AutoBrooklyn Sunrise is easy to grow and high THC

AutoBrooklyn Sunrise is easy to grow Dutch Passion

Autobrookyln Sunrise is easy to grow

AutoBrooklyn Sunrise is easy to grow and uses top quality cannabis genetics from the USA to make a THC-rich auto. AutoBrooklyn Sunrise uses genetics from the ‘Brooklyn’ Diesel variety and the proven ‘AK’ cannabis line. 

Many growers comment that AutoBrooklyn Sunrise is particularly good as an anti-anxiety medicine.

 AutoBrooklyn Sunrise anti-anxiety medicine Dutch Passion
AutoBrooklyn Sunrise is easy to grow

Growth cycle

Indoor growers find the best growth cycle is with 20-hours of daily light, followed by 4 hours of darkness.  This grow cycle works well with the full Dutch Passion auto collection.  AutoBrooklyn Sunrise is often ready to harvest around 70-75 days after the seed germinates. 

She grows well in soil, coco, hydro or any other grow system.  These are robust genetics which have been specially selected for combining top-level potency with ease of grow.  Yields are well above average.  AutoBrooklyn Sunrise also grows well outdoors, where she tends to reach around 1 metre tall, and is often ready to harvest around 85 days after germination.

 AutoBrooklyn Sunrise

Review by 2Stoned

This weeks grow review comes from ‘2stoned’ who grew a beautiful AutoBrooklyn Sunrise in an autopot under a Mars Hydro LED with 190W power draw.

The following words and pictures are from ‘2stoned’.  The original grow diary is here.

“The best part about the AutoBrooklyn Sunrise is just how easy she was to grow, a very hardy plant as well. She was grown in an autopot with Plagron Lightmix soil and extra perlite in a tent under a Mars Hydro 400w LED (190 actual draw). The only nutrients used were Advanced Nutrients Sensi Bloom, Density Calcium/Magnesium Pro and Density Power Boost Pro.”

 AutoBrooklyn Sunrise
 AutoBrooklyn Sunrise
 AutoBrooklyn Sunrise

More light for more yield

“There are only 2 things I would change in the next grow and that is get more light because she would have yielded a lot more. Also, I would have fed her with slightly less nutrients.”

“Now the good bit. AutoBrooklyn was harvested on day 70 after a 10 day flush with 80% cloudy and 20% amber trichomes (resin glands). And she yielded 231g (8.1oz), the smell was just a fantastic tropical fruity smell with a hint of diesel. After 2 weeks of curing when you open a jar the smell just smacks you in your senses, its wonderful.”

 AutoBrooklyn Sunrise jars Dutch Passion


“The taste is a bit hard to explain as there are so many different underlying tones making it hard to pinpoint. But if i have to make a choice it would be a sweet and sour fruit taste with hints of pine. The high is just the best balanced high I have experienced, it starts with a great uplifting high that gets you smiling and motivated. Then after about 30mins its flows into a relaxed body stone but still with enough uplift to keep you going for a couple of hours. I would give the buds 5marks out of 5 for looks, its a nice light green with tons of trichchomes and not too dense or fluffy. This is the perfect anti anxiety medication.”

Over feeding

“I can honestly say the only slight problem I had with this grow was over feeding.  I never went over 1ml per litre of nutrients from start to finish and the leaves still showed slight tip burn (brown ends to the leaves, suggesting that nutrient may have been a little bit too concentrated).   But i think the autopot contributed to this because at peak she was drinking 5 litres a day, hence more nutrients and tip burn”

Some advice

“If i could give future growers any advice it would be do not over feed this girl, she really does not like it. But what she does like is LST (Low Stress Training, for example tying down branches). To start I ponytailed her to open the bottom sites up to more light which helped the side branches grow big. Then using more LST on the side branches to open her up, also some LST super-cropping to keep the canopy even. And finally defoliation (removal of some fan leaves). All of this and she just laughed at me and grew bigger. If you want an easy to grow, good yielding great smoke then this is the strain for you.”


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