CBD-rich ComPassion cannabis Review

CBD-rich ComPassion cannabis

CBD-rich ComPassion cannabis

Brothers Antonio and Ferdinand grew Dutch Passion’s CBD-rich variety ‘ComPassion’ cannabis in soil using an LED grow light, harvesting 109g of dried bud from one plant.  They are medical growers aiming for the best quality organic medicine that they can grow, they used organic nutrients from Bio-Sannie and B.A.C. 

Ferdinand suffers from fibromyalgia and chronic intestinal issues so for him the CBD-rich varieties have an extra importance.  CBD-rich varieties are defined as those with 4% (or more) CBD in the dried buds.  They have become very popular in the last two years offering new levels of pain and symptom relief for many different types of medical problems.  Many medical cannabis growers now always have a CBD-rich variety in their grow room.

The following words and pictures from the brothers explain their findings with this CBD-rich ComPassion cannabis.

CBD-rich ComPassion cannabis

Review by Antonio

Compassion has an amazing Christmas tree shape structure. It produces very narrow leaves with a beautiful dark green color. The structure and leaves remind me of some pure Sativa’s like Neville’s Haze and Lamsbread. Stretchy and thin, but yet controllable unlike the Neville’s Haze and Lambsbread. She grows steady but only until the end of week 3 of bloom, in the middle of week 4 she stopped growing and started to focus her energy mainly on the production of flowers.”

A true sativa

“The buds show off a distinctive characteristic of a true Sativa: foxtails (buds growing one on top of the other like a foxes tail).  At first sight, many first-time growers would probably think they have done something wrong, but there is no need to panic.”

“The unusual bud structure characterizes pure Sativa’s. You can expect to get a lot of buds from one plant, I had around 50-60 buds from 1 plant under one LED module. The quality of the buds is outstanding, it has a very special fragrance and taste, not easily comparable with any other strain I’ve grown so far. It is very floral, also a bit woody and piney, with a slightly sharp hint of the classic haze scent, quite complex.”

CBD-rich ComPassion cannabis

Q & A’s for Antonio

Q. Can you briefly summarise the growing conditions ?

A. “The light used is the previous LED of Dutch Passion(HighLite 006), with around 180w, it has 6 LED modules each containing 15 LEDs. The plant was grown in a 20 Litre Smartpot, containing a mix of Lightmix and Coco fibre with a 4:1 Ratio.”


“The nutrients used are from Bio-Sannie; Mycorrhiza, Perfect start, pH Buffer tablets, Bacto and Yucca along with B.A.C Organic Grow, Bloom and PK Booster. All organic nutrients.”

“The climate in the LED grow room was close to perfect, with Min-Max temperatures between 19.5ºC-28.3ºC and with a humidity level of 50-70% during growth, early flowering and 35-53% during late flowering I couldn’t complain. Only small adjustments to get it to 20-27ºC and 35-50% during flowering would make it optimal.”

CBD-rich ComPassion cannabis

Q. If you grow this variety again is there anything you would do differently regarding the cultivation? (lights, feed, nutrients?)

A. “Yes, I would grow her again. I noticed that during week 2 of flowering tiny irregularities starting to occur on the leafs. In the beginning I was questioning myself if I maybe gave them too much nutrients. A common thought is that plants grown under LED often can use a bit more nutrients than when growing with HPS.”

“In week 3 of flowering the problems still existed and it became more clear what it could be. I consulted one of my books and found out that when the nerves of a leaf stay green while the rest of the leaf is yellowing it can indicate a shortage of Calcium and Magnesium or Ca-Mg.”

“I bought some Ca-Mg nutrients and started to add these a few times to the solution, also a friend recommend the use of energy-saving light bulb or fluorescent so at the end of week 3 I added one small bulb to my grow room.”

CBD-rich ComPassion cannabis

Q. Was there any special plan with your feeding system or did you just steadily increase the nutrients at the end?

A. “Yes, I just steadily increased the nutrients, nothing special to be honest. The only thing that was different was that I start adding Ca-Mg from week 3 of flowering until the beginning of week 6. Like always, the last 10-14 days she received pure water (without any nutrients) this way you flush the plant and it’s medium so there will be no residue of the nutrients left in your plants.”

Sativa high

“The high is just like the plant-and bud-structure, very Sativa. It reminded me a bit of the high I experienced when smoking the CBD SkunkHaze but that could be just the CBD I was feeling. The most noticeable effect for me was, the immense/extraordinary ‘focus’ I received after smoking the CBD-rich Compassion cannabis.”

“Whether I was playing a game on a console, working on my laptop or driving a car, I was able to zoom out, leave all other things be and focus primarily on the task that was lying ahead. I even became better in playing games because of that focus, therefore I can only imagine what this strain can do for artistic people that use CBD-rich Cannabis to boost their creativity or to obtain that kind of focus to make beautiful things.”

“The high is very pleasant, it’s again a very controllable high, you will still be able to do all kinds of things, your mind stays clear and sharp, you remain alert and awake, you can even feel a bit euphoric sometimes, this is clearly the opposite effect of the couch-lock effect you can experience when smoking pure Indica’s or Indica dominant strains.”

Review by Ferdinand

“For me the compassion had several advantages as I suffer from fibromyalgia and chronic intestinal inflammation. This causes pains in my joints (no this isn’t a word pun) and pains in my stomach and colon during the whole day, furthermore is it hard to get in to a deep sleep where your body can recover.”

“For me the ComPassion instantly numbed the pain in my joints and lightened the pain in my stomach and colon, while still enabling me to keep focus on what I was doing, the extra benefit came later on when I smoke one more before going to bed.”

CBD-rich ComPassion cannabis has a unique taste

“For the first time in weeks I fell sound asleep, while normally I would lie awake for hours and wake up at least several times during the night. Having tried the CBD SkunkHaze last time I would recommend the CBD SkunkHaze for during the day, as I found it more energizing than the ComPassion, enabling you to continue doing things without tiring.”

“The ComPassion I found  more suited for the evening, it still enables you to keep focus but at the same time it can help you to sleep. As far as the ComPassion taste, I have to agree with what my brother mentioned earlier. In my experience the ComPassion’s unique taste becomes even more clear if you smoke it through a vaporiser instead of a normal joint.”

Antonio: ComPassion surprised me

“The ComPassion surprised me just as much as it did my brother. It’s clearly a Sativa dominant strain that has a few of the unique characteristics of some of the purest Sativas around. Its Christmas tree like shape, very narrow leaves with thin blades and amazing bud structure, prone to fox-tailing, makes this a very interesting strain to grow.”

“These pure Sativa genes combined with the CBD parent give this strain a very clear controllable and relaxed high. If you are looking for a CBD– Sativa strain this might be the one you are looking for.
It is a strong plant, in my opinion easy to grow and very suitable to grow in a SCROG setup.”

A tip with LED setup

“Top tip: If you’re using an LED setup, like me, giving the right amount of water can be quite challenging, it would become a lot easier with the help of moisture meter, like the Tensiometer of Blumat for example.”

“With this device, you can easily read the level of saturation of the ground by looking on the digital screen. This helps you to get to know your ladies a lot better, many first time LED growers are used to giving the amounts of water that are needed under a HPS or are given advice from people in shops that don’t have any experience of growing with LED’s.”

“Also, a common problem with LED is that the plants will use up more Calcium and Magnesium during flowering, this can easily be fixed by adding Ca-Mg to your solution, preferably from week 2-week 5 of flowering or make sure to add some extra to your soil.”

CBD-rich ComPassion cannabis
CBD-rich ComPassion cannabis
CBD-rich ComPassion cannabis

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