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Dutch Passion’s auto-blue has it all

Dutch Passion AutoBlueberry was one of the first true high-performance automatics that featured the very best photoperiod genetics from our original BlueberryAutoBlueberry is a popular seed choice for those looking to produce extra-special quality pot.  It’s a very potent variety with a luxury relaxed/comfortable/numbing effect.  For many of our customers AutoBlueberry is the overall best-quality seed choice combining yield, quality and potency.  And it’s strong; a little goes a long way with a long lasting euphoric high.

The grow review in this weeks blog shows how easy it is for the home grower to produce 200g+ yields of genuine top quality cannabis from a single AutoFem plant.  And all this just 11 weeks after seed germination under a fixed daily lighting system of 20 hours of light followed by 4 hours of ‘lights out’.

AutoBlueberry Grow Review by Tang

The pictures and comments come from Tang, who used a 15 litre airpot with Plagron Light soil mix and LED grow lights from Grow Northern to produce a harvest of 246g from his AutoBlueberry 81 days after germination. The original grow diary is courtesy of

Dutch Passion AutoBlueberry

Above and below, AutoBlueberry.  Grown in Plagron Light soil, using airpots and Advanced Nutrients to produce a harvest of 246g dry buds.  Growth was rapid under LED, plant harvested 81 days after germination.

nuggets of buds

Tang’s favourite Dutch Passion auto

Tang rates AutoBlueberry as his favourite Dutch Passion auto.  It’s a comment we get from lots of regular Dutch Passion growers.  This is an easy variety to grow, no problem at all for a first-time grower.  The cannabis from AutoBlueberry produces a warm, cozy and extremely relaxed view of the world.  It’s strong, yet it delivers a long lasting and soothing effect.  Enjoy it on a summers day and spend the day in an active way. Or smoke it on a winters day and you will be happy that the snow is too deep to go outside, stay inside and watch a movie.

AutoBlueberry has a wide appeal across a wide range of cannabis lovers, it yields well, it is oh-so strong and anyone can grow it.  AutoBlueberry remains in the top-5 best sellers from our auto collection alongside Think Different, AutoMazar, StarRyder and AutoXtreme.  It’s a best seller for very good reasons and if you haven’t grown her yet then this is definitely one automatic which you should try for yourself.

big drooping auto blueberry
Above and below.  More AutoBlueberry images from Tang’s grow.
frosty nuggets

Comments by Tang

“This was the fourth AutoBlueberry I had grown and my biggest so far, it’s unsurprisingly become a classic in the auto world with its amazing smell and taste.  It’s my personal favourite. This AutoBlueberry was grown in a 15L Airpot filled with Plagron Light mix soil then fed Advanced Nutrients from day 10.  The light was a Grownorthern MS0006 (190w) with 2 Rebel upgrades fitted with a schedule of 20hrs light-on, 4hrs off.”

“From very early on this plant had rapid growth throwing out multiple side branches she was so fast in fact she was only fed veg nutrients for 20 days before being flushed at day 30 and put on Sensi Bloom. From quite early on in veg you pick up the sweet fragrance but it’s not until full bloom do you get the amazingly powerful smell,I would like to say its fruity but it’s more of a sugary candy shop sweetness that fills the air.”

blue hues to the buds
Above and below, close up photography shows the autumnal colours and blue hues on the sticky buds.  As well as good yields the buds have a great taste and aroma, a real treat for the connoisseur cannabis lover.
more autumnal blue colours on the sticky buds

246g Yield

“In total this AutoBlueberry took 81 days with no problems along the way.  She was fed the same strength as strains like Think different and AutoXtreme (around 1.8EC at max) and loved it so the myth that Blueberry is a fussy eater shouldn’t put people off. I had some of the beautiful autumnal colours from where the strain got its name come through by the end and she also got fatter than I could have ever imagined yielding 246g dry. “

“The cured buds are wonderfully sticky and stinky and there are some very strong sweet flavours while vaporising. The high is a heavy indica one and defiantly one for after work although I’ve been mixing the Auto Blueberry with Auto Durban Poison and the taste and buzz is perfect especially for days in the sun. Overall an easy strain to grow that can give high yields of connoisseur grade buds.”

high resin levels

Above.  High levels of resin-frosting make AutoBlueberry a notably potent variety and produce a heavy dank aroma.

Below. AutoBlueberry at harvest with the fan leaves removed.  Note how Tang had to tie the side branches to the main stem.  This prevents the blooms collapsing under their own weight

heavy blooms just before harvest
Below, close up of a cured AutoBlueberry bud.  Just grind up and enjoy
macro nugget


AutoBlueberry is fast becoming a classic autofem variety.  This is a variety which produces some of the best quality cannabis you can grow, it takes just 10-11 weeks from seed to harvest and rewards the grower with a connoisseur feast of fruity taste, aroma and colours.  And all with XXL yields, what are you waiting for?

Dutch Joe

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  • Cory Maguire
    18/11/2019 04:28

    Nice! First time grower here. What nutrients/amounts did you use. im week 3 and all ive used is root probiotics.

    If you wouldnt mind filling me in. first time growing anything. got the light the seeds earth and pots (5gallon grow bags).

    Send me a copy to email if you can. [email protected]


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