Auto Mokum’s Tulip greenhouse grow review by Bob’s Auto’s from the Autoflower Network (AFN)

Auto Mokum's Tulip greenhouse grow report by bobs autos AFN

Auto Mokum’s Tulip is a stable and compact autoflower using USA cannabis genetics (Mokum’s Tulip x Auto Colorado Cookies). Her excellent quality and very tasty terpene profile combined with her ease of growth are what made this variety quickly gain acceptance in the growers community. In this independent grow review, Bob’s Auto’s – previously known as Auto Bobje on the Autoflower Network (AFN) — enlightens us about the performances of Auto Mokum’s Tulip grown directly in soil in a greenhouse.

Call me lucky Bob from now on, because I’m one of the lucky ones selected to test out Dutch Passion’s Auto Mokum’s Tulip. The seeds just arrived by courier post and of course I had to share this with the nice folks on AFN.

Auto Mokum's Tulip autoflower by dutch passion seeds packaging pot labels giftcard
Variety Auto Mokum’s Tulip, Greenhouse grow
Seed type Autoflowering cannabis seeds
Number of seeds 1 cannabis seed germinated
Date of germination Spring/Summer 2021
Germination rate 100%
Days required for germination 3 days
Greenhouse grow details Grown from June to middle of August, 75 days total

Basic grow information:

Grow room type Greenhouse
Plant numbers 1 seed and 1 plant
Plant containers Fabric pot of 10 gallons, used only part of it so maybe 20-25L of soil
Grow medium Coco fibre with MC nutrients
Grow technique Natural grow, no growth techniques used
Grow light Natural sunlight all the way!

Auto Mokum’s Tulip seeds germinated and started

Bob’s Auto’s germinated 1 seed. The small seedling showed its head already after a few days. It took around 4-5 days before the seed finally popped its head out of the ground. She lost the autoflower seed shell rather quickly and was showing her small leaves on the same day she germinated.

Auto Mokums Tulip autoflower by dutch passion germination 03

I immediately got to work and prepped a 10 gallon fabric pot with the remaining coco I had. My coco reserve has completely ran dry and because of that I couldn’t fill the pot to the level I had in mind, but I think there is enough for a nice rootball… I slowly flushed the coco with 20L of the two-part MC recipe for seedling to VEG and then let it rest for a couple of hours. Immediately after I was done with work I went back to the greenhouse and again ran the same nutrient mix, 10L this time, through the pot just to make sure everything was wet enough and I didn’t have dry spots in the coco. By the way, the color and texture difference between new and old coco is remarkable. I’ll try not to forget and show you guys next time. This little Tulip has popped out of the ground. Guess she feels safe in her new surroundings. Day three today and nothing has changed that much. I removed the beaker so she can breathe and start to photosynthesise… Oh yeah… Almost forgot. I named this one Allif as she’s from Amsterdam”

Auto Mokum’s Tulip greenhouse veg growth

Bob’s Auto’s managed to germinate his Auto Mokum’s Tulip seed directly in the soil in his greenhouse. The fact that he started this grow during the last few days of May ensured the night-time temperatures where not damaging to the fragile seedling.

Auto Mokum's Tulip autoflower by dutch passion seedling grown by Bob's Auto's AFN

It’s a nice day outside and with the windows open in the greenhouse there’s a nice breeze which tempers the climate inside. There was still enough nutrient solution present in the tank, so I only needed to adjust the pH a bit and diluted it a bit, so the ppm stays nice and low. 5.95 pH and 350 ppm is more than enough for this little Tulip at the moment. I’m checking the leaves every day for colour and this seems to be paying off. The plant is as healthy as a horse!

After 3 weeks of vegetative growth the plant really starts to grow more vertically. This is the period the plants have a well-established root system and can take a lot of nutrients.

