Auto Ultimate easy to grow and heavy harvest

Grown under HPS and LED

Auto Ultimate is easy to grow and is one of Dutch Passions best yielding autoflower seed varieties. She is easy to grow in any grow system and delivers heavy harvests of THC rich home grown cannabis. In this weeks Auto Ultimate grow review ‘Evil Scotsman’ produced a huge plant with numerous heavy blooms.

The Auto Ultimate was grown in a GT205 NFT (nutrient film technique) system with a 4W airstone and nutrients mostly from the Dutch Pro range, including Grow, Bloom, Take Root and Explode. The full grow review with all the details is here on the Autoflower Network.

Rapid through VEG

Auto Ultimate grew rapidly through veg, at this stage of growth the nutrient demand is relatively low, the plant is growing leaves, roots and branches. The Dutch Pro ‘Grow’ nutrients are Nitrogen rich and designed to allow the plant to create a strong foundation on which to build the later heavy flowering.

Auto Ultimate autoflower seeds

Easy to grow, high THC XL harvest

Auto Ultimate normally grows in veg mode for around 25 -30 days, with the first female pre flowers appearing around 4 weeks after germination. Most growers tend to switch from grow nutrients to bloom nutrients as the plant shows the first female pre-flowers.

Some growers like to wait until the plant has been in bloom for around a week until they switch to bloom nutrients, feeling that the plant will benefit from Nitrogen rich grow nutrients while the plant is still transitioning to bloom. Auto Ultimate is usually grown under 20 hours of daily light, but she also grows well under 24 hour light from seed to harvest.

Auto Ultimate has a feel good anti-anxiety high with a strong body stone, its a long lasting effect and equally popular with medical and recreational growers. Smoke too much and Auto Ultimate produces a sleepy effect and a very strong appetite!

Auto Ultimate, indoor cannabis growing with the best autoflower seeds.

Once in bloom, the auto plant development is best supported with dedicated bloom nutrients which tend to be higher in Phosphorus. And this is the point where the extreme growth vigor of Auto Ultimate really begins. Auto Ultimate thrives in high intensity light, this allows multiple bloom points to form.

The secret to getting maximum performance from Auto Ultimate is to ensure she is kept in the nutrient sweet spot, without over feeding or underfeeding. At the same time Auto Ultimate needs very intense light levels to deliver the extreme XL yields shown in this weeks grow review. Not all auto varieties can deliver several hundred grams from each plant, but Auto Ultimate has a proven track record for doing exactly that.

The Auto Ultimate genetics are bred for the ultimate home grown performance, during bloom the branches grow long and produce heavy THC rich blooms. Towards the end of the grow, and especially if you have a monster AutoUltimate, the branches will need support to prevent them collapsing under their own weight.

Growing cannabis easily indoors with Auto Ultimate

The pictures from Evil Scotsman show 30+ separate blooms formed on the Auto Ultimate, and the open structure of the plant allowed good light penetration to all the bloom points.

The combined intense light from the HPS and LED grow lights allowed the Auto Ultimate to reach its full potential. Thought the grow, the Auto Ultimate was fed without over or under feeding. It was an impressive home grow, and the grower enjoyed an XXL harvest.

Growing a monster autoflower like this requires large volumes of nutrient solution, several litres per day are required at the end of bloom. The rewards are high if you have a massive plant in your grow room, but the demands are also high.

The plant will need feeding once or even twice each day. In a hydroponic system that means regularly preparing feed solutions and having a clear understanding of the role of the nutrients.

Dutch Passion autoflowering cannabis seeds are fast and easy to grow.

If you want to grow an XXL autoflower with a harvest of several hundred grams then Auto Ultimate is one of the very best varieties to select, especially if you have invested in a grow room with high light levels that will allow Auto Ultimate to reach her full potential.

Auto Ultimate tends to deliver the heaviest harvests in hydroponic systems, but she also is a proven performer in soil and coco fibre grow mediums, especially when good levels of root aeration are provided (e.g. using air pots or felt sacks). You can buy your feminized Auto Ultimate seeds online from Dutch Passion.

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