Dutch Passion Autoflower seeds

Dutch Passion Autoflower seeds

Some of the best customer indoor cannabis grows and photos

Over the years we have seen some spectacular customer grows with our Dutch Passion feminized seeds and Dutch Passion autoflower seeds. Here is a list of some of our favourite autoflower grows.

Auto Blackberry Kush, feminized autoflower seed variety

This epic Auto Blackberry Kush grow review came from ‘Revert’, believe it or not this was his first time growing an autoflower seed.  The Auto Blackberry Kush was grown in an airpot of coco fibre under LED grow lights. The combination of coco fibre, air pots and LED is a proven one which delivers great results. Most of the repeat growers like Auto Blackberry Kush for the connoisseur indica Kush smoke/vape. It’s very relaxing, THC rich with a long lasting high, the hash scented smoke smells similar to a Dutch Coffee shop. Some, but not all of the plants, produce blue/purple buds.

Auto Mazar, feminized autoflower seed variety

Auto Mazar was one of Dutch Passion’s first autoflowering seed varieties, with a huge yield potential and a strong THC rich smoke. This one was grown indoors under LED grow lights, again in an air pot (30 litres) of coco fibre.

The grower commented that the growth rate was similar to DWC but without the technical complexity. The large, tall central bloom was surrounded by a ring of slightly smaller side blooms in the typical Dutch Passion autoflower growth structure.

All the Dutch Passion autoflower seed varieties have the potential for XXL yields and thrive under high intensity light. Auto Mazar has a great feel good smoke, she is popular with recreational and medical growers for the strong body stone.

Outdoor cannabis growers also get great results with Auto Mazar, she is pest resistant and grows well under a wide range of conditions. Click the link to read the full Auto Mazar grow review.

Auto Ultimate, feminized autoflower seed variety.

Auto Ultimate is one of those THC rich auto varieties that the top growers regularly use to showcase their grow skills. When grown to full potential in optimized conditions the yields can be 500g or more from a single plant. And the high is a great anti-anxiety and euphoric experience. The seeds are easy to grow under the recommended 20 hours of daily light. She is easy enough for less experienced growers, and she thrives in any grow system or grow medium. This Auto Ultimate grow review from Pablo used a 600W HPS grow light with a parabolic reflector. The Auto Ultimate was grown in a large 30 litre container of compost and fed with Advanced Nutrients. It shows that a low cost grow with soil and HPS is still a great way to deliver quality home grown results.

Above, Think Different feminized autoflower grown by Mr ganjamoto.

Think Different, feminized autoflower seed variety

Think Different is a feminized auto with one of the best reputations for XXL results. She produces large harvests of sticky buds with a strong sativa ‘up’ high, it’s an easy variety to grow and can produce enormous plants in the hands of the expert grower.

The one shown here was grown by master grower Mr ganjamoto, using deep water culture (‘DWC’). Gavita HPS and Plasma lighting was supplemented with LED to provide a complete light spectrum.

Mr ganjamoto achieves such special results due to his blend of grow expertise along with an optimised growroom, which includes supplemental CO2. A more detailed grow review is here.

Tips for growing autoflower seeds indoors

The customer grow reviews show how the top growers produce such impressive results. The combination of coco fibre, air-pots and LED grow light consistently produce great results. The top growers often have fewer plant numbers than the hobby growers.

Instead of growing several plants, the more experienced growers apply their focus on just a plant or two and aim to produce several hundred grams of dry buds from each. The largest plants are grown under powerful grow lights, and the top growers often invest in LED grow lights from a reputable manufacturer.

One of the best places in Europe to get an LED grow light is LED By Passion, Dutch Passion’s sister company. Crazy LEDs buy directly from top manufacturers including California Lightworks, Fluence, UrsaLED, SANlight and others. They buy direct from the factory in large batches, passing the savings on to you. Each grow light comes with an e-voucher for up to €200 worth of Dutch Passion seeds.

 The best cannabis seeds

The best cannabis plants require top quality genetics which have been produced by skilled breeders. Dutch Passion have been delivering the best cannabis seeds since 1987, and were the inventors of feminized cannabis seeds.

More recently Dutch Passion have won numerous awards for helping pioneer modern high performance autoflower seeds. You can trust Dutch Passion to supply only the best cannabis seeds, whether you want feminized seeds, autoflower seeds, regular seeds or CBD rich seeds.

Grow cannabis easily indoors

You don’t have to own an optimised grow room to grow great quality cannabis. Just a simple tent with a low cost HPS light will produce great results if you start with quality cannabis seeds.

Autoflower seeds are a great way to start growing your own cannabis, they are frequently recommended to new growers. Just give them 20 hours of daily light in a grow system that suits you, and around 75 days later you should have a cannabis plant ready for harvest.

Buy cannabis seeds online

You can buy cannabis seeds online at the Dutch Passion website. Dutch Passion seeds are fresh and cold-stored in ideal conditions until they are shipped to you. If you live outside of Europe then please see our list of international dealers who ship seeds to most destinations.

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