Auto Night Queen grown organically indoors with LED

Auto Night Queen grown organically indoors with LED

Auto Night Queen is THC rich indica dominant autoflower seed variety made with cannabis cup (1st Prize in the 2016 Highlife Cup) winning Afghani Kush genetics. She is particularly popular with home growers who value the compact, productive growth structure which makes her easy to grow in any grow method/system.

The solid buds are really hard and difficult to squeeze! They have a pungent and earthy hash aroma. Sometimes this comes with sweet, fruity notes and always delivers a powerful numbing effect. In this grow review the plants were grown by Miss Mary of the Urban Growers Collective and pictures come from Antonio.

Auto Night Queen indoor grow review

Grow Details

VarietyAuto Night Queen
Cannabis seed typeAutoflowering cannabis seeds, indica
Number of seeds7
Date of germinationEnd 2015
Germination rate100%
Days required for germination3 days
Grow cycle8-11 weeks of 20/4 light
Stretch during bloomShort/compact autoflowers
Auto Night Queen budshot favourable calyx to leaf ratio easy to trim

Basic grow information

Grow room typeG-Kit 400 Wing
Grow room size118cm x 76cm
Plant containersMix of 3 Smartpots of 41L and 2 Airpots of 20L
Grow mediumCoco fibre:Light mix soil in a 1:4 ratio
NutrientsSannie’s Bio and BAC nutrients
Grow systemWatered by hand
Grow techniqueNatural grow
Grow lightFirst generation LED UFO of about 140W from China and 2x HS1 from Crazy-Led’s & More of 75W
Light distance to canopyBetween 20-45cm in bloom depending on the phenotype

Auto Night Queen, compact and easy-to-grow autoflowering cannabis seeds

Remarks during germination :

7 cannabis seeds were germinated in total following the cotton pad germination technique. We had a 100% germination rate as always. The 7 plants were kept in small 0.5L containers for about 1-1,5 weeks. During this period, they all grew steadily and seem to be quite homogenous. There was nothing special to mention besides they were all looking healthy with a vivid green color.

Auto Night Queen autoflower cannabis seeds germination seedlings

Cannabis seed germination using the proven cotton pad method

Remarks during vegetative growth – (20/4 lights for the entire cycle) :

5 of the best ones (although there was not much difference) were picked out and the two remaining seedlings were transplanted into small 1L airpots as a sort of experiment. It is often said that the root-space determines the actual size of the plant, and some might even say a small container can even speed up flowering.

Others say there is a maximum amount of soil an auto actually needs and can use during that short life cycle. Well, we do like testing a lot of stuff, so I guess that was something we were going to find out.

The other 5 autoflower plants were placed in 2 different containers, three of them in 41L smartpots, the other two in 20L airpots. Although we know all these plants come from seed (and therefore phenotype differences will occur), we thought it was nice to test the 2 different pots next to each other to see whether it would make any difference.

All 5 of the plants were growing pretty steadily and at the same speed during the first week in their new pots. One week later we noticed some differences and it even seemed the ones in the airpots were growing more rapidly and would probably become bigger than the other 3.

Auto Night Queen vegetative phase growth VEG ledgrown

Could this extra growth speed happen because the roots of the airpot plants were being ‘air pruned’ sooner? And thus, the rootball was developing quicker?

We cannot give a definitive answer to that, however it was definitely fun to witness. A few weeks later the two plants in the airpots had grown into nice and bushy autoflowers, these 2 seemed to become the biggest plants.

Most plants were showing a hybrid leaf style with a slightly broader Indica appearance. There was one plant that stopped growing at about 30cm, she stayed very small and started producing flowers before the others.

Auto Night Queen during flowering, minimal stretch

This mini plant got thick round flowers. This plant would probably not be much more than just a main cola and a little side bud. This was definitely the most Indica dominant plant from the 5. She started flowering in week 4!

Meanwhile all the other plants were just showing bud development from week 5 and onwards. Most of them were still growing at that time as well. We realised this was going to be a relatively quick harvest.

Auto Night Queen autoflowering plant afghan indica flower buds compact dense

Between week 5 and 7 the two biggest plants (the ones in the airpots) were still growing both vertically as well as horizontally. These became a bit bigger than the others. While the smallest plant stopped growing just before the end of week 4, the 2 remaining plants in the smartpots kept on growing until week 6.

These plants were roughly between the smallest and the biggest plants in size. Generally speaking, all of the plants had a very bushy and compact stature.

You could easily identify these were Indica dominant autoflowers. They averaged around 40-50cm with the smallest plant being just 30cm and the biggest around 60-65 and almost just as wide. We noticed that the larger plant was going to take a little longer too.

Auto Night Queen rockhard buds potent resinous trichomes

Auto Night Queen, fast harvests of rock hard buds

When we started this grow there were actually 7 plants in total, 2 remaining Auto Night Queen plants were transplanted into 1L airpots in which they were kept until harvest. These plants stayed a lot smaller of course, but we also noticed that these were ready to be harvested a lot quicker, just under 8 weeks.

Although these plants were actually quite tiny, they still gave us around 10-15g of dried buds per plant. These plants were not much besides some flowers and a few leaves, manicuring them was completed in a matter of minutes.

The flowers were very dense and compact and they smelled amazing. Kushy with mostly earthy and fruity tones. We could not wait to harvest the other 5 plants!

