CBD Charlotte’s Angel grown organically indoors

CBD Charlotte's Angel grown organics in light mix soil blended with coco fibre

CBD Charlotte’s Angel produces 10-15% CBD in the dried buds with very low THC levels, always below 1%. You can use CBD Charlotte’s Angel without getting high, many medical users find it the perfect strain for medication. Without the psychoactive high, you can get on with your normal daily routine/work.

CBD Charlotte’s Angel is a sativa strain which has won several cannabis cups since her 2018 introduction. It’s a photoperiod feminised cannabis seed which takes 11 weeks (of 12/12 light) to complete bloom. This grow review from ‘Antonio’ was completed just before CBD Charlotte’s Angel was officially released. The plants were grown in 20 litre airpots of light mix soil blended with coco fibre and grown organically under LED grow lights.

CBD Charlotte’s Angel grow review by Antonio

VarietyCBD Charlotte’s Angel
Cannabis seed typePhotoperiod feminised cannabis seeds
Germinated seeds5
Germination dateSummer 2017
Germination rate100%
Germination time2-4 days
Vegetative stage length4.5 weeks
Bloom stage length65-84 days (9.5-12 weeks)
Stretch level during bloom150%-300%, large stretch
Five CBD Charlotte's Angel seedlings

The CBD Charlotte’s Angel seeds were grown indoors. Basic grow details were as follows:

Grow room typeIndoor grow tent
Grow room size120cm x 90cm
Plant containers5 plants in 20 litre air pots
Grow mediumLightmix soil and coco fibre in a 4:1 blend
NutrientsOrganic grow, BioTabs and BAC nutrients
Grow systemHand watered in soil/coco
Grow techniquePlants allowed to grow naturally with some bending and super cropping
Grow lightGrowth phase with 2* HS1 75W and flowering with 370W LED light from URSA LED
Light Distance40-45cm

Germination and veg growth report

Remarks during germination

5 seeds were germinated and had a 100% germination rate. All 5 seeds had a tiny tap root within 2 days. We left the seeds in the cotton pads for another 2 days until the taproot grew to a few cm in size. They were planted in 0.25L and pre-grown for about 2 weeks in these small pots.

CBD Charlotte's Angel seedlings transplanted in 20L airpots after 2.5 weeks

Remarks during vegetative phase,(18/6 light cycle)

Within 2.5 weeks the plants were transplanted into their final containers which were 20L Airpots. As soon as the plants were transplanted the speed of growth increased. After 1.5 – 2 weeks most of the plants were growing very vigorously, several cm per day. I knew it was time to switch the clock to 12/12 before they actually became too big.

CBD Charlotte's Angel sativa structure with fast-growing side and lowest buds

Knowing that these were Sativa dominant plants we had to make sure that there would still be enough room for them to grow. Some growing techniques like bending and supercropping were used to keep their height under control. Most of them had a classic Christmas tree structure, we supercropped the main bud as first, so that the side buds would get more light and start growing more vertically too.

Both the leaf and plant structure is very Sativa. You can expect to see very slim leaves with thin blades. They all produced pretty big fan leaves, which are beautiful to look at.

They have a branchy Sativa structure where the side and lowest buds grow pretty fast in comparison with other strains. If I had to make a guess, I would say most phenotypes are pretty Sativa dominant, close to 75-90% Sativa. One phenotype was pretty different to the rest and stayed a lot smaller, in the end she also got the most compact and resinous flowers but we will talk about that next in the flowering part.

CBD Charlotte's Angel produces very slim leaves with thin blades and pretty big fan leaves

CBD Charlotte’s Angel in bloom

As soon as you switch the clock to a 12/12 cycle you will notice that these plants have quite a big stretch. The initial stretch can be pretty strong and it is advised to use some bending and supercropping techniques in order to have an even canopy. All the phenotypes kept on growing for at least 4 weeks in bloom, with some even growing vertically up until the start of week 6. At this point most of them were flowering already but a few still kept on stretching.

The Sativa heritage becomes more evident during flowering. The leaves get very thin and they have a branchy stretchy structure with a lot of small bud sites filled with white hairs. Some look so Sativa dominant that they look real jungle plants, reminding me of the old Mekong High genetics from Dutch Passion. This was also a very powerful jungle Sativa, with a big stretch and beautiful thin leaves and a Christmas tree structure.

CBD Charlotte's Angel very powerful jungle-like Sativa

When the flowering phase got to week 6-7, we clearly noticed there was one phenotype which was completely different to the others. The bud structure was more compact and the resin was already very visible on both the leaves and flowers. The other 4 plants were well, what can I say.. very Sativa! Some made huge long blooms of 30-50cm. Others were looking like foxtail heaven with nothing but foxtails coming out of the buds. One phenotype was a bit leafy, and this was the slowest flowering one and also the least appealing plant.

Some CBD Charlotte's Angel phenotypes made huge long blooms of 30-50cm

When we got to week 9.5 the fastest pheno was done, with beautiful purple colourations and a thick resin layer. She smelled great, her aroma was like a strong perfume, very pungent, floral with some piney and fruity, berry tones. I couldn’t wait to smoke this one! The others were still building new flower clusters, some were still completely covered in white hairs (both the foxtail pheno and the leafy one) and we knew they would take at least 2-3 weeks longer to ripen. The two remaining plants were somewhat in between, very Sativa but with a slightly denser bud structure, these buds were getting heavy and the branches had trouble supporting the weight of the flowers.

