AutoFrisian Dew Outdoor Dutch Grow

AutoFrisian Dew

AutoFrisian Dew is Dutch Passions best auto for outdoor growers.  Its a tough, robust and fast variety which uses genetics from our famous outdoor best-selling Frisian Dew photoperiod variety.

This weeks customer review comes from ‘The Burb’ a Dutch grower that wanted to grow a small amount of quality cannabis outdoors in time for early summer.  In the Northern hemisphere AutoFrisian Dew can be planted out in May and be ready to harvest by August. 

Growers at more southerly latitudes can get 2 or even 3 successive crops per year using autoflowering varieties.  AutoFems are a popular alternative to traditional photoperiod varieties which usually take until early October until harvest is possible in the Northern hemisphere. 

In the Southern hemisphere autos can be ready to harvest from February onwards, whereas photoperiod varieties may take until April.  

short lifespan

With the short lifespan, an auto grown outdoors in a tough climate will often stay below 1 metre and usually they will yield anything between 25 and 75 grams depending on growing conditions and the amount of sunlight available. 

This weeks grow from ‘The Burb’ in a cool and cloudy Dutch climate shows that it is really straightforward, fast and easy to grow your own cannabis outdoors.

Grow details by The Burb

The Set-Up

30 Litre Airpots with Coco fibre,   Canna A+B fertilizer,  Lighting = The Sun !!

“At first I germinated the seeds in a little propagator in my window. After about 10 days i transplanted the little seedlings into 1 litre airpots, the plants stayed in the 1 litre pots for about another week until the roots were coming out the bottom.”

“Then it was time to transplant the little AutoFrisian lady’s in to 30 litre airpots in which they stayed for the rest of the grow.”

Nutrient problems

“At first I had some nutrient problems but after I purchased a pH & EC meter these were all gone.”

“I gave my girls a steady EC of 1.5 the entire grow up to two weeks before harvest, then the only thing they got was tap water with a PH of 5.5. Every night after dark I would store the plants in my shed so they wouldn’t get too cold.”

Quality was awesome

“The plants didn’t get very big, but the quality of bud that they yielded was awesome, I can honestly say that the high hits hard ! And the buds look great, they are covered in trichomes (resin glands).”

“The total yield of my two Auto Frisian Dews was 56 grams. And for a first try with Auto flowers outdoors I’m very pleased with that. I made the rookie mistake of growing them in 1 litre airpots first instead of putting them directly into the 30 litre containers from the start.”

“I‘m sure that if I had done that the plants would have grown a lot bigger.
I would definitely grow the Auto Frisian Dew again in the future.”


Congratulations to The Burb, there is nothing quite as satisfying as growing your own cannabis outdoors for the first time.  The Burb could also have used plain supermarket garden soil, and with a large 30 litre container of soil feeding/nutrients are probably not absolutely essential. 

This makes it pretty simple to grow autoflowering cannabis varieties outdoors in your garden, patio, back yard or balcony. 

Plant the seeds

The seeds can be planted in containers or directly into the ground.  All you need to do is water occasionally and get ready to harvest the plants around 11 weeks after the seed germinates. 

Auto growers should note that in cooler climates autos will take an extra week or two to ripen compared to indoor grown plants, this is due to temperatures often being lower in outdoor grows.  

Autos do well in greenhouses and polytunnels

Autos also do well in greenhouses and polytunnels.  Of course they will also grow well planted in the hills, fields, and riverbanks – just protect the plants with some chicken wire to stop deer/rabbits eating them, and use slug pellets to stop snails attacking them.

Just a few years ago it was impossible to imagine cannabis varieties that would be ready so early, but the arrival of quality autoflowering cannabis varieties from the best seed banks has changed all of that.  If you are looking to grow a few back-yard cannabis plants then autos could be the answer. 

You don’t need any growing experience, just a large container of earth and a few seeds.  AutoFrisian Dew comes with our recommendations, it could not be easier to grow and has a great strong high.

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