AutoUltimate Grow Review Heavy Yielding

the mega auto

AutoUltimate grow review

The Heavy Yielding Dutch Passion Auto

AutoUltimate has to be a strong contender for the best new Dutch Passion variety in the last few years.  We see home growers consistently getting 100g, 200g and even 300g+ from a single plant around 10-11 weeks after germinating the seed.  AutoUltimate is a strong skunky variety with plenty of happy customers already.

The original grow diary is courtesy of  The grower (‘True’) uses a proven growing/ feeding system (developed by TaNg for airpot/soil growers) for growing AutoFems.  True used 1000W HPS lights from E-Papillon.  The pictures and comments come from True, he got several plants yielding over 200g of dry bud and two with over 300g.

epic yield

Above, a huge Dutch Passion AutoUltimate grown in soil by True.  Soil grown automatics don’t come much bigger than this.  Note the size of the soda can for comparison

Below is the detailed feed schedule created by TaNg for growing automatics in 50% Plagron Light soil with 50% Perlite.  Units are in ml per litre of water

feed table

Impressive results

“I used the Advanced Nutrient range of feeds, and watered twice a day, the plants responded well to this.  ‘Plant Magic’ soil is hotter/stronger than the ‘Plagron Light’ soil used in the feeding guide, maybe thats why my plants rocketed up in size so quickly.

I had soil issues mid grow because the pH dropped too low. I see this a lot with grow diaries.  If I were to use soil again I would add some lime (extra calcium) when potting up and perhaps epsom salts (source of Magnesium) mid way through the grow.

Cheap pH meters are generally rubbish, I recommend a Blue Labs pH meter and check every week, recalibrating with buffer solution if necessary.  I think watering twice a day helps, this is the first time I’ve done it. Little and often seems to agree with the plants.

My plants grew so big so quickly, they were wild and aggressive in the pursuit of light and food :)”

wow cola
Above, with some leaves removed its easier to see the size and length of the main bloom
Below, close up of the bud shows sparkling resin coating
AutoUltimate bud shot

Easy to grow and germinated fast

“AutoUltimate was very easy to grow, they germinated quickly – normal with Dutch Passion. The plants grew strong and healthy from start to finish. In soil pH can change and this needs monitoring and correcting quickly.”

“I got stunning big buds, very tight and dense, not so smelly which is great. Towards the end there is a skunky piney twang but again nothing to heavy. Once dry and cured the smell is intense deep twangy pine. I had 2 phenotypes. One was tall and like an xmas tree with huge long buds, the other phenotype was less tall but very bushy and wide with monster cola’s all over.”

True explained that this was his last soil grow for a while, his next challenge will be to grow in hydroponics, specifically a recirculating deep water culture system (RDWC) from Alien Hydro.

“Hand watering is too much work for me. But if I did grow in soil again I recommend adding lime to the soil and really watch the pH carefully. Next up for me is a new RDWC system and I have a draw full of seeds to use up. That said I cant possibly grow anything else when Auto Ultimate is so so strong and huge and plentiful !! I’m amazed with this plant.”

AutoUltimate plant hangs by support wires
AutoUltimate heavy blooms all over
solid colas from top to bottom

Final comments

“AutoUltimate is a nice crisp clean smoke. A heady high with nasty munchies so watch out and lock the kitchen after a smoke. Very buzzy, I like it. Tips for future growers: Don’t be in a rush to over feed the plants and invest in a quality pH meter. Spend some money and even then be careful, pH is a dark art it seems. It needs watching properly and double checking. Some websites say don’t bother with pH in soil, trust me if you want quality product make pH your priority. I’m going to try hydro now, so wish me luck there is a learning curve with my name on it and think there are some tears and stress near by.”


At Dutch Passion we rarely see soil-grown automatics get bigger than the ones grown by True, it is encouraging for all compost-growers to see 200-300g yields being achieved 10-11 weeks after germination.  But under 20 hours of daily light the best modern automatics really can achieve exceptional growth rates which photoperiod varieties struggle to match in the same time period.  AutoUltimate is a solid automatic, it is an easy variety for the inexperienced home grower, but it also has the genetic potential to be pushed to XXL harvests by elite home growers.  Don’t miss this variety.

Dutch Joe

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AutoUltimate close up bloom

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