The fastest CBD Charlotte's Angel phenos were ready for harvest in around week 11

These plants were ready to be harvested around week 11. We kept the two longest flowering phenotypes until the end of week 12 before they were cut down. And to be completely honest, they could have had another 1-2 weeks to become fully ripe. At this time the flowers became truly massive and almost all the plants needed support to prevent the branches collapsing under their own weight. But we wanted to start a new grow and with just 2 plants standing in the grow room we didn’t want to wait any longer.

Harvest report for CBD Charlotte’s Angel

Final Height in cm

Almost all of the plants reached about 80-120 cm in height. But all these plants were supercropped and bend several times (almost every few days) during the flowering phase and one or two times during VEG in order to keep their height under control. I think without these techniques she could have easily become 175-200cm in height. All the branches can easily be bent without the risk of breaking. The only tip I can give is to use a net or ropes to support the long flowers so they won’t topple over at the end of flowering.

All five CBD Charlotte's Angel plants reached about 80-120 cm in height

Calyx-leaf ratio (Easy trim/yes or no)

Hugely depends on the phenotype, most of them were pretty good. The fastest pheno had a favourable flower-to-leaf ratio, the two best hybrid pheno’s too. But one of the slowest flowering plants was very leafy and she wasn’t fun to trim. We made some high quality CBD hash from her.

One of the slowest CBD Charlotte's Angel was very leafy and she wasn’t fun to trim

Quality (Resin/Smell/Compactness) :

Pretty nice aroma, she smells very unique, super piney with fruity, berry and spicy tones. Again, the differences in phenotypes also gave different types of buds with a different density, aroma, resin level and bag appeal. The 3 fastest phenotypes were very good, the 2 slower flowering ones could have flowered a bit longer so they could have been better. The aroma and taste was ok, but the overall quality was a bit lower.

We all really liked the fastest flowering pheno with the purple colours. She had a great bag appeal looking almost as frosty as a very high-quality THC strain. Without knowing beforehand this was a CBD only strain you couldn’t have guessed it solely based on the looks, aroma and taste. The high is of course completely different and very relaxing!

CBD Charlotte's Angel can be as frosty as some of the highest-THC cannabis varieties

After harvest, remarks and opinions


The yield was pretty high, even the slowest flowering plants that could have flowered a bit longer. This is definitely a large yielder! And a light feeder too. She has no trouble with intense light during both the veg growth as well as the flowering phase. The shortest plant and fastest flowering phenotype had the lowest yield but because of the compactness of the buds it wasn’t a major difference.

The two longest flowering plants had the biggest buds and the biggest yield, but the bag appeal/bud quality was a bit lower because they were not completely ripe yet. The two pheno’s that were in between with an 11-week period were the most commercial ones. Quality-quantity wise they were the most interesting ones. These plants yielded about 70-80 grams per plant. The smallest plant yielded 55-60g and the biggest 2 well over the 100g per plant.

Making the grand total well over the 1 g/w, which was pretty nice.

CBD Charlotte's Angel macro budshot

Remarks after curing :

Her aroma is pretty special, mostly herbal and piney but with some fruity (berry) tones. She is pretty pungent and once lit up you will quickly fill the room with thick clouds. Her burn is pretty smooth too and the high is very relaxing, slightly energising and known to put you in a focused state. A very good smoke and a great bud to smoke on those days you still want to be able to function with a clear head.

Type: Feminised seeds

Genetics: Dutch Charlotte X Red Angel

Family: CBD Rich

Plant type: Sativa

CBD: 15%

Flowering: 7 weeks

Yield: XL

Aroma★★★★☆ (4 stars)
Taste★★★★☆ (4 stars)
Effect★★★★☆ (4 stars)
Bag appeal★★★½ (3,5 stars)
Overall rating★★★★☆ (4 stars)

It’s a nice strain with a strong CBD effect, it would only need some further stabilisation in order to get less differences between the phenotypes.

CBD Charlotte's Angel produces a special herbal and piney aroma with some fruity tones

Special remarks, observations and tips on CBD Charlotte’s Angel

CBD Charlotte’s Angel was the first CBD-only strain I have grown. Without knowing what the quality nor the high would bring I was positively surprised with the result. She is a vigorous grower with a high yield and solid branching.

Her growth pattern would make her very suitable in a SCROG too and I think with this technique you should be able to get very high yields. Be aware of the stretch most plants will have, especially if you have restricted height in your grow room. Doing a SCROG could be the ultimate solution. As a tip I would say that the use of a net or the use of ropes is recommended just to make sure the heavy flowers won’t bend over or even eventually snap branches.

Regarding the high, that solo CBD high (with just a tiny amount of THC) is definitely something completely different to what you might be used to from a traditional THC high. No cloudy head, no red eyes, no heavy body stoned.

Overall it just feels very relaxed and energising. Her Sativa dominant character makes this a very special strain to grow and smoke. I love the taste and the effect, you can smoke her in the morning without becoming high, you definitely feel something, but it’s not like anything you ever felt from THC. It is actually kind of hard to describe, the best way would just be to experience it yourself!

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  • Brother, thanks for the description, put everything on the shelves! I have a couple of questions:
    1. What kind of fertilizers did you water?;
    2. Is there such a variety not a car (because the car itself starts to bloom, and in your description you yourself controlled the flowering time)?.

    • You are welcome! 🙂

      Fertilizers used with this grow are BioTabs and BAC nutrients.

      This grow is actually a photoperiod feminised strain, these will grow with 18/6h lighting and will bloom with 12/12h lights.

      Hopefully this helps.

      Dutch Passion


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