Auto Night Queen fast flowering airpot 1L compact sticky kush weed

That same week (after about 8,5 weeks from seed to harvest) the smallest autoflower of the remaining 5 was ready. This lady became rock-hard. She had a big main cola and the few flowers she had looked very beautiful.

The buds were covered in a dense white layer of trichomes surrounded by some bright orange pistils and dark green leaves. The other 4 seem to be needing another 1-2,5 weeks to become completely ripe. About 1 week later we set out to harvest 3 more plants.

Auto Night Queen short autoflowering plants thick buds flowers afghani genetics

These three plants  were the remaining 2 medium sized auto’s out of the smartpots and one of the two plants that was growing in the airpots. The biggest plant seemed to have the most hybrid leaf and bud structure and could use another week or so. We did not cut her yet at this point.

Harvesting the three medium sized autos was fun and one thing that caught our attention was the insane amount of resin that covered our scissors and gloves during the process. This was quite extraordinary.

The smell during manicuring was also pretty intense and pungent. We had to light up a lot of candles with different aromas in the house in an attempt to mask the smell.

Another thing that all the autoflowers shared was the fact that the buds were compact, dense and didn’t have many leaves in them. This made them easy to manicure. If you want to grow autoflower cannabis seeds that bloom super fast and are easy to trim, Auto Night Queen is almost impossible to beat!

Auto Night Queen sticky weed harvest time resinous scissor hash kush weed

We kept the biggest Auto Night Queen in the growroom for another week or so. She now had all the space she needed and she loved the extra light shining through her canopy.

This lady became almost as big as half of the grow area, let’s say she filled about 40-45% of the space. She got a massive main bud surrounded by several smaller, but still very well sized side-buds.

Her aroma was earthy, slightly gassy with some sour, zesty orange tone. We chopped her at around 11 weeks from seed to harvest. Still pretty fast for such a big and great looking autoflower.

Auto Night Queen ledgrown hs1 grownorthern indoor grow airpot

Harvest report for Auto Night Queen

Final Height in cm :

Most plants were short to compact in size. On average around 40-50cm with one smaller plant of about 30cm and one bigger plant of around 60-65cm

Auto Night Queen marijuana seeds ganja flowers buds big autoflowers

Calyx-leaf ratio (Easy trim/yes or no) :

Yes, she has a good calyx-to-leaf ratio. The buds are also very dense and compact making this a quick and easy trim.

Quality (Resin/Smell/Compactness) :

Superb bud quality, the flowers are incredibly  dense and covered in beautiful vivid orange pistils and a thick layer of trichomes. Bag appeal of most phenotypes becomes close to perfect. Resin levels are very good too, as mentioned before, they flowers are very sticky and everything is covered in resin. The aroma is pretty powerful and pungent, something you can smell from miles away, especially when she is lit. Her bud structure Is mostly Indica with some hybrid traits in some phenotypes. Expect round shaped flowers that become truly rock-hard.

Auto Night Queen nugshot frosty resinous potent

Grower impressions of Auto Night Queen

Yield :

Although some plants stayed quite small the overall yield was still pretty good. The two plants that were set aside and grown in 1L pots yielded more than 25g of dried buds together. The other 5 were quite different in weight.

The smallest of the 5 had about 30g of dried flowers, while the biggest plant yielded about 95g of dried buds. The head bud of this plant yielded close to 20 grams. In total the yield from the 5 plants ended up being around 275g.

Together with the two tiny plants that is about 300g of powerful Indica buds!

Auto Night Queen budshots compact flowers organically grown

Remarks after curing :

What a pungent aroma! These flowers definitely reek, almost with the same power as a Skunk. Afghani genetics are known to have a powerful aroma and these Auto Night Queens definitely live up to that, open the jar and you will find yourself in an Indica heaven. The aroma and taste are exactly what you expect, very kushy, with mostly earthy and hash tones, accompanied by some gas and pine. The most interesting phenotypes had floral and citrus tones added to this old school kush aroma. These did taste exactly the way they smelled. It’s effect mainly physical, being highly sedative and relaxing. A great bud to smoke before watching a movie or binge-watching a series.

Auto Night Queen indoor weed frosty fueled by thc trichomes terpenes

Auto Night Queen rating

Aroma★★★★½ (4,5 stars)
Taste★★★★☆ (4 stars)
Effect★★★★☆ (4 stars)
Bag appeal★★★★½ (4,5 stars)
Overall rating★★★★☆ (4 stars)

Overall rating (5 star rating) : 4+  Auto Night Queen has a great aroma and an amazing bag appeal, some phenotypes could even be given a 5, but in general a 4+ sums it up nicely. The effect is strong, mostly a body effect but with a nice euphoric happy touch.

Auto Night Queen sticky resin monster indica kushy budshots

Special Remarks

Auto Night Queen was very easy to grow and could take quite some nutrients. Her structure was pretty bushy and the flowers really became super compact.

The best tip we can give is to keep the humidity low during flowering. The smallest, but most compact, plant had such a dense bud structure that we unfortunately ended up with small piece of budrot.

The humidity levels were a bit too high at the end of flowering resulting in a small patch of budrot that we had to throw away. Overall, she is just very forgiving and fast flowering. Some were ready within only 8 weeks after germination. It is possible to strip some leaves for the biggest phenotypes but we wouldn’t recommend it for the smaller and more compact pheno’s. They can use all the leaves they have for photosynthesis.

She is actually a great smoke for people that are into Indica’s. We truly love the effect, very sedative and narcotic. Smoke a fat joint and you can relax for hours!

Auto Night Queen indica body stoned strong potent high

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