and strongs buds.
    Due to the compactness of the buds and having harvested with wet soil, I had some flowers with botrytis.


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