The Ultimate 600g organic indoor harvest report

The Ultimate feminised cannabis seeds grow report Antonio Fernando SCROG LED SANlight

The Ultimate is perhaps Dutch Passion’s all-time heaviest yielding strain. She is a hybrid, roughly 50/50 indica/sativa. The Ultimate is a best selling feminised seed for all the right reasons. Yields are genuinely extravagant, up to 750g/m2 in the hands of an experienced grower with a SCROG set up are quite possible.

The Ultimate is probably the heaviest yielding member of the acclaimed Very High THC cannabis seed collection. Expect THC levels around 20%, perhaps a little higher with LED, UVB supplementation and optimised environmental conditions. She is easy to grow in a wide range of conditions.

The penetrating aroma has notes of fuel, pine, citrus and fruit. The effects are strong –  inexperienced cannabis users need only use a small amount! The high is uplifting with a strong anti-anxiety effect. You may notice a creative element to the high from the sativa heritage. Medical users report strong body effects. All in all, the exceptional yields and powerful smoke have made The Ultimate a permanent customer favourite. Part of the Classic Cannabis seed collection. Fans of heavy yielding autoflowering cannabis seeds should also check out Auto Ultimate.

The grow review comes from Antonio and Fernando and is their biggest ever yield from their 120cm x 90cm tent.

The Ultimate dutch passion feminised cannabis seeds grow report Antonio

The Ultimate organic indoor grow review

Grow details

Variety The Ultimate
Cannabis seed type Photoperiod feminised cannabis seeds
Number of seeds 10
Date of germination Summer 2017
Germination rate 90%
Days required for germination 4 days
Veg grow period (18/6 light schedule) 6 weeks
Flowering period (12/12 daily light schedule) 72-84 days (10.5 – 12 weeks)
Stretch during bloom Around 125-175%, solid stretch
The Ultimate dutch passion feminised cannabis seeds highyield big plants airpots indoor growing

Basic information of the grow

Grow room type Home R120
Grow room size 120cm x 90cm
Plant numbers 5 plants, with 1 in a separate grow room
Plant containers 5 x 20L Airpots
Grow medium Light mix soil:Coco fibre in a 4:1 ratio
Nutrients Organic, Biotabs & BAC
Grow system Watered by hand – soil/coco grow
Grow technique SCROG
Grow light Sanlight S4W x 3 = total 420watts + 3x Flex 20 bars of 60w in total at the bottom of the canopy = 480watt in total
Light distance to canopy Around 35-40cm average in bloom
The Ultimate dutch passion feminised seeds green foliage veg mode ledgrown white spectrum big plants

The Ultimate feminised cannabis seeds germinated and grown with remarkable end results

Remarks during germination :

We germinated 10 seeds in total. Only one seed failed to germinate. These things can happen, we germinated more seeds so we could make a selection of the best ones, as we normally do. These young seedlings were pre-grown in small container of 0.25L for about 2 weeks. Before being transplanted to 1L containers in which they stayed another 2 weeks.

Remarks during vegetative phase – VEG (18/6) :

In total 4 weeks were used to pre-grow the plants in a different grow room. After 1 month, the 5 best ladies were transferred to their 20L Airpots. They hold a mixture of lightmix soil and coco in a 4:1 ratio. Organic nutrients by Biotabs were added to the soil. These slow-release nutrients are ideal way to start off your grow and to make your soil a healthy living soil. The 5 plants really started to take off as soon they were transplanted into their final containers.

The Ultimate dutch passion feminised photoperiod seeds green vegetative stage phase indoor

After 1 week in their new home the plants started to grow vigorously and we had to strip and lollypop them. All 5 of them were fimmed to let them grow wider/bushier instead of growing more vertically. This is important since it allows the other shoots to grow into big branches. We saw the first signs of light stress, so we only used 2 of the Sanlight S4W’s during the vegetative growth phase. We knew it was time to install the SCROG-net so the new shoots could grow through the net.

The Ultimate dutch passion lollypop scrog grow screen of green airpots organic weed

A week later the whole net was completely filled with thick and sturdy branches and we started scrogging rigorously. Doing a SCROG isn’t hard, it just takes some time and planning. And tie-rips. The plants looked very healthy. They all had a nice dark green colour and a hybrid leaf pattern. Most branches became pretty thick and sturdy and scrogging her wasn’t difficult at all. She handled it like a champ!

