AutoNight Queen, AutoDaiquiri Lime, AutoColorado Cookies

Home grown cannabis review

This weeks multi-strain autoflower grow review shows some great looking home grown cannabis plants from TeeHee.  The diary featured three of the easiest and strongest Dutch Passion autos to grow, AutoNight Queen, AutoColorado Cookies and AutoDaiquiri Lime and produced over 800g of dry buds from a fast, simple auto grow.  TeeHee is an experienced Auto grower and previously got a Kilo of dry cannabis buds from an AutoUltimate 2-plant diary.

Canna Coco Plus

Each plant was grown initially in a 5 litre airpot container, using Canna Coco Plus (coco fibre).  5 litre airpots are OK for smaller plants, but as the plants get larger they need two or more feeds her day to prevent the container drying out.  Around week 5,  the plants were put into 20 litre airpots of coco to allow more root growth and larger final plants.  Plants were grown under 24 hour light.

The combination of air pots and coco fibre is a proven combination that allows rapid growth rates and high levels of oxygen to reach the roots.  This grow diary of AutoMazar in an airpot of coco also produced some spectacular results.  Its easy to see why coco fibre is such a popular grow medium for autoflowering cannabis varieties. 

The plants were grown in a indoor tent using Home & Grow nutrients, and later on Advanced Nutrients .  They were grown using Skyline LED units and grew into large bushy plants with numerous blooms and a heavy yield of top quality cannabis.  The original grow diary is here on Autoflower network and here on the LED growers forum


AutoNight Queen

AutoNight Queen grew into a large multi-bloomed plant.  The blooms were long and fat, and with many of them – it was a big harvest.  AutoNight Queen is one of the stronger Dutch Passion autoflowers, winning ‘Best Autoflower’ prize at the 2016 Highlife Cup with 20%+ THC levels.  Its a strong indica smoke, with good medical feedback for pain relief and sleep assistance.  The AutoNight Queen was harvested 82 days after germination.  Throughout the grow the AutoNight Queen was one of the faster plants to develop, slightly ahead of the other varieties in terms of development. 

TeeHee made the following remark “The Auto Night Queen was lovely, she smells so good, and I’m just having my first smoke of her, absolutely delicious, really sweet strawberry milkshake kinda taste with an earthy plummy aftertaste, and really potent! Night Queen gave me 282g or 9.95oz – pretty much 10 ounces of what looks like being my new favourite smoke.”


AutoColorado Cookies

This plant didn’t grow as well as TeeHee wanted, but it still produced plenty of buds from the multiple blooms.  The problems resulted from damage to the root system when transplanting from a 5 litre airpot to a 20 litre airpot.  TeeHee explained the problem “during the transfer from 5L to 20L airpot, the lower half of the Coco/root mass broke up, she hasn’t grown much since then, but her flowers are developing”.  Some growers like to start the auto seedling in the final plant pot to minimise the stress of transplanting into larger containers.  But autos are tough, robust and adaptable genetics.  In the end the AutoColorado Cookies went on to produce a short, but productive plant covered in sticky buds.  

The AutoColorado Cookies has quickly established a good reputation for potent buds in large quantities.  She combines the best quality Girl Scout Cookies that we could find along with our own Blueberry genetics.  Its a long lasting high and easy to grow, this auto was harvested 79 days after germination.  Despite the damaged root ball, the plant produced 45g (1.6 ounces) of dry buds.


AutoDaiquiri Lime

AutoDaiquiri Lime is another Dutch Passion autoflower with genetics from the USA.  Its a heavy producer of THC-rich buds, and its so easy to grow that it is often recommended to first time cannabis growers.  This variety has a fresh citrus taste, a lime aroma and a really strong sativa smoke with a soaring high.  The AutoDaiquiri Lime took over 90 days before she was harvested, but this was the largest plant from the grow.  The total dry harvest was 506g, it was an exceptional harvest from a superbly cultivated plant.  The large AutoDaiquiri Lime plant showed the typical Dutch Passion auto structure, with a heavy central bloom surrounded by a ring of smaller blooms.  Under optimum conditions, with plenty of light the best autoflower genetics show spectacular results. 


Congratulations to TeeHee on a great harvest and a superb display of growing skills.  If you are thinking of growing some high yielding, high-THC autos then please take a look at the Dutch Passion auto collection.  Its a proven collection of the best auto genetics from the best breeders.  


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