Auto Mokum's Tulip autoflower by dutch passion veg phase grown by bob's auto's afn grower greenhouse grow

Little Allif is almost 1/3 the way of her lifespan. She is a care-free plant and by that, I mean that I don’t have to do anything to her. Just water every day which is the ideal way to disperse the nutrients over the coco. No more puddles or craters because of to much liquid. Just a soft rainfall over the top layer. I thought she still needed a bit more nitrate, so I mixed the ‘Veg to Early bloom’ recipe from MC as usual, but instead of the usual 40% dilution I did a 30% dilution. ie, I mixed up 35L of mix, but used 50L of water. This raised the EC value to 580. pH is 5.85 which should aid the nitrate uptake…

Auto Mokum's Tulip autoflower by dutch passion greenhouse grow vegetative phase healthy green cannabis plant

Growing cannabis plants in an uncontrolled greenhouse comes with its challenges, however during the first stages of growth there is really not much that can go wrong. Growing in a greenhouse is often preferred in temperate climates because it stays warmer in there and the plants are protected from the worst weather/storm conditions.

Growing cannabis in a greenhouse

Remarks during flowering period

After 4 weeks (around day 30) the plant is showing its first female hairs/pre-flowers. This is a sign the plant is progressing towards the flowering cycle and will now be growing and flowering at the same time for a few weeks.

Auto Mokum's Tulip autoflower by dutch passion greenhouse grow vegetative phase healthy green cannabis plant

Another sunny day and hot temps in the greenhouse. Allif likes it hot and is enjoying her stay. Since bloom has set in I’ve changed her reservoir with the ‘grow to early bloom’ recipe. pH is at 5.95 and EC is at 700ppm. She’s diggin’ that!! It was a very nice day today. Allif was basking in the sun. Gave her 5L of her nutrient solution. Now that she’s the only one that drinking it, one barrel goes about 10 days. That makes the EC and pH during the week very stable and that can only be good for her.

Auto Mokum's Tulip autoflower by dutch passion early flowering greenhouse growing cannabis weed

She continues to throw out pistil after pistil. Even the lower branches are filled with pistils. I wanted you to see the trichomes on this beauty. She’s a producer for sure! I predict this one to be soaking with resin. This one will be a good one for concentrates/pressing. Look at what’s put out right now and we’re only at day 51! And we still have 33 days of trichome production to look out for.

Auto Mokum's Tulip autoflower by dutch passion bud early trichome development

Yesterday, a couple of hours before defoliating…One day after defoliating Allif. I think this way she’ll get more air passing through…

Auto Mokum's Tulip autoflower by dutch passion flowering phase buds frosty trichomes sticky weed

Yesterday I found some mold in this beauty, so I cut it out, soaked the buds in a hydrogen peroxide solution (36%) and hung them up to dry. This is what remains of her. I bent the branches a bit so there would be more space between the buds and no buds touching each other. But she’s still not there yet…Had to remove yet another piece with mold. Cut the mold out and hung the good pieces to dry. I’ll be checking and harvesting as we go from now. Also squished some superfine rosin out of the buds I harvested a couple of days ago. Still a bit too wet, but I managed.

Auto Mokum's Tulip autoflower by dutch passion greenhouse growing frosty sticky cannabis buds trichomes loaded grown by bob's auto's AFN

It has been a mold free day for my beautiful Allif. The sun was shining, and humidity dropped to the low 60’s which is a huge improvement from the high 80’s it’s been the last week(s). On the other side the temperature got high as well so I had to water three times today…I love it when the sugar leaves have such a dense trichome coverage. There’s so much more real estate on those leaves then there is on the flowers. Perfect for extraction.

Auto Mokum's Tulip autoflower by dutch passion ripe cannabis bud lower budsite frosty pistils marijuana

Even though this plant had to withstand very high humidity levels at certain times she still managed to produce high-quality pot. She seemed a bit sensitive to mold in the greenhouse. Having said that, humidity levels were as high as 80% for a few weeks. Although this is an autoflower produced for indoor, bud production the Auto Mokum’s Tulip still made this grower very happy. It would have been cool to see more than 1 plant in the greenhouse because the mold could also have been phenotype-related.

Auto Mokum's Tulip autoflower by dutch passion ready for harvest greenhouse grown autoflowerweed cannabis buds

Auto Mokum’s Tulip Harvest report

After a couple of day drying in the shed I moved the buds inside and started to trim them. I would loved to have left them a day or two longer, but humidity is starting to spike as we have a week with heavy rain ahead of us. But look what my Little Allif gave me… Buds and sugar leaves coated with resin…

Auto Mokum's Tulip autoflower by dutch passion trichomes potent sticky flowers

Final Height in cm :

The final height of the Auto Mokum’s Tulip was around 50-60cm. Not the biggest plant but knowing she was grown directly from seed in the greenhouse in a temperate climate with not a lot of sunshine this isn’t a bad result.

