Auto Skywalker Haze 280g harvest in 85 days by Danknuggets (AFN)

Auto Skywalker Haze grow diary by Danknuggets (Autoflower Network)

Danknuggets from the Autoflower Network (‘AFN’) grew Dutch Passion Auto Skywalker Haze seeds. Recent work by Portuguese licensed grower ‘Pure Healing’ has shown 29% THC levels. If you want to grow some of the strongest autoflower seeds currently available then you may want to check out how this grower achieved a 10 ounce (280g) dry yield of pungent, potent buds within 85 days from seed to harvest. The information, quotes and pictures featured below come courtesy of Danknuggets.

Auto Skywalker Haze grow diary by Danknuggets (Autoflower Network)

Auto Skywalker Haze is part of the highly exclusive High THC cannabis seed collection. This is home only to those strains that can hit and exceed 25% THC levels. This sativa auto strain can take around 12 weeks from autoflower seed to harvest, but occasional long-blooming phenotypes may take an additional week or two.

These are fine quality Haze autoflowering cannabis seeds, as such they have a slightly longer cycle time than the average autoflower. The total seed-to-harvest time on this grow was 85 days with almost 10 ounces (around 280g) of dried bud. Comments and pictures come from Danknuggets.

I will start Auto Skywalker Haze in two weeks just going with one plant in its own tent 4 feet x 4 feet (1.2m x 1.2m) to herself. Apparently these can reach 2m with some longer phenos going 15 weeks, so expect a monster.

I couldn’t wait so I found the biggest air pot I could find. I took 3/4 of a bag of eco thrive to fill it, cannabis seed straight in to final pot. In a 2 feet x 2 feet (60cm x 60cm) tent for first few weeks under an old Mars300 LED. This is just for vegetative growth until there is room for her in the main tent.

I’ve put another bean in to germinate last night first one is not looking great. It’s early days so she maybe ok but I want a back up so I can pick the stronger one. My start game needs work – I struggle with seedlings more than any part of the grow but we have one up and running now.

Auto Skywalker Haze 3 weeks into the grow – steady growth

Auto Skywalker Haze at day 22. Definitely got a more indica looking phenotype here think she’s gonna be as wide as tall. All seems to be ok she’s just cruising slowly at moment.

Above, Auto Skywalker Haze 22 days after seed germination.

She’s found her groove now, growth spurt and temps today so far much better.

I know I love the sun but not when I can’t get it a new hurricane fan and some more ducting gonna beat this heat.

Auto Skywalker Haze at day 29, stretching a little with continued growth

She’s stretching now and drinking more just on Canna ‘A’ & ‘B’ and Rhyzotonic at the moment.

Above, Auto Skywalker Haze at day 29 in an airpot. Early stretch and healthy growth.

Auto Skywalker Haze, lightly defoliated and put under SCROG screen

Auto Skywalker Haze – just a defoliation and the net put on. Just weaving trying to fill space now and cleared most lower growth for light penetration and airflow.

Above, Auto Skywalker Haze at day 39, lightly defoliated and under a SCROG screen.

Filling up nicely it’s feeding time now for the girls, I hope I can keep them this happy all the way through

How to grow cannabs with the SCROG method

Auto Skywalker grows strongly mid-way through the grow

All doing nice, definitely a stinky powerful nose coming of the Auto Skywalker Haze. I’m glad my filter is up to the job. I’m expecting some top smoke from this girl judged just on that smell -very potent, its been a few years since I’ve grown Dutch Passion stuff. I grew a lot of The Ultimate – I loved how big they got. I would grow 1 Auto Skywalker Haze each end of my 4×8 next time to see if I could fill space netted with just 2 plants. I think it’s possible with this strain.

Day 63 Auto Skywalker Haze update. She’s a stinker that’s for sure, luckily I got deodoriser gel so smell all good from outside the tent. As in the words of yoda, Stinky she is, hmmmm, Taste her you must.

No joke she is a stinky bitch I can tell that she’s going to be a strong smoke from that stench coming off her. If she tastes anything like she smells, she will have a place in my tent and lungs again for sure.

Auto Skywalker Haze approaches harvest with pungent/penetrating odours and heavy blooms

Ok so she’s 10 weeks old tomorrow I’m going to feed her another week and then see where she’s at, if she can go longer I will take as long as she takes. I want that amber couch lock shit.

Cool, good to know I’m feeding according to the Canna auto chart till the end of week 11 or 12 to see how she is then just boost. Cannazym and Mammoth P for last week. I’ve been checking old notes and trying to copy things that were good with grows before – Mammoth P was something I stopped using about same time as yields got bigger but taste was not as I liked.

She’s going till day 80 then chop the main cola has fallen over now and she’s fading fast in a good way.

Danknuggets posted more pictures from day 82, 3 days before harvest. The strong skunk-like pungency levels were a real feature of this grow. If you prefer strains with lip-smacking levels of old-school flavour then Auto Skywalker Haze is a great choice. Note the numerous blooms, typical of Dutch Passion autoflower genetics.

Above, Auto Skywalker Haze at day 82. Harvest followed 3 days later.

Auto Skywalker Haze smoke/vape report

Auto Skywalker Haze took 85 days to grow from seed to harvest in an airpot using LED grow lights. Danknuggets used his experience and an optimised grow room to produce a heavy yield of almost 10 ounces. Proof that the latest ultra-high THC autoflowers can also deliver genuine XL yields. Here is a final comment from Danknuggets.

Auto Skywalker was an absolute delight to grow from bean to bud. By the 5th week she was a sizeable bush and just kept growing ended up with a good harvest of very frosty nuggets with just under 10oz of quality bud to smoke. The smoke was strong stinky and left me in a haze daze for a couple of hours the taste was a nice blend of spice and lemon with a powerful high. If I was to rate skywalker she would get an 8 for strength and taste and a 10 for smell!


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  • MaryJane
    02/06/2022 19:15

    The picture from 3 days before harvest, it has loads of white pistils. It wasn’t ready yet, or am I missing something?

    • Because of the foxtailing this plant was still trying to produce new buds while also having matured a lot already. So at some point you need to make the decision to harvest your plant 🙂



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