The Ultimate dutch passion feminised seeds scrog technique bending cropping indoors

How to guide for the cannabis veg stage

After you have scrogged the branches it is important to pluck away most of the leaves below the net. These won’t get any light and will slowly be discarded by the plants themselves. But it is better to help, this way she can put all their energy in the shoots above the net and make sure they can grow into big and strong branches that can carry large flowers. It was now time to put the clock to 12/12 and start flowering.

The Ultimate dutch passion feminised cannabis green canopy indoor weed leaves branches

The Ultimate in bloom, the wait is worth the result!

Two and a half weeks later and the SCROG field was looking on point. Most of the plants were showing some female hairs and flowers already, but not all. I installed the LED bars at the bottom of the canopy pointing upwards. This way the light is shining both from the top and from the bottom through your canopy.

Not only does this increase your yield, it also helps the plants to stay healthy and not lose any leaves (which means less work cleaning the canopy from dead leaves too).

The Ultimate femseeds scrogging start of flowering led grow lights top and bottom buds flowers

4 weeks later and the SCROG was coming along nicely. The buds started to stack and the whole net was filled with big white-haired flowers. We knew these buds would become huge eventually. The net was filled with around 50-60 buds, most of them big and chunky. Around 20 of them looked like proper main cola’s. This yield is going to be EPIC! The canopy was in very good shape, the leaves had a beautiful green colour and there were no deficiencies or excess nutrients.

The Ultimate big buds huge flowers xxl yield massive plants indoor scrog

Cannabis flowering stage, how-to guide

At the same time Fernando was completing this grow, I was growing a single The Ultimate plant in a different grow room. I don’t want to go too much into detail about this grow, because it was similar to this 5 plant SCROG. However, the plant was grown the natural way, with a LED light too, in an Airpot with organic nutrients. I just wanted to share some pictures of this amazing plant.

Unfortunately, she got a little bigger than I expected, so the main bloom got light-burn, and in the end I made the decision to take it away in order to not stress the plant any further. This lady took around 11 weeks of flowering to become full ripe and ready to harvest.

The Ultimate single plant monster cannabis weed flowering high yielding strain

This single plant had a beautiful stature, a compact tree with thick buds. The side blooms got especially very chunky as well. Shame she lost her main cola, it would have been massive! Overall, a very high yielder.  Big blooms were everywhere, most of the times as long as your forearm. She was a slightly Sativa dominant leaning phenotype. With a more open bud structure, but still pretty tight. Good resin development too. Good calyx-to-leaf ratio and quite an easy trim. And she smells pungent and powerful!

The Ultimate dutch passion feminised seeds big plant long buds flowers insane yield

Now let’s get back to the 5 The Ultimate plants that were flowering in the SCROG-field. 4 weeks later, and after 10.5 weeks of flowering, 2 of the 5 plants were ready to be chopped. These ripened a bit faster than the other 3. We took away all the main cola’s and left the other 3 plants to ripen for another 1,5 weeks. The scrog-net looked a bit less crowded at this point since the first 2 plants were already taken out.

You can clearly see the big buds, with foxtails in the picture. They were all sagging under their own weight. After 12 weeks of 12/12 we decided it was time to take them all down.

The Ultimate feminised seeds late flowering harvest time big buds scrog field highyield massive colas

Growing cannabis with the SCROG method

Harvest report for The Ultimate, 600g of dry bud from 480W of LED

Final Height in cm :

Because of the SCROG method, it is very difficult to say how big the plants became. Most of them had quite a decent stretch. It is still manageable, but you have to be ready for it. She is a vigorous grower for sure. The single plant (grown without SCROG in a separate room) reached around 120-125 cm in height, with about 6 weeks of VEG. She might have been a bit bigger if I hadn’t have cut her main cola in half.

Calyx-leaf ratio (Easy trim/yes or no) :

Yes, The Ultimate isn’t hard to trim. She has a good calyx-to-leaf ratio, with only a few small leaves in the buds. She has quite some foxtails in the buds though, so you must be careful to not accidentally cut them off. You can also choose to pluck the leaves instead of trimming them away with a scissor. We noticed this is also quite a good technique to use with these chunky, Sativa style, hybrid flowers.

