Auto Night Queen Autoflower seeds

For the quality conscious home grower

Auto Night Queen is one of the preferred varieties for cannabis home growers looking for the highest possible THC levels in an autoflowering Kush variety. Auto Night Queen won 1st Prize at the 2016 Champions Cannabis Cup, the carefully selected resin-rich Afghan genetics impressed the judges the most despite some fierce competition.

The indica dominant autoflower genetics deliver high levels of THC under a wide range of conditions, she grows well in any grow medium, and like many other indica dominant autoflowering cannabis varieties this is a variety that is exceptionally easy to grow.

This variety is also very fast, this grow was completed after 9 weeks. Auto Night Queen is usually ready to harvest around 75 days after germination, but occasionally the plants will be ready to harvest at around 65 days. Its a perfect variety for any home grower looking for a fast crop with a top strength THC rich smoke.

Other Dutch Passion auto varieties that can finish early are Auto Brooklyn Sunrise and Auto Blackberry Kush, both are also highly recommended for any grower looking for a fast, potent autoflower harvest.

Easy home grown with autoflower seeds

This weeks review comes from Ted. His Auto Night Queen grow diary is here, he grew two plants in soil in an indoor grow tent using LED grow lights. The grow lights were an HS1, which was sold by LED By Passion (Dutch Passion’s sister company).

In addition to the 75W HS1 light Ted used two CXB3590 LED grow lights which used COB (‘chip on board’) LED technology which Ted felt did a great job. The CXB3590 lights used just 55W each. LED growers have the advantage of lower energy costs, reduced grow room heat and a superior light spectrum.

The lights were on for 20 hours each day, followed by 4 hours of darkness. This 20/4 light schedule is the most popular light schedule for growers of autoflowering cannabis varieties and is suitable for the entire Dutch Passion autoflower seed collection.

Easy to grow indoors, heavy resin production

The Auto Night Queen was grown in soil, using Biogrow, Biobloom and Root Juice from Bio Bizz nutrients. Its a combination that delivers excellent results with relatively little complexity/effort.

The seedlings germinated and grew steadily, showing female pre flowers around day 20-25. It’s not one of the tallest varieties, she usually reaches around 50-75cm tall and has a bushy appearance typical of many indicas with Afghan Kush heritage.

The parent genetics were selected to deliver plenty of side blooms, and these help Auto Night Queen deliver heavy yields despite the slightly shorter plant size.

Home grown cannabis 9 weeks after germination

Ted’s Auto Night Queen seeds were grown in 12 litre airpots of Plagron Light soil. Airpots and Plagron Light are a well proven combination, especially among auto growers, the airpots ensure excellent levels of root oxygenation and minimise the slow growth issues associated with over-watering.

After 50 days of growth they were already in late bloom. The main central bloom was heavy, and the surrounding side blooms swelled with buds and resin. Auto Night Queen often shows purple colors during late bloom, the large fan leaves are usually the first parts of the plant to show color. And by the end of bloom the buds also have blue and purple notes.

Aroma Afghan Kush

The aroma is a classical Afghan Kush, deep and rich, with complicated layers of aroma and taste which make this a fantastic variety to enjoy, especially in the evenings. The strong hash scent will remind you of the aroma of a typical Dutch coffee shop, and the resin levels are just as good as anything you will see on a photoperiod variety.

The best of the modern autoflowering marijuana seeds really are capable of delivering excellent results, and the prize winning Auto Night Queen genetics are no exception.

Dried the buds

After harvest, Ted dried the buds in paper bags for 5 days and then put them in jars. Every couple of days the jars are opened to release residual moisture. The buds are dense, fragrant and frosty.

This is an appealing variety with a powerful aroma, attractive colors and a strong flavour. But most of the repeat customers grow Auto Night Queen simply because its such a strong smoke and so fast to grow.

If you are looking for a seriously strong autoflowering cannabis variety which is easy and fast to grow then Auto Night Queen should be in your plans. You can buy your feminised Auto Night Queen autoflower seeds online here.

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