Calyx-leaf ratio (Easy trim/yes or no) :

The calyx leaf ratio seems to be pretty good, and the sugar leaves that you trim are really covered in sticky resin. Which is ideal material to make your own rosin or other cannabis concentrates.

Quality (Resin/Smell/Compactness) :

The resin levels are top-notch. Both the flowers and the leaves are covered in a thick blanket of sticky trichomes! Both the aroma and taste are very nice too, Auto Mokum’s Tulip has a pungent aroma with sweet, fruity and dominant floral tones. The density of the buds could have been a bit better, however this being an outdoor greenhouse grow it wasn’t that bad either.

Auto Mokum's Tulip autoflower by dutch passion trimming manicuring tray nugs

Auto Mokum’s Tulip, post-harvest report

Although I’ve lost much to mold I’m still one happy camper. Look at my full jar and I got to take part in another AFN grow and this time with the phenomenal genetics of Dutch Passion. Boy, do they know their job .


In total the yield was 35 grams of primo buds and 36 grams of small flowers and frosty leaves. Not bad for a small autoflower that had some mould issues and therefore a lower yield that what it should have been.

Remarks after curing (taste and high):

Only one thing left to report about in this grow and that’s how my beautiful Allif a.k.a. Auto Mokum’s Tulip smells, tastes and smokes. This strain is one of two more fragrant strains I’ve grown and has become my goto strain to chill out. Whereas Bruce Banner gets me going in the morning, Mokum’s Tulip let’s me unwind after a busy day. After a cure of little more then two weeks I feel she is ready for a review. Can she get tastier after a longer cure? Sure, but like I said. She is my go-to strain for the moment. Humidity sits at 63%, I keep the jars at room temperature which is about 23°C / 73°F and they are kept out of direct sunlight. Grinding a bud in my trusty ‘Chinese’ Masterdam grinder a floral smell emerges upon opening the lid. Smoking it releases a more cookie mellow after-taste though, but the floral is still present. Yum! The buds aren’t that firm, but that is due to the fact that I lost the most dense buds to mold, which has been a b!tch this year!! But they are covered in resin…

Auto Mokum's Tulip autoflower by dutch passion dried nugs jar curing weed cannabis buds

Auto Mokum’s Tulip final rating

Overall rating (4/5 star): Bob’s Auto’s loved the quality of the Auto Mokum’s Tulip. The aroma and taste were 2 things he digged the most. The bag appeal could have been better, but since this was a grow with certain issues/challenges he wasn’t that unhappy either. The effect was also pretty nice and relaxing.


Aroma ★★★★★ (5 stars)
Taste ★★★★☆ (4 stars)
Effect ★★★★☆ (4 stars)
Bag appeal ★★★☆☆ (3 stars)
Overall rating ★★★★☆ (4 stars)


Special Remarks

So…Without further ado… Bag appeal: 3 stars awarded out of 5

As I explained above …the buds could have been more firm.

Taste: 4 stars awarded out of 5

Fantastic flavor especially for those of us that smoke joints. Vaping the bud leaves an almost lavender taste in your mouth. Better to smoke it.

Smell: 5 stars out of 5

My new discovery of this season. I like the floral smell a lot!

High: 4 stars out of 5

Nice relaxing high. I can smoke several a night. If you want to get wasted on this strain you need to make rosin out of it.

Medicinal: 2 stars out of 5

For me this strain is a recreational variety. Although it does relax me mentally, I didn’t get the muscle-relaxation I was looking for being a back patient and all.

About the Bob’s Auto’s from the AFN

Bob’s Auto’s, as the name describes grows Autoflowers exclusively. He has several years growing inside the greenhouse under his belt. Enjoying the new cultivars Dutch Passion has to offer, but also loving them good old-school ones in auto format. Bob’s Auto’s can be found on AFN. “Enjoy what you do, do what you enjoy!”

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