The Ultimate feminised seeds foxtails long bud heavy frosty sticky weed cannabis budshot

Quality (Resin/Smell/Compactness) :

The flowers are really huge! This is definitely the most important feature when you compare the Ultimate to other classic cannabis strains. The buds become long and big. The resin on the flowers is good, also the small sugar leaves have a nice amount of resin on them. She has a light green appearance accompanied by vivid orange pistils and a nice white blanket of trichomes.

Although she is not one of the most potent looking strains, the buds are very sticky and smell amazing. It’s a powerful pungent aroma, mostly Skunky with Fruity (Lemon, Acidic) and Earthy and Musky tones. It’s definitely a stinker! Some phenotypes had a more woody and piney scent.

The flowers are huge but not super compact. About half of the plants had very dense buds, the other half were slightly less firm. We wouldn’t call them fluffy either, but just not really compact. The plants were harvested with mostly cloudy trichome heads and a decent amount of amber trichomes.

The Ultimate feminised cannabis seeds grow report Antonio frosty bud trichomes thc easy trim

The Ultimate feminised seeds, the right strain for record-breaking yields!

Yield :

The 5 plants yielded close to 600g of dried buds with 420+60 = 480watts of LED light. Organically grown without the use of any CO2 or other additives, we were highly impressed. Around 500g of big and decent sized flowers and 100g of smaller more popcorn style buds. She is definitely a high yielder! For a small hobby grow on a 1m2 grow area 600g of buds is a very, very good result. The single plant yielded around 115g of dried buds, which wasn’t bad either. With the main cola still intact I guess it could have been close to 125-130g in total.

The Ultimate small bud colourful weed cannabis budshot indoor grown led grow single plant side bud

Remarks after curing :

The buds smell pretty pungent, with a dominant earthy, musky and subtle citrus aroma. Some phenotypes lean a bit more to the woody/piney side. The taste is OK, but not very special or unique. Neither of us liked the taste of the woody pheno’s, they are actually a bit too piney/woody for us. The high is quite nice though, a very well-balanced effect of both physical and mental properties. Keeps you floating for a decent amount of time as well.

The Ultimate feminised cannabis seeds rating

Overall rating (out of a 5 star rating) : 3.5+

Aroma ★★★★☆ (4 stars)
Taste ★★★½☆ (3.5 stars)
Effect ★★★★☆ (4 stars)
Bag appeal ★★★☆☆ (3 stars)
Overall rating ★★★½☆ (3.5+ stars)

The Ultimate really has a solid yield. The buds have quite a nice aroma and effect. They smell strong and are quite sticky, the effect is strong and long lasting too. However, the taste was not really our cup of tea and the bag appeal could have been a bit better. She lacks a solid structure and a high potency level.

The Ultimate dutch passion feminised seeds nugshot nugs dried flowers foxtails sativa hybrid bud

Tips when growing The Ultimate feminised seeds

The Ultimate is a very strong grower, a vigorous plant both during the vegetative phase as well as the flowering phase. It’s a nice hybrid cannabis variety, that seems to be leaning a bit to the Sativa side of the genes. Doing a SCROG with her was nice, but as you might have noticed, the single plant that was grown naturally did pretty good too. With such growth characteristics, The Ultimate seems to be a strong all-rounder, whether you want to grow her in a SCROG, the natural way or maybe even in a SOG.

The Ultimate feminised seeds grow report Antonio ledgrown sanlight s4w indoor weed organic cannabis

SOG vs SCROG – which one is best for you?

The branches are strong and sturdy, and cropping/supercropping her didn’t prove to be a problem. She really doesn’t mind. The only tip we can give is to make sure you have proper support during the latter part of the flowering phase. The buds tend to get very heavy and bulky. They need some support in order to not collapse.

Growers looking for a massive yield could be very pleased with the Ultimate. Overall, she is pretty homogenous with mostly 2 different phenotypes. I think if you pick your own keeper/winner you could set yourself up for some truly bountiful harvests to come!

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